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CONTAINMENT CLASS:keter confidential

DISRUPTION CLASS: {$disruption}

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-5540 is a persistent urban legend involving the forced acquisition of Containment Group Itzpapalotl by a New Mexican private law-enforcement collective.

According to the legend, on 4 October 2018, Site-17's Containment Group Itzpapalotl was conducting a research operation on a building (designated SCP-5540-A) associated with cryptozoology trafficking. At 8:31 PM that night, security cameras recorded C. Group Itzpapalotl breaking and entering, traversing into the building lobby, and disappearing. Two hours later, a group referred to as the "Scalar Constantan" entered the building and were recorded leaving with Senior Researcher Cross, who was restrained.

The urban legend has several contradictions with reality. For instance, though Senior Researcher Cross was identified using facial recognition software as entering the building and later being led out in zip-ties, an alibi places Cross in a New York office that night, researching architectural spacetime anomalies. According to INTSCPFN records, Cross has not been associated with Itzpapalotl since 2015, when he was assigned to the group for a two-month period.

No governmental or independent records on "Scalar Constantan" appear to exist.


I. Discovery

II. Initial Interview

III. Collected Texts

IV. Experimentation Logs

V. Exploration Logs

VI. Additional Interviews/Collected Texts

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