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8:41 AM 1/11/2018


How the hell do you live through Mr. Grave's class

easy i didn't take it


Thanks for the advice John

what can ya say

i have a talent in picking out not boring teachers

You should help me out next year

Cause I always pick the worst classes

only if you pay me 😜

I'd rather stick to my boring classes than pay you

surrrreee they won't all be mind bogglingly boring

there might be one where you're allowed to have fun

in the form of a three hour calc problem

Hey at least most of my teachers let me listen to music

ahhh so thats the problem i see, i see


you need to listen to some acually good music

and then you'll not be so bored

Oh shut it

Mat Mason's good

you just don't want to admit you like something that I do

*Matt god can't even spell it right



i cant belive it

I've acually managed to make you curse


Oh shut it

i didnt know you had it in you

Well I did

oh dear

what if youre gonna go on a rebel streak

and stay out a mintue past your bed time

I don't even have a bed time this year

suuuuurrrreeee you dont 😉

You're an ass John

What else would I be 😘


Get away

You probably have cooties

psshh naahh


but between the two of us you probably have cooties

Oh ffs John shut up


I'll see you at lunch you dummy

see ya round poopy head

11:34 1/11/2018

The mirrors in front of the Senior's face kept mocking him with his reflection. He looked pale and weak and tired, and he was. He was on his third day of trying to get over his fears, he wasn't a child anymore, so why was he acting like it? Shouldn't he be able to just go up and tell the person he likes that he likes them? Or is he just going to treat this like a grade school crush and keep it quiet until he bursts one day?

Tears were prickling at the corners of his eyes and a hollow feeling began to creep through his chest. He couldn't go through this every day. He can't just sit in the bathroom and cry out about how he loves someone and never tell them. He couldn't just deal with the broken heart blues every day.

A soft buzz when off in his back pocket and he ripped out his phone and stared at his screen.

hey where are you

these freshies keep trying to take your seat


I forgot my combo


you should make some notes on your phone

I will, and I'll be there soon

you better hurry up or else im gonna have to lay across both of our chairs

The mirror on the wall shook as the side of his fist collided with the wall. Dear God, why couldn't he just do it? Why? His stomach bubbled with fear as his mind ran through all the reasons why not. He could be rejected. He could be insulted and kicked clean out of his friend group. He could become the next fuck boy that can't stop falling for everyone around him.

A soft buzz went off in his pockets causing him to take a sharp inhale.

are you okay dude

you usually don't take this long


Just give me a second

"Fuck it," he hissed as he crammed his phone down into his pocket and fumbling for something else."I guess I can do this the old fashion way."

At that, he pulled out a quarter and settled it in his hands. Another deep breath was let loose from his chest.

"Heads I tell them, tails I don't."

And then, he flipped the coin.

11:50 AM 1/11/2018

maybe I should just keep your food

so you stop forgetting the combo

"Yeah you wish, John," A voice said from above. Sure enough, standing before John was Allen, in his full forgetting-his-locker-combo-for-the-fifteenth-time glory. A sly smirk played across John's face as he motioned for Allen to take a seat.

"So, want to take up my offer?" He asked.

"Psh, no you'd probably steal my food."

"And I don't already?"

"Yeah, but at least it's not all of it." Allen quipped before pulling out a box of assorted Halloween candies.

"Yeah guess, you're right," John muttered as he went back to eating. The table, the duo fell into silence as they finished up their food. Finally, Allen stood up and took in a deep breath.

"John, can you come with me?"

"Yeah sure, why not?"

11:28 PM 12/11/2018

youre shitting me right?


oh my god

you really flipped a coin

before asking me out

I mean it was more like five times

you're a gaint dork dude

a really cute dork

of course

a very cute dork

1:30 PM 13/11/2019

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