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The following file is Level 5/XXXX classified. Unauthorized access is forbidden.

Proceed at your own risk.

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    Item#: XXXX
    Containment Class:
    Secondary Class:
    Disruption Class:
    Risk Class:

    Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be monitored at all time - 80 AI automata have been deployed in order to observe SCP-XXXX-A instances for Gamma manifestation and extract data from its terminals.

    In the event of a Gamma manifestation, the occurring anomalies' SCP designations are to be reviewed and accounted for appropriately.

    Research into indefinitely delaying Gamma manifestations are underway.


    Plaque typically found on SCP-XXXX's terminals.

    Description: SCP-XXXX is Foundation Site 03-1411-04. SCP-XXXX can not be physically located, and possesses inconsistent topology and chronology. Its dimensions are currently not known, but has been estimated to have an effective size of at least ████ km2.
    SCP-XXXX consists of numerous hallways lined with glass cells typically 5m by 5m by 5m each (although cells measured at up to ███ m3 have been observed). SCP-XXXX maintains and updates its own database, which is separate from that of the Foundation, but does not appear to be staffed by any sentient or autonomous beings.

    SCP-XXXX-A refers to the anomalies contained within SCP-XXXX, most of which were, notably, designated SCP objects prior to their disappearance. Each SCP-XXXX-A instance corresponds to an SCP file on SCP-XXXX's database, although their quality are, by and large, subpar compared to the standards of contemporary official SCP file requirements.
    SCP-XXXX-A instances' origin are independent of SCP-XXXX, however, after disappearing from the main Foundation catalog, they are transported to the containment cells of SCP-XXXX, in which they enter an inert state.

    At random intervals, an SCP-XXXX-A instance may undergo a Narrativic Transmorphic Event1, which in turn trigger a CK-Class Reality Restructuring Scenario (hereby SCP-XXXX-Gamma). While the exact nature of SCP-XXXX-Gamma varies for each manifestation, the aforementioned SCP-XXXX-A instance will always disappear from its containment cell and become an extant anomaly in our reality, already having been contained and given SCP designation.2
    It is noted that after a Gamma manifestation, -A generally becomes altered or more complex in regards to its anomalous effects, hazard potential, discovery and/or history.

    Addendum XXXX.1 Discovery: SCP-XXXX's file was discovered on ██/██/████ in the Foundation database occupying a previously empty slot, and excluding the addenda, comprises the initial version of this document.

    It is theorized by the Pataphysics Department that SCP-XXXX did not exist prior to its own documentation.

    Addendum XXXX.2 Exploration Log:

    The subject, D-36270, was pataphysically connected to SCP-████, which was to be neutralized through PROJECT: TAPERED SPEAR, using a temporary Langdon-Eisenhower Bridge. As a result, D-36270 was transported to SCP-XXXX alongside SCP-████.

    Exploration Video Log Transcript

    Date: 14/06/2019

    Exploration Party: D-36270

    Location: Site 03-1411-04 (SCP-XXXX)


    D-36270: What the hell?

    Command: D-36270, report.

    D-36270: Uh, I got transported to this… hallway, I guess. There's a lot of jail cell here, the kind with glass display or something. (D-36270 shivers.) God it's cold!3

    D-36270 rapidly looks around, before turning to the cell behind them, now containing an inert SCP-████.

    D-36270: Heh, serves you right, creepy-ass motherf-

    Command: D-36720. You are to focus on the task at hand. Please proceed down the hallway.

    D-36270: Fine, fine.

    For the next seven minutes, D-36720 walks pass several dozen cells, containing objects such as a vintage accordion, a humanoid figure covered in transparent crystal shards, a statue of a homeless man, etc.

    D-36270: This place's giving me the heebie-jeebies, man. Not to mention this hallways stretches on forev- (D-36720 pauses.) No, wait, I see something ahead.

    Command: Noted. Proceed, D-36720.

    D-36270 arrives at a T-intersection, with a computer terminal in the middle. Below the terminal is a metal plaque which reads:
    Site 03-1411-04
    Ideas don't die.

    Command: Try accessing it, D-36270.

    D-36370 approaches the terminal, but was interrupted by a loud sloshing sound originating from the hall down the left.

    D-36270: What was that?

    Command: Go investigate it, D-36270. The terminal can wait.

