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Captain Kirby’s Proposal

Object Class: Euclid

"We're Only Human"

Howdy, it’s your favorite circular domicile here to bring you a Declass of my arch-nemesis good friend Captain Kirby’s 001 proposal.

Section I

This site is to be named Site-01.

The first paragraph of the containment procedures serve to outline the location SCP-001 is confined to. From the first sentence, it’s clear that the object is a humanoid individual with power within the Foundation. The Secure Facilities page on the wiki designates Site-01 as a "a safe zone that acts as a data backup for all major Foundation facilities worldwide as well as a secure meeting facility for O5 Council members and other high-ranking Foundation personnel." Additionally, Site-01 is a Protected Site, which means no anomalies are allowed anywhere near it. The containment procedures directly contradict this, lampshading Site-01 as a glorified containment cell for the entire O5 Council. It also says that the Site houses three nuclear warheads, which are to be detonated if SCP-001 ever breaks containment. Since the SCP itself is relatively docile, the warheads can’t be there to minimize a risk to life. Rather, the prospect of the anomaly leaving Site-01 and is an information breach too great to risk.

Additionally, all rooms1 in the facility are to be equipped with security cameras. (Excluding restrooms and personal quarters, by order of the Ethics Committee.)

Clearly the Foundation isn’t playing around when it comes to security. But are the cameras to protect the Council or keep an eye on them? Take note of the fact that the Ethic Committee blocked the installation of cameras in certain places. That’s important.

One member of the O5 Council is to partake in a regimen involving mnestic drugs. The individual undergoing the regimen (henceforth referred to as the Archivist) is to maintain a journal of all information gathered about SCP-001, as well as any events of note involving SCP-001.

This indicates that SCP-001, whatever it is, carries some sort of anti-memetic effect. Mnestic drugs are utilized to neutralize the effects of anti-memes, but they also wreak havoc upon the user’s internal systems, which is why they’re relatively underused.

SCP-001 is the entity known as O5-13. The exact nature of SCP-001 is not yet known.

The word choice here is very tactical. SCP-001 isn’t O5-13 himself, it’s the entity assigned the designation O5-13. Evidently, the writers of the file are unconvinced that SCP-001 is human. This is undercut by the fact that every single description of SCP-001 given through the rest of the article is clearly that of a human. From the very first sentences of the description, we can already infer that the writers of the file (and by extension, the rest of the Council) may not be entirely as impartial as we thought.

While details of the Caesar Incident are under investigation by the O5 Council, the following events are understood to be the result of the Caesar Incident:

The death of all previous O5 Council members, except for O5-13.

The destruction of the previous Site-01.

The loss of all documentation regarding SCP-001 prior to the Caesar Incident, had such documentation existed.

It is also understood that SCP-001 caused the Caesar Incident through manifestation of its anomalous properties.

There’s quite a lot to unpack here. From the start, we can see that whatever the Caesar Incident was, it was bad. It was able to kill the entire O5 Council (except O5-13), who are notoriously difficult to kill, destroy the previous Site-01, and wipe all information collected by the previous Council about SCP-001. At the end, it is mentioned that SCP-001 caused the Caesar Incident. However, they almost purposefully avoid mentioning exactly what property could’ve allowed this kind of devastation to occur. Now, without context, this clearly seems like an indication that SCP-001 is a dangerous entity with the raw power to eliminate an entire Foundation Protected Site. However, if you remember back to when the file mentioned that:

It is also to be equipped with three failsafe nuclear warheads which shall be detonated should SCP-001 breach containment.

A detonation of three nukes seems plenty to cause the Caesar Incident. So, we can assume that the Incident was not caused by SCP-001’s properties themselves, but by SCP-001 breaching containment i.e, leaving Site-01.

From the attached table, we can gather one simple but important fact. The rest of the O5 Council know what’s going on. They’re the ones keeping SCP-001 in containment. Again, this story spins the concept that O5s are not allowed interaction with any SCPs on its head.

