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You find yourself traveling through a graved pathway, water slowly dripping from the crypts to your left.
"Damn it, why did I try to be brave." you think to yourself, turning your head to see if she was still there.

When she notices you, she waves. "How's it going?" she shouts. Trembling, you try to reply, but your voice cracks, so instead you smile and try to give her a thumbs up.
"Great! I knew you could do it!" she shouts again.
You turn back around and try to get to the end of the pathway as soon as you can.

As you continue walking through the graveyard, you hear the noise of leaves rustling coming from your right.

The leaves continue to rustle, sending a shiver down your spine. "Wasn't I alone?" you think to yourself.
In an attempt at bravery, you turn your head to look, and as you do so, see a white figure darting across the pathway,

Follow the white rabbit»

Continue through the path»

0.: Start
-1.: White Rabbit
-2.: Reduced Format
-3.: Ending Screen 1
-4.: Walk
5.: Gravestones
6.: Crypt
-7.: Achievements
-8.: Dr. Artiss
——9.: Ending 2
10.: Reduced, reduced format

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