Rilland Court

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disconeeeeeeeeext 8/5/2020 (Wed) 17:26:34 #64926493

I’m surprised the Rilland Court Incident hasn’t been posted here yet, honestly. It’s been almost a week and I haven’t seen a single mention of it, which is kind of weird considering how well it could fit here.

Between the days of Sunday, July 26, and Thursday, July 30, eight families went missing from the small suburban cul-de-sac of Rilland Court. Nobody saw these families leave their houses or anybody entering, familiar or not, and no calls to the police were made from anybody during those five days, apart from very early Thursday morning, when a large fire broke out at the Morrison residence on Rilland Court. The only survivor of the Morrison fire was teenager Julie Morrison, who was found in an open lot across the road from the house, sprinting in the direction of nearby Kerril Mill road and screaming that she "had to stop her father." She was swiftly cleared of having anything to do with the fire, but the actual cause has so far been undetermined. If anybody cares, I can try and start posting some updates and what we know so far.

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SixwingStitch 8/6/2020 (Thurs) 02:13:33 #66389312

I don't know about all that, buddy.

The Lane rumor didn't come out the day of the interview. If it did, odds are none of the preceding events would have happened at all. There wouldn't have been that rumor hanging on people's minds the whole time, pushing things along. Really, the next time you try to twist an actual story to make it sound better, you need to think these things through.

disconeeeeeeeeext 8/6/2020 (Wed) 2:14:34 #99037831

And why would you say that? All my information is from the official reports on the matter. There's no lying or twisting the story involved. (Yo Mod you can tweak this once you get this dude's tone figured out)

SixwingStitch 8/6/2020 (Thurs) 02:15:12 #54672844

She posted that on her snapchat at 12:13 AM on Saturday, July 25.

Five days before the fire.

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