The brightest stars in the blackest nights burn themselves out
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All exoplanets listed in SCP-XXXX-CONTROL are to be monitored for possible SCP-XXXX instances, and any publicly released images of exoplanets with SCP-XXXX instances are to be doctored as necessary. All information regarding SCP-XXXX in any way is to be sent through Project Panoptes, and all relevant research efforts will be focused there instead of standard departmental organization. Project Panoptes will focus on establishing the mechanical function of SCP-XXXX installations, replicating the technology found therein, and establishing the reasons for the creation of SCP-XXXX as a whole, as well as possible connections to other extraterrestrial anomalies.

No individuals involved with Operation GREY VOICES are to be involved with Project Panoptes.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a series of artificial satellites orbiting various exoplanets and stellar bodies. Currently, eight instances of SCP-XXXX have been discovered within 50 light-years of earth. SCP-XXXX instances vary in construction, function, and composition, but a commonality between all instances is the lack of weapons that could theoretically be used against physical or energy based targets, as well as mild variations in local reality stability around instances.

SCP-XXXX Instance Location Function
SCP-XXXX-ERIDANI Orbiting the star Epsilon Eridani. Broadcast of cognitohazard-nullifying memes throughout the Epsilon Eridani system.
SCP-XXXX-GROOMBRIDGE Orbiting exoplanet Groombridge 34 Ab. A series of small drones creating a sensor net to detect any memes or cognitohazards entering the planet's local noosphere.
SCP-XXXX-TEEGARDEN Orbiting exoplanet Teegarden c. Firing of antimemes into the planet's noosphere, likely for the purposes of containing memetic outbreaks on the surface.
SCP-XXXX-STRUVE In geosynchronous orbit around exoplanet Struve Bb. Projection of a memetic shield around the local noosphere, likely capable of preventing large-scale memes from entering.
SCP-XXXX-LEONIS Orbiting exoplanet Leonis b. Launching of smaller drones broadcasting cognitohazards of unknown severity, as well as transmitting low level cognitohazards to all approaching vessels.
SCP-XXXX-LP Orbiting the moon of exoplanet 816b. A signal booster for surface-level broadcast towers possessing similar components to other instances.
SCP-XXXX-FOMALHAUT In decaying orbit above expoplanet Dagon. Unknown, as all transmissions dishes and antennas on the instance have been burnt off, despite the instance being in a vaccum.
SCP-XXXX-CONTROL Drifting through the Luyten star system. [REDACTED-SEE ADDENDUM XXXX-2(or 3 I don't know)]

Investigations of all SCP-XXXX instances has revealed that all instances are mechanically sound and capable of activating, however no instances are fully functional. This has been determined to be due to the full destruction of all computational and noospheric components onboard the instances caused by an overflow of information into the instances' systems, leading to an overload and subsequent burnout of various components. Additionally, the planets and stellar bodies all instances are orbiting show prior signs of infrastructure and civilization, but expeditions to said planets and bodies are currently not possible due to a variety of factors, including high levels of reality instability and cognitohazards in the local Noosphere.

Addendum XXXX-1
They do a bit more digging, and eventually find a transmission stuck inside one of the defenses detailing how scientists from the planet they were guarding tried to find out why it failed, and reported that "The only thing that comes up when we try to connect to it is static. There is no data left on it. No antimeme firing solutions, no diagnostic routines, not even the base skeleton of an operating system remaining. There's just…screams. Digital screams, like there's something in the static trying to get my attention. I don't understand it, both in the sense of why this is happening or what it is trying to say to me. But I fear that this platform may not be enough to save us."

On April 17, 2067, SCP-XXXX-TEEGARDEN was able to be temporarily reactivated by Foundation repair drones. The instance was active for seventeen hours, during which time the onboard antimeme firing systems attempted to fire antimemes at former major surface population centers, as well as the remains of radio telescope and communication arrays. The instance also began to broadcast a message to other nearby instances and Foundation drones, as well as the general direction of the Luyten system. Several Foundation drones were destroyed due to a sudden electrical overflow, all of which sent a final status report to their respective Foundation facilities consisting of corrupted, unreadable data. Surviving drones were able to record this message, as well as download several messages and logs from the instance before it shut down.

I'll add the messages in here once I figure out what they'll be.

The Foundation does even MORE digging, and finds a huge platform and sends a drone inside. Once inside, they discover this one is a central control for the others, and see a series of terminals representing each planet that they defended and many, many more. All of them have a indicator next to them: "DEFENSE PLATFORM FAILURE". Strange readings are suddenly detected in the same room as the drone, and a sudden burst of static accompanied by an undescribable, very loud sound go through the drone and shut it down.

Might tack a note onto the end about how "The brightest starts may burn out, but they’re not the only ones in the sky."

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