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CONTAINMENT CLASS:thaumiel proj. galaxias



Interstellar dairy cloud, Messier-42.



Exact context unknown; presumed to be microbial life formation on V2380 Orionis Beta-e before rover malfunction.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-5759 is a complex phenomenon wherein strong gravitational pulls within nebulae produce interstellar dairy clouds, designated 5759-GÁLA.

As a result of advancements made to Extrasolar Activities Division satellite probes, researchers have observed a high prevalence of organic molecules within GÁLAs. Of note: these chemicals include enzymes, phospholipids, lactose, and casein/whey protein. Despite low temperatures and high-density conditions, GÁLAs churn these base chemicals into celestial bodies of milk, cream, and butter.

Of the approximately 6,000 nebulae present in the Milky Way, a high number contain interstellar cloud formations with GÁLA-typical properties. Deep-space analysis has additionally determined that a high number of dense nebulae, or stellar nurseries, foster an environment where CHNOPS1 may develop through fusion. It is therefore likely that most GÁLA formations are rich in CHNOPS elements, which tends toward producing both life forms and the environment in which they may develop.

The Orion Nebula is an example of one such observed GÁLA formation rich in CHNOPS elements.

how it appears, what it does, the process of why it makes milk and abiogenesis

DISCOVERY: Ortothan prophecies dating back to the early Holocene2 (~11,000 years ago) indicate the probable locations of supermassive interstellar mammary gland formations that, when exploited, produce a substitute to the common nutrients offered in bloodletting rituals.

Ortothan interaction

Addendum 5759.1


the foundation explores, discovering the true properties. classification as Thaumiel


Date: 2049/03/12

Location: Unknown

Sanders: Rodney? Dresden? Ayers?


Sanders: The hell… Simurgh.aic? I need an update.


Sanders: Override command code: Conference of Birds dash 271663.

Simurgh.aic: REBOOTING. ESTABLISHING LAST KNOWN PERSONA. What is history, but a fable agreed upon? REBOOTING.

(Rubble and circuit boards collapse. Unassorted electrical wires and components fall below camera view. Sanders sighs.)

Simurgh.aic: Greetings, Chief Engineer Sanders. How may I assist you?

Sanders: Thank god something works around here. Sim, tell me, what were the last-known coordinates of my crewmates?

Simurgh.aic: PROCESSING. GPS location not found. Sorry Sanders, all other members of the SCPS Wayfarer are not located on the ship.

(Sanders walks ten steps into command room; interface modules and 3 metre by 7 metre widescreen display comes into view of camera.)

Sanders: Lord… Sim, open operations menu on the terminal.






OPERATIONAL CREW: Dresden, Rodney, Ayers, Sanders

Simurgh.aic: Alert. Native lifesigns detected on the brig.

Sanders: Thank the Lord. I need an extra hand repairing the bronze-beryllium on the Bifrost Engines; Dresden always knew the theoretical blueprint for the reproduction of its esoteric field generators. Could never recreate the thaumaturgical leylines. Well, who is it?

Simurgh.aic: Sanders. Approximately 3 metres away.

Sanders: Uh huh. No, I'm right here. Something wrong with your neural hardware there?

Simurgh.aic: Cybernetic visualization nominal. Full biological scan complete! Lifesigns indeed belong to Sanders who is now 1 metre away.

Cut Sections:

SCP-5759-GAP is a digital blueprint depicting anomalous pasteurization. 5759-GAP was reconstructed from a collection of highly-advanced documents discovered beneath the Dendera Temple complex, Qena, Egypt.


  • 2020 — Broken Masquerade: North Korea is destroyed; GOC and Foundation are revealed to the world.
  • 2021: Foundation investigates Moosphere, Inc.
  • 2022: Moosphere, Inc. controls the dreaming of multiple states. At the start of the campaign season, Maat Mohamed runs for president.