Section II

SCP-001 Conference #1

There isn’t as much to unpack in this conference as some of the other collapsibles. O5-1 explains how he got into contact with the Administrator to figure out that the Caesar Incident occurred. The Council designates 13 as an SCP and assigns 1 to be the first Archivist. Something of note, however, is that the Administrator is still active. It’s common belief that the Administrator created the Foundation, but leaves it mostly up to its own devices.

SCP-001 Conference #2

Survivor Interview Transcript

So, the Council decides to try interviewing some of the survivors who (probably) worked at Site-01 prior to the Caesar Incident. Among these is Henry Pollick. All we get out of him is that a containment breach went off at the Site, but doesn’t remember exactly what happened. Notably, he thinks that he used to work at Site-5, which doesn’t actually exist. This heavily suggests that his memories were tampered with using amnestics and other tools to convince him both that the Site exists, and that he worked there. Evidently, someone is taking great pains to make sure that nobody remembers what exactly the Caesar Incident was.

Origin Update

The Council’s discussion reveals an interesting aspect of the information obfuscation surrounding SCP-001. The O5 Personnel Dossier referenced contains several possible origins for each Council member, any number of which may be true or false. The interview notes that someone has edited and then removed logs of O5 Council members. This serves to further raise the tensions between the Council members, as they all converge on a shared distrust of Thirteen.

O5-13's special connection to the anomalous gives him a perspective no other council member could begin to fathom. While Normalcy Confirmation meetings require eleven members for quorum, no meeting is allowed to proceed without O5-13's attendance.

Thirteen’s Personnel Dossier is our first indication of exactly what makes him different from the other Council Members. He has some sort of connection with the anomalous that the other members of the Council lack in some way or form. They need him to maintain Normalcy. In the aforementioned Personnel Dossier, nearly every single member of the Council uses anomalous items, has an occult relationship, or in some other way is anomalous. Thirteen’s connection has to be unique among these.

Anomalous Property Measurements

This table serves to outline how anomalous Thirteen is. In short: he isn’t. At least, not in any measurable way. His body structure, his temperature, his skeleton are all completely normal. Whatever makes Thirteen anomalous, it’s not visible from the exterior.

O5-1 Statement on Previous Council

From this, we have our first interaction with the previous Overseer Council. The current One describes his conversation with the previous One. The thing to note here is that One is willing to talk about his bodily modifications. The same modifications made to lengthen his lifespan have ruined his body. He’s become bitter about this, jealous of non-anomalous individuals. At the end of the conference, One’s tenure as Archivist is completed and Eight takes up his mantle.

Caesar Incident Update

From the primary section of the document, we can gather that the earthquake that revealed the location of Site-01-P is the result of the Caesar Incident, which in turn is the result of an SCP-001 containment breach.

The GOC had set up a hidden outpost on the island that did not appear in earlier photographs.

Further investigation revealed that the only O5 member who was previously contacted about the GOC taking control of the area surrounding Site-01-P was O5-13.

Since Thirteen is both the only one who knows the location of Site-01-P and has reason to hide it, it’s clear that he invited the GOC to the island in order to dissuade Foundation personnel from getting near it. Additionally, Thirteen must hold some level of influence in the workings of the GOC to request such a special favor. The GOC is not hostile to the Foundation, but they’re by no means willing to extend private protection without a good reason. The mystery of why the Site is being hidden deepens.

Origin Update

None of the GoIs have an exact description of Thirteen, not even the GOC, who he has clearly interacted with before. This means that whatever dealing they had must’ve been through a third party. Additionally, MC&D have insider information on the Council, though this is not unprecedented for them.

Premature Adjourning

There’s a lot of conflict packed into this log. Seven reveals that she supplied MC&D with information about the Council and their identities, which explains the aforementioned offer of more information from them. Eleven takes personal offense to this, and insults her, concerned about his own safety. The Council is rapidly breaking apart into blocs because of their dogged search for the truth about Thirteen.

