A Fever Dream
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WARNING: You are accessing classified material. Unless you possess Level 4/5XXX security credentials, you are forbidden from proceeding any further. By scrolling down, you hereby consent to exposure to a LeGuin-type A cognitohazardous kill agent in order to verify authorization.


Neural patterns registered.

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Item#: 5XXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Alleged still image from the "Sacramento film," as shared on various internet message boards. Content unknown.

Special Containment Procedures:1 While it is unlikely that SCP-5XXX will ever be successfully contained, steps can be taken at present to mitigate its spread. New SCP-5XXX-associated groups, cells, and communities are to be dispersed upon discovery if possible and all members amnesticized. Affected individuals are to be isolated from contact with non-affected social groups as much as possible.

Online forums are to be consistently monitored for the presence of SCP-5XXX or associated media. Foundation webcrawlers are instructed to manually flag and report anomalous media as well as archive such items for further study, as direct removal has been found to be ineffective.

A continuous media campaign to discredit SCP-5XXX is currently in effect, involving the combined usage of news media, online counternarrative initiatives, and social engineering, among other methods. The goal of this campaign is to sow discomfort and doubt among the public in regards to SCP-5XXX, and therefore dissuade inadvertent engagement with the phenomenon. Further information can be found in Addendum 5XXX.X.

Based on initial research, it is believed that more aggressive actions taken to limit the extent and operations of other anomalous groups will benefit containment efforts for SCP-5XXX.

SCP-5XXX is not to be considered a significant threat to Foundation operations.

Description: SCP-5XXX refers to a decentralized collective of individuals with greater-than-baseline influence over the definition of consensus reality. The defining characteristic of SCP-5XXX is the avowed belief in the existence of a covert faction within the United States government with access to highly advanced technologies and supernatural abilities. This organization is supposedly in conflict with a ring of malicious actors in the highest ranks of politics, finance, and entertainment whose primary goal is to degrade and/or control the global order2. Individuals that are part of SCP-5XXX will tend to display a fervent, unquestioning, and often violent commitment towards the aforementioned institution they believe to be at war with this malevolent group. The colloquial name they have given to this organization is "The Foundation."

Naturally, the existence of SCP-5XXX would normally be considered an active and dangerous breach of Veil protocol; however, despite its continued growth and expansion, semi-public awareness of SCP-5XXX has seemingly never put knowledge of the Foundation itself at risk. Whether this is an additional anomalous effect is currently unknown.

pops up randomly, seemingly resistant to amnestics

highly virulent memetic properties

affects perception

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