A kid in Sloth's Pit gets a bubble wand, it does cool shit.

  1. An actual "The Murderer" who could either be a dude locked up in the basement of The Union who speaks in silly rhymes and is the root of some humor because he's kind of a threat but nobody takes him seriously so it hurts his feelings, or he could be a guy with a knife glued to his hand and he tries to live a normal life by himself but he does murdery things all the time on accident, like he's slicing bread and his knife charm spurts blood everywhere. I think I like the first idea better though.

Adds to the plot of Starlow Grocery

1. The Playwright. While Lucius tries to find a way to transport Com so he can experience the world, The Playwright is sad! He writes so many plays, but he has nowhere to perform them! So, he gets the architect to draw up a design and make it real with the help of The Builder.

He goes through the process of tryouts, rehearsals, and eventually the performance, which is wayyyyyyy too over-the-top, but also soul-crushingly terrible. Mostly due to the fact that he is working with The Lighter on lights, The Fashion Designer on costumes The Builder on sets, and The Actor & The Actress (who clash to be the biggest stars of the show) as the lead characters, with some random citizens or workers as the other characters.

Perhaps The Stocker even joins in, meeting Com, whom is recruited for a short voice-over during one of the scenes. Oh yeah, did I mention that Lucius manages to fit Com in a small bluetooth speaker? (Or something else, that idea might change. Com is transported though.). That would be a nice way to move the plot and add some tension inbetween them.

Anyways, it all ends up with shy 'ol Lucius in the audience, watching the whole show go horribly wrong, amazingly right, and so amazingly right that its a bit over the top and silly, all at the same time.

Thing is though, I've got to find an idea for what kind of play they're doing. It certainly can't be a farce, I know that for sure. I want it to be original though. A dramatic story. Shakespear-y, with murder & death & tragedy.

The Playwright introduces the play using a bit of narration during the story.

Albert Furman (The Actor?) lives a simple life. He lives out his life in his mother's castle, going to school to become an artist, much against her(The Stocker) wishes. He becomes freinds with Elizibeth Ragnor (The Architect, who ends up being convinced to join in), whom is one day murdered! Fortunately, he is also freinds with Sophia Witney (The Actress), who is supposed to be a poor, shy girl, but the Actress doesn't really like that.

He becomes infuriated, and because the royal guard (Perhaps he can come begging to the gates of the guard, but they— Com, perhaps— tells him to go away?) does nothing, Albert & Sopha take it into his their own hands.

They invesigate and interrogate key witnesses, such as his teacher (I'm thinking the person who is supposed to be him doesn't come, so they push out The Stocker, whom does not know the correct lines), whom found the body!

They also investigate the Royal Guard, sneaking in with the help of Sophia's lockpicking and finding the file on Elizibeth's murder, where it is written, No investigations! The Queen says so!

They stomp up to The Queen, whom cries at the accusation eventually confessing in the midst of her tears, saying that she did it to try and scare him away from going to art school. The pair of investigators turn around, whispering to themselves, when suddently The Queen stabs Sophia, who dies very overdramatically.

The distraught Albert cries, eventually taking the knife from Sophia's body and stabbing the Queen. With her last breath, the Queen takes one of her other knifes and stabs Albert. They all die, and The Playwright narrates us out of the story.




New SCP idea based on the nico approach: A peanut butter and ketchup sandwitch that disgusts everyone whom looks at it. It is immovable due to its disguistingness, and the smell pierces through airtight hazmat suits and makes people vomit.

Thanks to CaptainKirby, unclenicolini, and roswell in chat for sparking the idea.

2. A anomalous spellchecker where if you mispell words you get hit in the face. The foundation starts using it to make sure their documentation is typed up well.

3. Alright, here's another -j idea, or maybe just a tale idea. Somehow, somebody hacks into the foundation's database and starts filling it up with horrible -j scps. They are unable to stop the flow of -j scps somehow, so instead they encourage employees to write them and share them amoungst each other to raise morale.

Aesthetic of Music Sound ideas:

A speaker that plays white noise, 'peeking' into the minds of whomever hears it

Midnight Students: one of them takes their phones, plays music from it through a wireless speaker, then they throw it off the roof. they travel through the sound. Chase scene V2!

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