Blockbuster Night

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slimnerd 5/22/2020 (Friday) 17:48:11 #45321685

We've had a lot of users have strange things happen to them here on the forums. Looking at the nature of this place, it's not unusual. It's highly common for people here to actively seek out the supernatural and strange to document and prove to the world. Of course, some of these cases will result in bad endings for those involved. Sometimes for better or worse, we here and in the various chats get to see things happen live. But I don't think anything shook us quite as much as former moderator DuckFinFries' contingency message appearing in every chat at once at 10:00 AM on Sunday, March 15. Said post read as such:

This is a precaution post to go up if my Parawatch account is not logged into from any source after twelve hours when I set it to be active. If this occurs, I am likely either in the hospital or similarly unavailable. All questions are to go towards@🗿LimpFirebird or @Run4way. I'm sorry for whatever happened.

Fries, or Chase Messton as he was actually named, had only two messages posted in Parawatch's moderator channel "#LimpsNest" before his so-called contingency kicked in. The first one as posted at approximately 10:00 PM on Saturday, March 14. It had been his first message all day, but was unfortunately only witnessed by a few chat ops and a single site mod.

DuckFinFries: Hey guys, just a heads up, I'm setting up my contingency thing for now. I managed to get my hands on something that I want to see if it actually has potential. If the contingency goes off, Run4way will know what to do, ask him.

Fries then went silent for several more hours, before briefly reappearing in #LimpsNest to send a single message and nothing else.

DuckFinFries: i fucked up hardf peopp;le are gone i saved te pics but you shouldntj go fo r me

He didn't stick around to explain.

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