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Item Number: SCP-4290

Item Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4290 is kept in a standard Low-Risk Anomalous Containment Unit at Site-82. No individuals under the age of 13 are allowed within a 10 m radius of SCP-4290.

Description: SCP-4290 is a wooden children's dresser with external dimensions of 88 cm by 50 cm by 102 cm.

SCP-4290's anomalous effects manifest when in the prolonged presence of a human child between the age of 3 to 13. Adults are unaffected by SCP-4290's effects and tend to claim ignorance of its existence upon interrogation.

After extended exposure to SCP-4290, children will claim to have befriended an imaginary man named "Pete" (designated SCP-4290-1) who hides in the dresser, playing company to them. When asked to describe SCP-4290-1, the child will frequently describe a loved one.

After prolonged exposure to SCP-4290, the child will experience nightmares and night terrors until SCP-4290 is removed from their vicinity. While removal of SCP-4290 has consistently led to the removal of its effects, the majority of the exposed children have shown signs of withdrawal and melancholy for SCP-4290-1. fMRI scans reveal no damage to the cerebellum and no decrease in brain activity.

Addendum 4290-A


Interviewed: Jonathan Wells

Interviewer: Researcher Kirk

Note: Per retrieval protocol, all individuals who had contact with SCP-4290 were debriefed.

<Begin Log>

Kirk: How are you feeling?

Wells: You're one of the bad guys who took Pete away, go away.

Kirk: I can’t help you if you don't talk, would Pete want that?

Wells: What do you want?

Kirk: Can you please describe Pete to me?

Wells: He's a man, but not really a man.

Kirk: What do you mean?

Wells: He has a face, but his mouth is on the top and his eyes on the bottom with no nose.

Kirk: Have you physically seen Pete?


[more stuff to add]

Kirk: Thank you for your time.

Wells: Where's Pete?

Kirk: I'm sorry. Thank you for your time, Jonathan.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Due to the effects of SCP-4290, Jonathan Wells was unable to walk for the rest of his life. After the interview, Wells was given a Class-A amnestic with his cover story being that he had suffered a stroke. The connection between Wells and SCP-4290 is currently under investigation.


On June 6, 2009, reports of an intrusion at a family home in Hartford, Connecticut prompted a Foundation investigation into the alleged crime. SCP-4290-type events had occurred among children for the past six months, though without explanation. SCP-4290 was successfully recovered without incident or losses, alongside the following document.

Pete, he's always been so nice… I remember when mom and dad first bought him.
The people that sold us Pete seemed so glad to get rid of him… I never understood why.
At first he'd whisper to me, then we would talk all the time.
He'd talk to me night and day and tell me how awesome I am.
I told him how the kids in school would pick on me.
"They're bad people," he'd say, "They're not like you. You're special."
Then I had the first bad dream… It was an awful dream about dogs chasing me.
Mom and Dad didn't pay much mind. "Just go back to sleep, Alex," they said. But not Pete.
He was so concerned. He told me to "hold my ground" the next time the dogs came.

So I did.

This time they grabbed me by my shirt and tried pulling me somewhere.
Pete tells me they might want to show me something…
The next time they carry me off to the woods.
Pete urges me and says, "You can do it, face them."
This last time, they started eating me.
My parents won't listen, they're bringing me to a doctor.
While Pete's the only one who tries to help.
It's nice to have a friend I can count on.

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