Banished V FGU

Mr. Trask looked around in the empty upper floor. He jammed and barricaded the upstairs pathway, hoping to divert the assistants up to the stairs before he simply locked the door to the basement.

“Where is Tollillian?!”

Trask demanded as he looked at Phasum. Whose human body has turned a sickly pale and electric blue building in his eyes. Her head popped from the floor.

“Sorry Ray demanded I take Nagy to safety!” He voice was steady no doubt already thinking some abstract concept to win.

“You're working with Ray, Abyss, Aurona, and Jackson, to rapidly ambush the intruders. I’ don’t think they’ll be able to deal with an attack from below as well as attacks from the metal in the building. I’ll be waiting in the hallway to the basement room, if you can’t handle it anymore I’ll step in and draw their fire. Then we git back to the hideout and hold the line. It’s our launching point for escape, unless the tunnels aint clear.”

She gave a curt nod popping back down the floor.

He heard a «pipsh» as a silenced gun popped the lock on the door. This was it where it began.

“Lights out. Let’s give them one hell of a fight.”

With that, the massive warehouse went pitch black. They’d rigged this place up to be a slaughterhouse. Something their foe was about to grievously learn.

Part 8: We struck them Back

Phasum smiled wickedly, finally it was time. The body burns away as the massive creature, pure energy came forth, and it had been waiting. Waiting to finally get another crack at the people who had been relentlessly chasing them for years.

Today was the day it had yearned for. They couldn’t see, they weren’t ready to get Counter strobed. And on the floor? The whole room? Was a massive death trap. It slammed its foot onto the wiring and the screams were a cacophony of beautiful screams, muscles pulled back, Spasming, entire rifle magazines empty in seconds, although this happened at random. It couldn’t smell but it could see steam rising, as people were roasted before its eyes.

Phasum’s other foot stepped forward onto some other wires. It wondered if it could see their skeletons.

Finally, Phasum stepped back, he heard thuds on the roof. How odd. Finally, the bodies fell over and no one moved. Everything was still. Just bodies laid out and bunched up.

Entire Squads wiped out in one instant. This was the first time they’d ever beaten back so many in one move. Phasum felt like a Queen. The Queen on a chessboard. Although he was smaller from expending so much energy. His warm body made its way across the floor to check on the bodies. It brought him a joy to find every one of them fried.

However his joy was ruined as now more of them streamed in, they came in carefully one at a time. The massive living energy being jumped back as reinforcements streamed in. They mixed their footing, so he couldn’t catch them all when he stepped on the wiring. Only some fried and others stood on the bodies of their coworkers to avoid the path of electricity.

He didn’t have to worry about their low caliber guns, the bullets melted from his heat or he simply blitzed the Agents. Just like before he got caught up on sinking claws and teeth into them and never paid attention to the fact they were cutting the wires and setting up Magnets to disrupt his body. However, even without the traps, they were setting for him he was beginning to feel overwhelmed.

They let out a hail of lead upon his body and he smiles as they do. He grabs the nearest agent and tosses them like a hand grenade their armor having melted and fused with their flesh.

They hit their squad mates and knocked them down onto the hot wire and again more agents fried. They writhed in agony, however, he couldn’t focus on them as yet another folly came from behind. He spun around and kept at the nearest agent. His hand easily pierced his chest however soon he was getting pelted from three different sides.

How about some distractions for these goons!?” Phasum roariously called to his partners

Aurora has been waiting for this! The fun part! She flooded her suit with xenon gas molecules. Ooh yeah, she was feeling it. Her body took in the wonderful particles and she stripped off her suit. He body now pulling and sucking in air molecules now. She took off at light speed. She bounced to the right and Blitzed the Squad coming in. They were only able to let out a yelp before she plastered them with Xenon and had their bodies pinned to the walls.

Only to remember it wasn’t safe to pin them there. She rushed back but by now the next arc had passed through the building and flash fried them. Damn it! She didn’t want these guys to get hurt even if they didn’t feel the same.

She felt an expert shot pass through her glowing body center mass. And the bullet disappeared from the naked eye. She turned and found more rounds heading her way.

She dashed off to another group leaving the building entirely, she had to find whoever was calling the shots and knock him out. Randomly she delivered uppercuts, left hooks, and haymakers onto people who looked important. It didn’t do much but draw attention to her, which wasn’t hard since again she was glowing and left behind a trail of light. One more! She went to deliver a whammy to a captain who kindly smacked her with the butt of his gun.

She staggered back mostly out of shock. And like that, a squad diverged on her. She had to run across heads to sip away from the tightly packed group. She dashed back inside where it was safer for her. She dashed up to the rafters where they couldn’t get her and took a moment. Then she began to harass the squads again.

Tollillian had wrapped her arms around Jackson and tighter they pushed through the floor, she waited for his arm to get close to the Agent setting up a magnet. She could tell they’d got him when he gasped out and called for backup.

