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Here I have some SCP articles that are unsuitable as mainlist entries, but I thought were fun to write anyways. Warning, they are relics of their time and may not reflect current Wiki standards.

Item #: SCP-120-AIS

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-120-AIS is to be held in a humanoid containment cell with no windows or security cameras. SCP-120-AIS must never be photographed. SCP-120-AIS is to wear a tracking collar at all times.

All personnel entering its containment cell must be blind or wearing a vision-impairing helmet that can only be removed once they have left the cell. Any instances of SCP-120-1-AIS should be removed following recontainment.

Description: SCP-120-AIS appears as a middle-aged woman whose hair takes the form of several serpentine creatures. They move around semi-autonomously, and exhibit a lethal cognitohazardous effect when viewed. Upon exposure, sentient creatures and any clothing or accessories they were wearing will be instantly transformed into a mass of marble with the same shape, referred to as SCP-120-1-AIS. Mass spectrometry suggests the marble is completely mundane. SCP-120-AIS is immune to its own effect.

In interviews, SCP-120-AIS seemed to imply that its two sisters had similar anomalous effects. Efforts to find and contain them are ongoing.

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