An Intro to the Banished

A introduction to the sanctuary of the Banished

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A thick fog covered the city, a perfect night for things to go wrong. Ray squinted at the sky, she wasn’t able to see the stars due to the shining lights of the surrounding city. What a waste even if it did mean slightly more protection.

She looked at the river that flowed by warehouses long abandoned by workers who would be home by now. It was good the lights were off, easing the gnawing feeling in her gut.

The movement under her jacket, which exposed her skin to the cold: at once reminding her how much she hated the cold, zipping her jacket to keep the child warm.

She patted her child’s head protectively. “It’s alright, go back to resting buddy, we will be there soon I promise,” she cooed. Acting motherly was something she had never quite gotten used to. That feeling of soothing a child. Acting like he was her flesh and blood. It just had a surreal and unnatural quality in her mind.

Finally, it was in sight: the abandoned building she made into a base. It was finally becoming livable. She could feel it in her gut, just as everything gets to being normal it would come down again.

She pushed open the doors into the dark cold warehouse. It’s cold concrete floor, metal walls and metal roof were a familiar sight to her. She stepped onto metal wire laid across the floor.

Ray entered the warehouse and was greeted by the current guard, Phasum.

“Hey man What’s up?” Ray engaged the teen first.

“T-h meeting I-sI-s dodownstair.Boss in the empty office upstairs. Any tail yo-u that I got a to deal with?” Phasum responded to her.

“As far as I’m aware, None.”

“G-oo-d enough fo-r m….e.”

His words oozed out, it was hard for him to focus and make them come out correctly.
The teen had a strained look on his face as his skin began to glow. He always had a hard time containing all that energy. He was nice when he was himself, and not the beast that stole his name and replaced it with its own. The changes were frightening, yet the chaos it caused and the heat. That was enjoyable to her.

She sighed as she walked down and joined the assembly. Time to catch up on news and find out what the next course of action would be.


Alishar sat in the place they were suppose to gather. He was here ahead of time since he wanted to avoid being late to the meeting. They had to make decisions about moving or staying and what could be done with current funds.

Seeing this place come together gave them a sense of hope, a sense of home. Even if it was grey and dreary to look at. They needed posters to spruce up the walls, some paint, and new light bulbs as the current ones contributed to the unsettling atmosphere due to their constant flickering. Alishar really did not desire to be down here when the lights went off. Of course, the air was stale, but on the bright side, they were still alive so far, and uncontained, even if they did have a mad scientist, named Felix, for a doctor.

Work and care was all this place needed to get better. They’d built an escape route into the sewers to allow for a quick and covert exit to the building. Of course, it had to stay sealed as the stink of sulfur and Cholera, both readily available to fill their bodies.

The other members began to arrive, from the enforcers to the scouts, and the runners. This first wave followed was followed by three more waves of more normal-looking people who worked jobs when and where they could and did what they could so the group could have some money.

The more normal of them, people who only had anomalous objects, usually got out and began having lives and meeting people. Then the final wave, most of the time people in this group stayed but when they didn’t they came back late. Unofficially they were monstrosities: They looked different, were different, the mere sight would send people into a fit of terror.

Alishar watched people come in, he knew some people well, and others not so much. Finally, the person who he’d been waiting for: Ray arrived. She had the only kid in the group.


Her hair was a long maroon, and she wore a white mask that resembled a cat grinning from ear to ear. She was also wearing a thick blue jacket which seemed to possess a pair of legs. Ray unzipped her jacket and a child appears grasping his mother.

The child slid away from her with a yawn. Everyone took a liking to this small red-haired child as Ray threatened to shoot anyone who mistreated him. This was possibly the nicest thing she'd do to anyone who did not heed her warning. She took this mother role a bit serious and hurt feelings was justification enough for her to lose you head.

Alishar smiles seeing the child go to play. The small child was the life of the group. The only child, and the only person Abyss would allow to play a joke on him. They didn’t care if he was anomalous or not. The kid wasn’t spoiled; he was polite and naive for his own good. The better word to describe this kid was mature. The kid had nicer clothes than when they had first met, which wasn’t saying much since the boy had been dressed in rags.

Alishar, who was the only person who the child related to, had been the previous youngest of the group. He was the only person in the group who usually had time to play with the boy. However, today wasn’t a day for smiles and Alishar couldn’t play at the moment. They had a business to conduct so he couldn’t play today.

With that, Tollillian dropped in and a few other stragglers finally wandered in. Including Abyss as his long hands reached inside the room and pulled his head in, before the rest of his slinky like body folded in after him.

The meeting was ready to begin, and with that a girl named Kayana stood up. She was pretty much the unofficial boss when the leader of their little group wasn’t around. If he wanted to he could control them. But then what would that make him?


“Alright, first order of business-” Kayana began their meeting.

Alisahar tuned out past this point, hey they had things to discuss didn't mean he couldn’t think of other things until the real stuff came up.


Crunch, Crunch, Crunch!

Mikale listened and watched as a very unlucky man’s wife was chewed up by his friend. The husband? Well, his closest approximation was it was him. Or what use to be. His body changed and shifted as he was finally consumed. He hated that he had to do this.

There was blood all over this alleyway and a few fingers. The thickly crimson sunk into the ground and spread around Mikale’s feet.

“Could you be any messier?” Mikale’s voice softly questioned. Blood was getting everywhere.

“Not all of us are as fortunate as you, you know,” replied a cold, heavy voice.

“This is so revolting,” came the soft voice.

“I don’t like it just as much as you but if it’s the only thing that nurtures your body you have to do it. Besides it’s random they could be anyone,” Cold commented back.

“Well, maybe we could eat criminals?” Softly they tried.

“Just because they’re doing illegal things doesn’t make them evil.”
Came a cold.

“Drug dealers?”

“You’re being pretty picky for someone who has to put food on the table too.”

“Fine let’s get going. Hopefully, I can hold off for another month.”

“After starving yourself for two? You’ll have to eat at least once a week.”

“Casual cannibalism just the kind of conversation I want to have.”

“Well we aren’t in positions to be picky now, are we? And it’s not like I can walk into a McDonald’s to eat.”

“I wish it were that simple”

“You know what they say about wishful thinking. Either way, let’s get going.”

They began to walk, well one of them walked the other kind of dredged along, down the street. The wind had become significantly more cold as the night sunk its icy hooks into the city. Everything was fine and dandy until they heard a gunshot in one of the apartment buildings. Mikale bolted before realizing his plant's friend hasn’t budged.

He looked back, and he already knew what had to be done. So many times had they had an argument about bad situations. Mikale began to walk toward the building curious as to what was going on. Meanwhile Zurkev tunneled into the ground. He opened the door and found uniformed soldier inside, out of pure fear he turned into a baseball and rolled off the steps as U.I.U. goons turned to face the door.

“Book it!” He screamed at his friend as he began to roll back to the base. A U.I.U. Strike team filed out of the building.

“Warn the others! They’re after us again!”
Mikale knew he had to get away and warn the main group. Then he could go out and look for other numbers of their flock who hadn’t been found yet.

Zurkev stayed in the ground waiting for the U.I.U. agents to leave. He wasn’t inclined to tunnel since they were close. So, for the time being, he was stuck. He would bet they were tasty if only he could get one.

Like a wave U.I.U. Strike teams had encircled and began to sweep into the city from the east. They began a massive campaign of hunting down targets to either flush them into other agents or to terminate on the spot. Whatever worked best.

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