📛Hello, Crom

Example Usage: ?? 3000

Crom is a discord bot that gives you quick and easy access to SCP wiki articles. It's currently undergoing a full rewrite. This page serves as a helpful reference for people who want to know how Crom works, or want to index the wiki like Crom does.

Crom also has a discord server.

💬How do I…?

…search the wiki?

?? until death
?? SCP-3009

…look up wiki authors?

crom author-info ayers
crom au natvoltaic

…check recently-created pages?

crom last-created
crom lc

…get a random page?

crom random
crom random tale
crom random broken-god+tale

…change the trigger phrase?

crom edit prefix jarvis
jarvis search 3000

…change the search command?

crom edit search-prefix .s
.s snappelganger

👋Hello, Wikidot

[[include :smlt:component:crom-search]]


GET /ping


GET /search?q={query}

  "url": "",
  "title": "SCP-4016",
  "rating": 147,
  "image": "",
  "fresh": false,
  "tags": [
  "last_updated_at": "2019-03-15T01:30:00",
  "first_seen_at": "2019-05-05T08:14:15.992708+00:00",
  "last_scraped_at": "2019-05-16T09:02:01.235893+00:00",
  "object_class": "Euclid",
  "scp_title": "Of Mice and Twine",
  "authors": [
      "display_name": "Zyn",
      "role": "author",
      "author_page_url": ""
      "display_name": "Alces_alces",
      "role": "author",
      "author_page_url": ""

POST /purge

Request Body:

{ "url": "" }


{ "status": 202 }

🐦List of Machine-Friendly Reference Hubs

🎀 scraped by crom
🔮 working on it
📌 implementation planned
won't be scraped

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