Marvin let out a yell for all the others to hear as he watched a hand come out of the floor. And it grabbed him! He grabbed a knife and when he went to cut it, it had let go and was sinking back into the floor, he swung at it and watched as his knife passed straight through the limb like it was a ghost. However, it snapped as it went down and he felt a momentary pain, as his hand arm and his magnet were detonated.

This strategy of phasing herself and Jackson through the floor to turn random squad members was quite effective at first. However once they figured it out, they began to spread out across the warehouse. Where they had previously bunched up before for the promise of safe ground.

“Alright push me through it’s about time I took the fight to these bastards. I want to hit them harder.” Jackson informed Tollillian of his desire

“You sure?”
Tollillian inquired, she didn’t want him to get shot to pieces.

“Just do it, I’ll be fine”
Jackson told her with a deadness in his voice.

On the far side of the building, Jackson rose from the floor. The men turned just in time to have their guns or their faces gripped by his hands. He always had to do this quick so the soldiers wouldn’t snap his wrists and have him on the floor.

“Good night.” He snaps his fingers and watched in grim satisfaction as Brain matter splatters his gas mask.

There were only a few people left to take out. They’d wrap this up quickly. Unfortunately, things were never that easy. As time seemed to freeze as one of the walls began to creak, and the structure groaned.


A mad scrambled ensued as everyone rushed for the basement door. One wall gave way, and an entire firing squad tossed flashbangs and began to open fire on them as they ran.
He felt round after round enter and leave his body. Damn it, he liked this meat suit too.

The group barely made it back down into the depths as the roof and other walls fell away, they’d have to hold the much smaller room now and keep the soldiers away from the sewer entrance.

By now the majority of U.I.U. special agents and G.O.C. combat units had reported to the warehouse, as foundation M.T.F.s spread out to cut off escape routes and to drag in the anomalies that had been hiding as ordinary people. They were going into containment. And for these fellows it was a fairly easy night, however, a few of their targets were missing. Which was odd since they hadn’t gone to the meeting.

However the group itself? All parties believed they had them cornered and soon they would easily be taken out. It seemed a trivial matter other than defeating them inside their little hidey-hole. However, they had no idea the snipe storm they were about to blunder into.
Part 9: They have us At the end of the rope
Abyss and Ray were waiting inside what use to be the base. Trask shut the door behind Jackson since he was the last in. It was locked and dead bolted. They had a few minutes before their enemy knocked down that door.

The dim light cast a deep shadow over Trask’s face.

“Here we are. The last line. Phasum go ahead and bolt. Make sure you keep the group safe until they get there.” The large energy creature made its way to a breaker box which it tore open and proceeded to use it to escape the warehouse. Leaving Only Tollillian, Aurona, Jackson, Abyss, and Ray. He needed to get as many people out as possible but also hold this place to make sure these loveless bastards were as far away from the group as possible.

“Aurona, Tollillian, you two git ahead, Aurona I need you to Mark the path, but be through give different paths just pick a color we know to follow. Tollillian, make sure to sabotage the gas line as ya go.”
Trask stook a moment to think. Could they hold this position for an hour just the three of

“Jackson! GIT GOING! Make sure the exit grates are clear, that way we can escape by the seat of our pants.”
With that, there were three, three to make a stand. Ray cocked her glock. As soon as they stepped through that door it was over. For the first few agents, it would be.

The door blew off its hinges and they pushed in. He expected a Gunshot but Abyss’s hand flew passed and grabbed the first person who was in the hall, dragging them back he easily snapped their neck and tossed them behind.

“If we are going to die. I’d like to have a little fun.” Was all that was said between the three as the full fury of this Joint Task Force came crashing down upon them.

Trask held out his arm, the bullets he would have caught disappeared upon reaching his hand. They were shattered into trillions of parts. Then Ray would dance out around him and return fire. This held until more surged in through the doors. They had to toss themselves out of the way, Abyss swung his arms about the room knocking the attackers flat.

He laughed, an unnerving laugh. Before he began to pull them in using gravity. One squadmate got so close he tries to stab the laughing beast. He caught his hand and wagged a finger, before blasting them all back. They smacked into the walls with traumatic force.

Trask was sure they died of organ failure then and there. They were getting overwhelmed.

“Abyss! Rush the door! Ray! Your turn to go! We’ll be right behind you!”

“Aww, but these Dark Troopers were beginning to get interesting!” Abyss howled as his fist surged forward knocking out the next two assailants to step into the room.

Trask stepped forward as Ray rushed into the darkness of the sewers. Two.


With little hesitation, the tall gravity well turned and ran following the smaller female. At first, no one else came in. Then 4 and 4 more rows and column file in.

He reached out another hand. Slowly He had to retreat into the darkness. Their pressure only increasing. He stopped, he wanted to get away, he wanted to flee to safety but they would just chase him. He looked at the mural, another hallway, he dropped one hand slightly and rushed some of the armed men and women. One rushed him, something he regretted. As he watched someone’s armor and body break apart into the air.

It was sickening as he watched blood cells become smaller and organs erode. However, the others threw their bodies out of the way. He ran inside of the mural. Daring them to chase him.

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