Team Involved: Epsilon-17 (“Ibis Carnis”)

Anomaly Involved: SCP-610

Location: Slyudyanka, Russia

Command: Researcher Rex

Date: 2020/11/3

Mission Summary: On 2020/11/2, a report from a Foundation owned safehouse was sent to Site-354 reporting an outbreak of SCP-610 at a nearby village. They reported that they had three separately quarantined individuals and request for a retrieval team.

Foxtrot: Is everyone online?

Delta: Yep.

Beta: It looks like it.

Iota: Yeah.

Foxtrot: Command did you pick that all up.

Command: Loud and clear. Now then, according to our trackers, you all should be approaching the safe house in twenty minutes…

Command: [Several voices can be heard in the background and command's voice is now away from the mic.] Hmmm?

Command: [A single non-descript voice can be heard in the background.]

[Several seconds of silence passes.]

Foxtrot: Command?

Command: [Shuffling can be heard and another voice can be heard in the background.] Okay, well, let's say the worst possible conditions [The same non-descript voice speaks.]

Foxtrot: Command what are you talking about?

[A loud bang can be heard from the recovery team.]

Beta: Jesus Christ, dude focus on the road.

Foxtrot: Shush.

Command: Okay, sorry about that, so we just received more information from the safehouse, long story short, they lost eighty percent of their population.

Foxtrot: So what does that mean for us?

Command: Well, it means that you have less people to transport, and it will mean that you need to activate the incinerator before you leave.

Foxtrot: Ever on the bright side, Rex.

Command: I try to be.


Command: Do you have sight on the safe house yet?

Foxtrot: No, not yet. There's too many trees.

Command: Mmm, you should be approaching the safe house within the minute. Is everyone prepared for recovery?

Iota: Yeah, should we bring along the flame throwers?

Command: Probably, but be careful, there are several noninfected civilians in there.

Beta: Wait, why would they just take in civilians? They could've had an infection risk.

Command: They weren't heartless.

Beta: But still there's-

Foxtrot: I have eyes on the safe house, we'll be getting ready for retrieval.

Command: Good. Keep in touch.

Foxtrot: We will.

[The recovery vehicles doors can be heard opening and four pairs of feet are heard marching to the safe house. A quiet beeping fills the air followed by the sound of scraping metal. The footsteps can be heard tapping on metal and clicking can be heard.]

Foxtrot: This is the recovery team? Is anyone here.

[Static can be heard and a robotic voice begins to speak]

Unknown voice: Decomantamination process beginning, please standby.

[Air can be heard surrounding the mics and stops after several seconds and more scraping metal can be heard.]

Unknown voice: Deconmanitation process finished.

Iota: Pretty fancy set up they got down here.

Command: It's just standard protocol for anywhere dealing with diseases.

Foxtrot: Do they know we're here?

Command: Yes, but they're currently located within the quartine, so they probably can't hear anything.

Foxtrot: Why are they in quarantine?

Command: Well, that's what I'm trying to find out right now… Okay so, there's a security room off to your left, there should be some cameras in there.

[Clanking can be heard followed by banging.]

Iota: Here, let me try it.

[A loud bang fills the microphones and a chuckle can be heard.]

Iota: Oh wow, dude this looks like it was ripped clean out of the nineties.

Foxtrot: Mhmm, Command what is the code?

Command: Should be something like capital k, three, eight, zero, two, period, lowercase h.

Foxtrot: Okay, got it. I have the camera feed open.

[Sevreal clicks can be heard before they stop.]

Iota: Oh damn. That ain't real good.

Command: What's going on.

Foxtrot: We know why they're in quarantine…

Iota: Keep on clickin' through, we might be able to see if there's anyone worth savin' in quarantine.

[Sevreal more clicks can be heard followed by a sharp inhale.]

Beta: Oh god.

[Silence can be heard for several seconds.]

Foxtrot: Alright, Iota, stay here and monitor the feed. Beta, you got the quartine packs?

Beta: Yessir.

Foxtrot: Okay let's go in.

Command: Oh and one slight thing.

Foxtrot: What is it?

Command: Try not to use explosives, if the facility has a breach in the walls the place would be up in flames before you'd be able to process it.

Foxtrot: Alright, and anything else?

Command: No, just be careful.

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