8 Hours
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is stored within the Anomalous Training Materials Vault at Site-19. As the utilization of the object is considered minimal risk, training plans which include the endorsement of at least one certified Foundation instructor are considered sufficient authorization to employ SCP-XXXX. Any additional uses of SCP-XXXX beyond the first within a seven(7) day rolling period require endorsement from a second certified Foundation instructor prior to implementation.

Description:SCP-XXXX is a hardcover book printed using techniques common to the mid 20th century. The binding and covers of the book are navy blue in color and demonstrate a level of wear and degradation appropriate for a book of its estimated age. Printed on the cover are gold, block-style letters that spell out "Recommended Reading"; the exterior of the book is otherwise featureless. The interior pages of the book feature a fictional story about politics and romance in Victorian-era London and have been deemed non-anomalous aside from their attachment to SCP-XXXX.

On the inside of the front cover is a message written in ink which reads, "To my dearest Jonathan: Thoughts of you and a good book are all I ever needed to make it through another day. I hope I can be the same for you." The note is signed "-W", however, there are no other identifying marks found throughout the book.

The anomalous properties of SCP-XXXX manifest when any material within the bounds of the book is read. Regardless of the intention, skill, or ability of the reader, interactions with SCP-XXXX which involve consuming any of the information it contains always takes precisely eight hours to complete. This effect extends to the inclusion of any additional materials such as briefings, manuscripts, notes, and other academic texts which can be inserted or removed from the pages SCP-XXXX.

Subjects utilizing the anomaly are capable of selectively reading whatever they wish within the context of available text including the decision to read nothing at all beyond triggering the anomaly. During testing, any individual that utilized the anomaly for academic purposes demonstrated a substantially greater than average understanding and retention of material consumed, comparable to 60-days of study under normal conditions.

The object has demonstrated secondary effects such that no method for interrupting a reader engaged in the use of SCP-XXXX has been found. This apparent immunity extends to biological interruptions such as the need to urinate, sleep, or breathe as well as external interference such as attempts to remove materials, acts of physical violence, and the occurrence of natural disasters. Upon the conclusion of the eight-hour stasis, the subject resumes their normal function and expected vulnerabilities and reports having read the entirety of the information within SCP-XXXX.

[Dateline 2008-03-20]
After receiving an unrelated project assignment, Containment Specialist Dr. Eates requested the use of SCP-XXXX in order to decrease project transition time. This request was approved by the Project Committee and SCP-XXXX was released for use with accompanying briefing materials. While in transit from Site-19 to the external project site, the Foundation convoy was ambushed by armed operatives of an unknown force and their vehicle was disabled.

Approximately two hours after the convoy failed to report to the project site, a reconnaissance team was dispatched to trace the expected route of the convoy. Roughly 60 kilometers from the rendezvous point the armed assailants and destroyed convoy were discovered. A recovery team was dispatched to engage and reclaim, resulting in a protracted stand-off.

During a cessation in hostility, Dr. Eates was observed to close the book observe his surroundings in apparent shock and confusion. As armed assailants attempted to disarmed and capture Dr. Eates, he was able to open SCP-XXXX once again and enter into protective stasis. With the confirmed awareness that Dr. Eates was theoretically invulnerable while utilizing SCP-XXXX, concussive grenades were deployed in order to disable the armed assailants and secure the site.

Although the majority of the assailants were captured alive, none survived attempts to extract information.

At the conclusion of the eight-hour window, Dr. Eates was found to be unharmed and has been cleared for return to duty.


To: Site Director T. Moose
Subject: Transfer of SCP-XXXX

Having had first-hand experience with the utility and operation of SCP-XXXX I wish to request its permanent storage location be changed from the Anomalous Training Materials Vault and into my personal storage locker in my office. As per protocol, I am obviously willing to provide redundant copies of all access keys as well as egress into my office in order to accommodate its use in normal business.

Thank you for your consideration,
Manfred Eates

To: M. Eates
Subject: Re: Transfer of SCP-XXXX

After consideration, your request must be denied on the grounds that such accommodation is likely to reduce awareness and utilization of an otherwise beneficial object.

Site Director Moose

To: Site Director T. Moose
Subject: Re: Re: Transfer of SCP-XXX

Director, while I understand the greater good must be considered I am openly and eagerly offering all due compromise to make the object as available as context will allow. If authorized, the only thing that will change is the box it's checked out of; no effect on operation. And while I didn't want to play this card, after the attack on my transport I could use the extra sense of security its presence brings.

Dr. Eates

To: M. Eates
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Transfer of SCP-XXXX

Sorry Manny, this isn't the type of exception I can get away with making even if I wanted to.

Site Director Moose

To: Site Director T. Moose
Subject: Fwd: Re: Re: Re: Transfer of SCP-XXXX

This is to let you know that I am using the processes available to me to appeal your decision on this matter.


To: Site Director T. Moose
To: M. Eates
Subject: Cease & Desist re: Transfer of SCP-XXXX

It is the formal opinion of the Ethics Committee that this request to transfer SCP-XXXX be denied. While our organization may have taken a more lax approach regarding various and sundry uses of anomalies in the past, the standards of today are such that we may no longer indulge the eccentricity of the individual over the safety of all others. While the potential benefits to peace of mind for any employee are notable, options involving therapy and other conventional treatments should be explored first before resorting to the use of an anomaly. Simply put, Dr. Eates, exceptions to the rules are inappropriate for someone of your classification and clearance.

Any additional protest to this decision will be met with formal reprimand.

Dr. Kendra Lowel
Ethics Committee

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