Update Regarding Information Security Concern

It turns out that Seven had actually supplied out-of-date information in exchange for MC&D’s knowledge of Thirteen, and thus did nothing wrong. Eleven apologizes, but this doesn’t change the fact that the Council is drifting apart from the pains they are taking to find out the truth. Eight’s tenure as Archivist ends, and Twelve takes the position.

SCP-001 Conference #4

Caesar Incident Update

The conference starts out pretty standard, Two explaining how his team interviewed the survivors of the Caesar Incident for more information, and confirmed that they legitimately don’t know what happened. At first this is attributed to Thirteen’s alleged anti-memetic property, but Two explains that every single survivor as well as the Council’s personal MTF all have evidence of having been injected with an amnestic serum, with no record of any such amnesticization in the logs. Eight points out that the only group that still uses injection-based amnestics are the GOC. Thirteen and the GOC again appear linked in some as-of-yet unknown fashion. Evidently, someone authorized the GOC to amnesticize persons of interest to the Caesar Incident in an attempt to cover up its existence.

Origin Update

The Council dispatches a member of Red Right Hand to interview a person of interest supplied to them by MC&D in exchange for the false information provided by Seven. It’s implied through the interview that the man being discussed is Thirteen.

Bunch of guys came by, UIU I think? They came and picked him up. Surprised the hell out of both of us. Though I'm even more surprised I was able to get out of there.

Yet another example of Thirteen’s almost suspicious connection to the other Groups of Interest. In this case, the Unusual Investigation Unit of the FBI, which implies some sort of government connection.

Hispanic guy. Mid sixties? Nothing much of note really.

This directly conflicts with all of the previous descriptions of Thirteen. Evidently, the person that PoI-001 wasn’t Thirteen. But this begs the question: who were they?

A name? Oh you must've learned by now that names aren't just something people hand out. Besides, I'm nobody of note.

There it is, that’s the money line. We’ve established that PoI-001 has numerous connections to several GoIs and a working relationship with both MC&D and the Foundation. How could he do that without someone finding out his identity?

Unless he doesn’t have one. PoI-001 is Nobody, a man with no set identity who is inherently antimemetic. Nobody has clearly infiltrated the highest ranks of the anomalous Groups of Interest. But why?

Anomalous Properties Measurements

We have nothing. Nothing abnormal with regard to radiation, humes, radio frequencies. Thirteen is almost impressively normal.

The Council has finally arrived at the crossroads. Every single test has revealed nothing anomalous about Thirteen in anyway. This means that either Thirteen is truly nonanomalous, or that his power is so great and all-encompassing that he can make himself appear perfectly as nonanomalous. The Council continues to debate the possibilty of Thirteen being a god or an inside man for any number of the Foundation’s rivals, until Twelve tosses out the possibility that Thirteen had help.

Remember how our request to install additional security cameras was denied by the Ethics Committee?

Quick callback to the containment procedures here. It was mentioned that the Ethics Committee blocked such an order, though at that point we didn’t know whether the purpose of those cameras was to keep an eye on the Council at large or just Thirteen. Turns out that the Council made the request, ostensibly so they could interact with Thirteen knowing that they would have evidence of Thirteen caused another Caesar Incident, but the Committee blocked it and said that the matter was above a Level 5 Security clearance. There’s only two groups with a clearance level higher than the Council. The Ethics Committee, and the Administrator.

Section III

Please Enter Security Credentials: ************ ACCEPTED. Welcome O5-13. You have (1) Message

Right off the bat, this collapsible is different. While the other collapsibles were records of the Council’s research, this is a direct revelation that the reader is in the point of view of Thirteen himself. Which means, Thirteen knows exactly what his fellow O5s have been up to.

I don’t want to ask Al Fine and Johnson to help clean up another May 13th. I don't even want the thought of pulling a Caesar Event in their heads.