  • 2023: All bovine farming uses MEATS.
  • The Mid-2020s — Space Exploration: Civilian colonization of the solar system begins. Foundation explores a 50 ly-wide bubble with Lang Distortion Drives.
  • 2035: Full ED-K-Class Lethe Scenario affects 80% of humans on Earth.
  • 2040: Earth is declared mostly uninhabitable. Mk. IV Schulman devices are commonly used to battle Lethe effects. Foundation personnel forcibly evacuate areas of civilians and Foundation personnel alike. Personnel not space-bound manage those left behind at their sites.
  • 2041: Mark III Personnel Identification Implant/Nanoscopic Neural Network (MK. III PII/N3) is put into mass use by O5 order. Very few Foundation personnel remain on Earth. Small civilian populations remain on Earth.
  • The Mid-2040s — Ortothan-Twelve Star War: The war begins, far away from Earth.
  • 2046: The Bifrost Engine is invented for quicker, more common, more precise long-range transportation.
  • 2049 — C O S M I L K: It begins.




Since we have so many concepts in mind, I combined our ideas and split them into three main timelines, each with a corresponding colour. Segments with no color are extraneous ideas.

GREEN = Related to Anagaia.
ORANGE = Related Primal Milk.
RED = Related to Moosphere, Inc.

10 Million Years Ago: Around V2380 Orionis Alpha, a natural Matrioshka brain forms.
▷ Around V2380 Orionis Beta, an SCP-1795 instance forms terrestrial world V2380 Orionis Beta-e.

>3 Million Years Ago: The Orion Nebula forms.
▷ Within interstellar milk floes (COSMILK), organic molecules derive from inorganic states.
▷ The Nebula produces energy, breathing life into organic compounds (ABIOGENESIS). This occurs alongside gravitational churning and complex star reactions.

<3 Million Years Ago: An unknown deific intelligence (named ANAGAIA) emerges from V2380 Orionis Alpha. It shepherds the surrounding COSMILK, taking form.
▷ Using the Matrioshka brain as a large-scale milk pasteurizer, Anagaia produces many unique milk-based species — still undeveloped, as life requires millions of years to mature, even with deific shepherding.
▷ Life forms on V2380 Orionis Beta-e.

<1 Million Years Ago: Fifth Hytooth harvest COSMILK for Rakmou-leusan as an alternative to blood.
▷ Fifth Hytooth avoid V2380 Orionis.

300,000 Years Ago: The 5-Star Trapezium Cluster forms.
▷ In the center, a black hole with a mass of 100 M forms. Fifthist and pattern screamer anomalies emerge from within.

<200,000 Years Ago: Humans are subconsciously drawn to the Orion Nebula for its milk.
▷ Primal Milk — more powerful than the work of countless mothers — is inspired by the Nebula and produced on a wide scale.

Unknown: An ancient human power-concept is hit by a prehistoric Lethe event. With it, we lose the knowledge of Primal Milk alongside countless other artifacts. To us, the Orion Nebula becomes unremarkable.

Unknown: Hathor, goddess of the sky, sails from the Orion Nebula across the stars to watch over countless alien species. She relays music and dance and teaches methods of care to them, incidentally becoming a common representation of fertility and femininity.

Unknown: The Fifth Hytooth living at M-42 develop a semantic domain that reaches an anomalous upper echelon. Alongside conventional linguistics, they learn the capacity to take concepts and tie them to a fundamental ideal, so that any sentience may tap into and discover it (INSTANTIATION).
▷ They label the instantiated property of "that which goes beyond common understanding" with "anomaly".
▷ Species around the Orion Nebula discover "anomaly".
▷ Humans discover and apply "anomaly" to our existing conceptual base. We regain a fraction of our past understanding of milk's ancient sacred energies — Primal Milk once more.
▷ From this, related concepts such as "noosphere", "mind", and "mindscape", as well as "magick", "thaumatology", and "occult" emerge.

15,000–10,000 Years Ago: After Hathor's departure, bovine entities colonize the Nebula.##
▷ Fifth Hytooth, fearing the colonizers, continue to harvest in secret. They scatter some of their harvest away from the Nebula, birthing other species across the stars (PANSPERMIA).
▷ Anagaia implants geasa on its homegrown species — now evolved and developed — controlling them.

10,000–5,000 Years Ago: Hathor reaches Earth and is deified in various forms. One such form is Bat. Ancient Egyptians worship and learn from her.##
▷ The Egyptians offer small fragments of Primal Milk knowledge to Hathor. With her divine inspiration, scribes pen new and advanced documents relating to Primal Milk, which are later preserved and buried beneath the Dendera Temple complex AKA Temple of Hathor.