    D-36270: Mmmph…

    D-36270 hesitates, but proceeds to the left hallway. A massive glass cell can be seen, containing a wetland-like environment. Light emitted from the cell is noticeably brighter than the others.

    Two seconds after D-36270 stands in front of the cell, intense white light is emitted, overwhelming the camera sensor.

    Thirty seconds later, D-36270 surfaces from the water, apparently having been transported back to Earth.

    D-36270: (taking deep breaths)…The fuck?

    [END LOG]

    It was later determined that D-36270 came across a Gamma manifestation of SCP-4463, and was caught in the subsequent CK-Class Reality Restructuring event.
    D-36270 was retrieved from Chihuahua, Mexico without further incident.

    Addendum XXXX.3: At the time of writing this, SCP-XXXX-Gamma accounts for approximately 32.7% of discovered SCP objects. As Gamma manifestations inherently alter the qualities of anomalies, sometimes to the detriment of effective containment, in addition to its unpredictable timing, SCP-XXXX poses a substantial threat to both Foundation operations and database integrity.

    The following is a list proposals brought up within the Pataphysics Department in order to neuter SCP-XXXX's effects.


    Neutralize SCP-XXXX through PROJECT: TAPERED SPEAR

    Comment: According to all the data we've gathered, while SCP-XXXX partially subverts the effect of SCP-3309's total erasure, it is not immune to being erased itself. Thus, we can conceivably stop Gamma manifestations by preventing it from existing at all.


    Note: Neutralizing SCP-XXXX is unlikely to Gamma manifestations from happening. SCP-XXXX is our closest look at these occurrences, yes, but anomalies spontaneously becoming more complex is not new - In fact, they have dated as far back as 2009, much further back then SCP-XXXX's self-conceptualization; it is only now that we can put a name and face to it. Furthermore, we still do not know how neutralizing SCP-XXXX may affect further Gamma manifestations.

    In view of this, this proposal has been denied.


    Monitor SCP-XXXX using self-directed, self-perpetuating automata.

    Comment: If SCP-XXXX's document is true, its full layout can not be mapped by humans in a reasonable amount of time. Automating this process would be preferrable, and allow us access to SCP-XXXX's database.


    Note: 80 automata have been commissioned and are to be deployed with the express mission of mapping the layout of SCP-XXXX and -A instances, as well as copying data from its terminals.


    Pre-emptively neutralize SCP objects with high probabilities of becoming SCP-XXXX-A instances.

    Comment: If we reduce the overall numbers of -A instances by preventing its formation in the first place, the pool of anomalies in which Gamma manifestations can occur will be similarly limted.


    Note: "There's a reason why the Foundation doesn't do decommissioning anymore, John."


    Integrate Site 03-1411-04's database as an extension of the Foundation's own.

    Preliminary analysis of documents retrieved from SCP-XXXX reveals their writings are reminiscent of those written in the 1900s era of the Foundation. Their incompatibility with modern-day standards maybe the main catalyst for their becoming -A instances; as such, if their documents become 'official' in a sense, we can effectively cancel out the end condition of Gamma manifestations.



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      Do you remember the early days of the Foundation? I would wager not, considering how long ago it's been.
      Running on essentially shoestring budgets, no standardized containment outlines, overspending and underspending on the wrong things, amateur written reports, all of which should've guaranteed our total failure.

      And yet, we somehow persisted. We evolved, so to speak. No longer do we have to rely on any one competent researcher to do the heavy lifting, nor do we turn to risky tests to help us get by. Standards were established. Professionalism became the norm.

      What does this have to do with SCP-XXXX?

      You may have deduced that SCP-XXXX didn't exist up until recently, and that is true, but also false, in a manner of speaking.

      Site 03-1411-04 was the Foundation.

      Back in those days, I remember containing anomalies either so simple they would belong on the Anomalous Item Log, or so absurdly dangerous that it's a miracle we're still alive, as well as everything inbetween.
      Now? Save some exceptions, very few of those kinds are in the catalogue now. Yet, it is clear something never truly goes away, including our past.

      SCP-XXXX-Gamma is what anomalies do when they aren't enough to faze us anymore: they become better.

      Considering the type of physics your department deals with here, accepting those files into our database is tantamount to compromising our core missions.

      We will not, can not, go back to what we used to be.

      - O5-3

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