So. This email was sent to Thirteen from the Administrator himself, asking him to continue playing along for just a little while longer. If he doesn’t and the Council finds the truth, another Caesar Event will occur, and the Administrator accordingly drag in D.C Al Fine (the Under-Secretary-General of the Global Occult Coalition) and Johnson (the director of the Unusual Incidents Unit) to clean up the mess. More importantly, the Administrator attaches a transcript of the last moments of the last O5 Council’s meeting, before the Caesar Event.

No, too much arsenic.

One throws out the bizarre and baseless accusation that one of the other overseers poisoned his coffee. Naturally, all the other Overseers are bewildered, but One is on the warpath. He accuses each Council member of being corrupt or otherwise unfit to guide the Foundation, as they’ve become utterly and completely disconnected from what is and isn’t anomalous. Several of the members have developed anomalous traits themselves, including One. He despises this, and hates the fact that he’s seen the Foundation’s leadership become the very thing they swore to contain.

No, no. I’m accusing all of you of selling out, or being out for yourself or some shit. You’ve all gone soft. It used to be ”if it don’t make sense, throw it in a cage”. Now it's “let’s measure it, look into it, figure out what we know, then make sure it doesn’t bother anyone”. That’s not containment. That’s sitting idly and hoping the public doesn’t find it. My god, we’ve started outsourcing to pet shelters!

One is still talking about how low the Foundation has stooped. Instead of quietly locking away anomalies, the Foundation has become obsessed with the study and complete knowledge of the anomalies in their custody. They’ve become afraid of utilizing the power vested in them to protect normalcy. The “pet shelter” One mentions is Wilson’s Wildlife Services, notable in taking a more lax approach to containment and security than the Foundation at large.

Like, goddamn it anomalies are essentially running this organization.

One returns to affirm his belief that the Overseers’ relationship with the anomalous is detrimental. They abuse their positions of authority to gain access to anomalous objcts and powers. The Foundation was meant to contain anomalies, not be commanded by them.

He’s the only normal person on this whole fucking Council. We plucked him off the streets, and just started asking him “do you think this is weird?”

There it is. The reveal on what exactly is the deal with Thirteen. He’s an anomaly in that he’s not anomalous. When the Foundation is run by anomalies given power, they will inevitably lose sight of normalcy. The easiest solution to this was to bring in a complete outsider, someone with no experience dealing with anomalies in the slightest. No paranormal combat experience, no anti-memetic properties, no magic powers. Completely and utterly normal, an untainted view on the line between normalcy and abnormalcy. The Council’s reaction to him simply illustrates the necessity of his position. They were unwilling to accept the idea that someone might be normal, that someone might have gotten to their rank without abusing their powers.

Emergency Stage 3 Containment Breach Protocol Activated. Nuclear warhead will detonate in 5…

Thirteen wasn’t responsible for the Caesar Incident. He never was. He was on the other side of the world, meeting with a man people tended to call Nobody. One realised he had to take matters into his own hands. There was only one way to purge the Council of its crimes, and it was to purge the Council itself. One sets off the nuclear warheads under Site-01, confident in his belief that he is doing the same things he has been trying to do his entire life. To secure, contain, and protect.

Section IV

This 001 explores a lot of themes about the Foundation and its mission. The most prominent is the how the Foundation’s definition of normalcy has become twisted and inaccurate from overexposure to anomalies. If you’re faced with things that break physics, concepts that kill you if you think about them, and consciousnesses that don’t exist on a daily basis, your baseline for what is and isn’t normal shifts. The Foundation must never allow that baseline to shift. There are obviously plans in case it does, but the Foundation’s goal in the end is to maintain normalcy. For that, they need a pure view into the anomalous, a view that very few individuals in the organization can provide. The other Overseers have become twisted by the abuse of their own power. They take advantage of their positions to become anomalies. If an organization dedicated to the protection of normalcy is influenced by its anomalous leaders, they have to be superseded by someone with a clearer view. That person is Thirteen. If you're the only nonanomalous person on an anomalous council, who's really normal?

Link: SCP-001: Captain Kirby's Proposal

Written By: RounderhouseRounderhouse, u/rounderhouse

Date Published: January 8, 2019

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