1952: Hathor's presence communes with Maat Mohamed.

1953: Maat — seduced by Hathor's ways — founds Moosphere, Inc. to attempt to gain her favor. Between the 50s and the present day, Maat does many things in his pursuit of dairy anomalies.
▷ Maat learns how to achieve near negligible senescence with the power of Primal Milk.
▷ Maat creates and perfects Mind-Milk and its processes, which he later trademarks in partnership with Oneiroi. The Foundation comes to classify it as SCP-3739.

2021: Moosphere, Inc. reveals itself. The Foundation battles them.
▷ The Foundation subconsciously happens upon pataphysical markers stemming from Primal Milk. As a result, their various project names associated with SCP-3739 are milk-themed.

Mid-2020s: A small number of humans — among them, a large number of Foundation personnel — forget about the Orion Nebula.

Late 2020s: Moosphere, Inc. is afflicted by Lethe events and weakens. They remain implanted within dreams and use some of that power to travel away from Earth, with metaphysical bovine and oneiric entities alike.

Mid-2030s: In pursuit of becoming a deity, Maat Mohamed seeks to control the Orion Nebula and directs his forces there.
▷ Moosphere, Inc. tries to locate Rakmou-leusan, wanting to milk them of their power to bolster Maat.

Early-2040s: The Foundation rediscovers the Orion Nebula and sends AIC to investigate.

Mid-2040s: The Foundation plans to send multiple teams to V2380 Orionis to scout, build a Foundation Orbital Research Compound (FORC 2380-Orionis), then man it.
▷ The process of abiogenesis is classified as SCP-5759, and later Thaumiel, for its importance.
▷ As personnel draw closer to Anagaia's Matrioshka brain, more cerebrospinal fluid turns into milk…

March 11, 2049: SCPS Wayfarer and the final science team arrive at V2380 Orionis. They find it abandoned. Eventually, Anagaia attacks them and fabricates clones.
March 12: Sanders awakens, alone with Simurgh.aic, only to learn the evil deity has created clones…

…It causes us to yearn… No. Need it to fill the void that has been slowly consuming our lives…

Potential Articles:


  • SCPS Wayfarer
    • Mark III Personnel Identification Implant/Nanoscopic Neural Network (MK. III PII/N3): Brain implant allowing for emotional regulation, tactile response, memetihazard processing, and retinal video imaging, as well as brain-state template backup.
    • Meatspace Transitional Suppressor (MEATS): Provisional containment modules used to contain metaphysical threats.
    • Simurgh.aic: Artificial Intelligence Conscript (AIC) with thaumic loyalty runes.
    • Thaumaturgic Ways: Info-based communication method.
    • Arthomemetic polycarbonate: Metal ship plating with thaumaturgic compounds; impervious to physical damage in terrestrial locales.
    • Bifrost Superluminal Engine: Quick, precise, superluminal travel.
  • Lethe Events: Randomized knowledge and concept expungement; surrounding memories remain but lose their frame of reference, and an understanding of the concept permanently disappears.
  • Matrioshka brain:
  • Geas: (plural: geasa) Genetic commands in the form of subconscious orders, attributed to an organism or entire species.
  • Primal Milk: An elevated form of miracle milk produced by ancient humans before being forgotten for millennia. When Hathor goes to Earth, she works with scribes to recreate documents about the production of Primal Milk, which are again lost — this time buried — for another few millennia. When rediscovered, they are converted into digital blueprints (5759-GAP) for Foundation use.
    • Similar to Anagaia's milk forms.

GOI featured:

  • The Fifth Church of Hytooth[sic]
  • Moosphere, Inc.
  • Fifthist
  • Pattern Screamers


  • V2380 Orionis: A binary star system 1,327 light-years from Earth, beyond the edge of the Trapezium Cluster, containing two M-type dwarf stars.
    • V* V2380 Orionis Alpha (V2380 Ori α) Matrioshka brain.
    • V* V2380 Orionis Beta e (V2380 Ori βe) Small terrestrial planet.


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