Mr. Eel
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Special Containment Procedures: All entrances to SCP-XX-1 have been sealed and its perimeter fenced off, and a system of cameras installed to monitor for potential intruders. Any persons found to have bypassed the security measures are to be apprehended, escorted from the premises, and amnestizied if necessary. SCP-XX does not currently require containment as it has shown no interest in exiting SCP-XX-1.

Description: SCP-XX is an entity bearing superficial similarities to anguilliformes1, inhabiting the abandoned Zenith Mall (hereafter referred to as SCP-XX-1). SCP-XX exerts several anomalous phenomena on SCP-XX-1 due to its residence within. As of 2009/11/05 SCP-XX has shown no signs of aggression towards Foundation personnel and has been cooperative with exploration efforts. Communication efforts with SCP-XX are currently ongoing, with the entity being generally receptive.

More stuff about Mr. Eel.

SCP-XX-1 is located in the city of Warren, Michigan. The mall opened in 1977/03/18 and closed in 1991/04/09. While the outer structure of the mall is generally preserved and non-anomalous, the inside contains an anomalous effect which manifests as a visual and auditory distortion resembling "static" within the air. The distortion grows more prevalent the further one travels within SCP-XX-1. The main result of the distortion is a failure to properly observe the decay and deterioration of the interior of SCP-XX-1.

SCP-XX was first brought to Foundation attention on 2009/04/23 after a VHS tape containing footage of SCP-XX-1 was discovered during a routine annual cleaning of the Site-12 archives. No record of the tape's archival has been found. The contents of the tape are dated 1993/10/30, and include what appears to be an unknown individual breaking into SCP-XX-1 and exploring its interior.

The following is a transcript of the VHS tape. A recording of the the tape is available in the Site-12 online archives.

VHS Transcript

Date of recording: October 30th, 1993

Persons present: One unknown individual

Anomalies present: SCP-XX, SCP-XX-1


The east entrance of SCP-XX-1 is visible. Leaves are audibly shifting in the wind. The camera pans around to reveal a lone car in the parking lot. It appears to be late afternoon. The camera pans back around and starts moving towards SCP-XX-1. It stops within meters of the entrance. Wood boards cover the glass and doors. The camera moves towards a board that appears to be rotted. The board is torn off the door frame by the individual.

"Christ that's dark."

The camera is pointed into SCP-XX-1. The light from outside only illuminates a few meters into the building. A flashlight is produced by the individual and shined into the interior. They then step through the door frame. The interior of SCP-XX-1 is revealed by the flashlight. The floor is covered by grime and garbage and the wallpaper is rotted and pealing. A pair of rusted and decayed benches sit next to the door. Only the individual's breathing is audible.

"This place looks good for being abandoned."

The camera begins moving deeper into SCP-XX-1. The camera pans around the interior of the building, followed by the beam of light from the flashlight. All of the shops seen are in varying stages of deterioration and destruction. Movement is visible within a small electronics store. The individual does not react, and moves on.

Only footsteps are audible as the camera moves deeper into SCP-XX-1. The individual points the camera and flashlight at various shops and hallways. Nothing of interest is seen until they reach the food court at the center of the building. The camera pans around the space, revealing a fountain and rows of tables and chairs, illuminated by a large domed skylight. Several tables are overturned, destroyed, and missing, and the fountain is missing a portion of the uppermost bowl.

The camera moves closer to the fountain, passing between several rows of destroyed tables and chairs. An entity is seen under one of the tables on the edge of the footage. The camera moves over the edge of the fountain and looks at its contents. A thin layer of brown liquid sits at the bottom of the fountain. The individual reaches a hand into the liquid and moves it around

"It's like they just turned it off."

The individual retracts their hand and moves away from the fountain. They point the camera upwards towards the skylight, then towards an Orange Julius at the edge of the food court. A slithering noise is heard, causing the individual to stop and frantically move the camera and flashlight around them.


The camera and flashlight stop on a dark shape moving quickly along the ground. A fearful yell is heard, and the individual runs into the Orange Julius, hiding behind the counter. Panicked breathing is heard, followed by the slithering noise again, which is closer. Shuffling is heard as the individual fumbles with the flashlight before clicking it off. The slithering noise stops, and the only thing heard is the individuals breathing. After about a minute, the flashlight turns back on.

The individual looks around the Orange Julius before stopping the camera on a fridge. They step forward and open the fridge, revealing shelves full of decayed brown shapes.

"How are these still fresh?"


- Conprocs
- Description

  • Mr. Eel description
  • Mall description
  • How Foundation found Mr. Eel (urban explorer video tape and how it was found)
  • Transcript of the video tape (maybe put photo of Mr. Eel in here?)
  • MTF exploration log (possible to have them talk to Mr. Eel?)
  • Further interview with Mr. Eel?
  • Second MTF exploration log (they find all the weird stuff?)
  • Possible urban explorer break-in?

- mr eel is an entity which shows genuine happiness and is soft like felt
- the scip has focus on a mall/malls, with their liminal and uncanny nature. there is a false sense of corporate happiness in them. this mall is likely an abandoned one
- should have undertones critiquing capitalism2, due to the nature of malls
Mr eel is to static what fish are to water, I.e. majorly composed of it
the mall is overlapping with a specific bit of another world of static thats why hes only in the mall
static symbolizes disorder and is connected with capitalist institutions in the mall
to tie capitalism to disorder
==> eelterview (eel interview :flushed:)
==> urban explorer video transcript
==> reality was less stable in a sense, and the line between reality and imaginary began to merge. hence things you thought you saw on the corner of your eye may end up becoming more "physical" in a way
capitalism is bad yo
Eel is spooky
Malls are not meant to be
Static is eel
forced happiness
all this joy capitalism brings is an illusion painted by advertisers but isnt actually real
===> what if
at the end
Mr Eel disappears during black friday
he couldn't change anything
with the foundation keeping him in the mall
he couldn't get out


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