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CONTAINMENT CLASS:safe proj. galaxias

DISRUPTION CLASS: {$disruption}

Special Containment Procedures: All 3 000 confiscated packages of SCP-MEM are stored within Sensitive Materials Containment Module #010-MEM. This module is temperature- and moisture-controlled, protected by padlock, and located in Area-518 beneath Simcoe County, ON, Canada.

SCP-MEM experimentation may only occur with express permission from the interceding Ethics liaison, under the direction of newly appointed Project Leader Dr. Cassandra Báthory.

Description: SCP-MEM is a psychotropic drug that induces effects extending an as-yet-uncertain range beyond its user.

Each vial of SCP-MEM is located within a small, vacuum-sealed package alongside a medical syringe. Each package is labelled on the front with the name “ATTAKASHIC,” and on the back with instructions for administering injections behind the head. The injected drug is of white colouration, high luminosity (~1 500 lumens), and has been observed invoking paranatural phenomena occurring within the brain.

After injection, the drug exposes affected human cranial lobes to higher-dimensional constructs. Only a single dose irrevocably affects human biochemistry; all affected humans enter a comatose state. The brain of each affected human displays unexpectedly elevated levels of neural activity, with patterns and formation akin to the appearance of interstellar nebulae.

According to retrieved documents (designated SCP-MEM-A), the drug operates on a conjecture that humanity formed an additional, immaterial layer of psyche ~11 000 years before present, in the early Holocene.1 During verification of these claims, researchers administered SCP-MEM on willing participants. Affected humans experienced the exchange of large memetic payloads between noospheric connection points inside their brains and another, external location. Such connections have been previously identified in Project PROKAREYEOTA (which studied deep consciousness scans of anatomically modern humans and memome2 maps of artificially selected human simulacra).


I. Discovery

Camilla Teodora, age 31, was hospitalized sometime in the early morning of 1 August 2025 after experiencing intense cervical effacement. On-duty hospital ER workers suspected Teodora was experiencing labour contractions and enrolled her into the Maternity Ward with an attending physician.

Hospital staff later reported an unexplained amnesic event occurring over the next half-hour, centred on the Maternity Ward. Copious amounts of luminescent white fluid soaked a bed and covered the floor of one vacant room, extending past the threshold and into the hall. A hallway-posted information packet indicated the room was assigned to one “Camilla Teodora, Our Nebulaic Progenitor and Emissary.” Teodora herself could not be located.

On 8 August, hospital staff discovered the 3 000 vials of SCP-MEM in a supply storage room. Luminescent fluid inside the storage room led into the hall for 15 m before terminating. Per the 2024 Foundation–UNGOC Anomalous Handling Agreement, Section 5.11.1, hospital workers contacted the Foundation to extract the materials.

II. Collected Texts

At the Irina Borisov Health Centre, where Teodora was admitted, several documents were recovered:

  • A manifest, not correspondent with any hospital records, soaked with luminescent fluid. The manifest states Teodora's open involvement in a clinical research trial and includes her written informed consent.
  • Six results pages, each blank except for a short outcome. Outcomes are as follows.
  1. Eternal life.
  2. Eternal knowledge.
  3. Eternal triumph.
  4. Oneness with Self.
  5. Oneness with Progenitors.
  6. Oneness with Us.
  • Attached to the page containing Outcome #5: A recent photo of Teodora overlaid onto an image of the Orion Nebula, alongside a handwritten “Thank You.”
  • A note found within a paper SKU (stock-keeping unit) listing, as follows.

ATTAKASHIC, by █████████, ███.
please enjoy ꙮ_ꙮ

In addition, records found within the Foundation Medical Department indicate Teodora's past amnestic drug abuse and recurrent Type-A retrograde conceptual amnesia over the last 18 months.

III. Experimentation

Testing occurred with willing participants to determine SCP-MEM's effects. Each test involved standard medical diagnostic procedures and cranial ultrasound imaging.

After the first successful test batch, researchers viewing the imaging results reported severe forgetfulness and could not continue. SCP-MEM's Research Head ordered the use of paratechnological monitoring equipment in future testing.

In the second test batch, antimemetic perception imaging displayed activity occurring in a hitherto unseen structure behind the human head. Researchers accessed existing simulations of the human brain — created to explain déjà vu and presque vu — that identified how the brain might respond to specifically constructed anomalous memeplexes. In these simulations, the human brain processed the memeplexes in a location beyond its physical extents, in a structure then designated the Quadratural Lobe.

Researchers, believing testing with SCP-MEM had supplied the first tangible demonstration of the lobe's existence, replicated antimemetic perception imaging in a control batch without SCP-MEM, and could not locate the lobe.

During the next test batch, mapping initiatives showed the lobe's structure extended along an active antimemetic filament connecting with other test participants. Later observation displayed this filament connecting with other researchers and on-site staff, and further filaments extending well beyond the Site. Monitoring technicians observed each filament intersecting unpredictably through its host human, itself, and the physical boundaries of other matter.

== UPDATE ==

Plans on fabricating a diluted form of SCP-MEM for conscious experimentation have been proposed and are undergoing further Ethics review.

== UPDATE ==

By order of the Overseer Council, further study is hereby halted.

== UPDATE ==

As of 30 September 2025, by order of the Overseer Council, the full stores of SCP-MEM in Foundation containment and all records have been confiscated.

Members of Project GALAXIAS assigned to SCP-MEM have undergone amnesticization treatment, pending transferral to other, unrelated projects. The assigned Ethics liaison has also been amnesticized, pending disciplinary review.


moosphere's actions to spread deeper into human psyche with the use of extradimensional artifacts leads to the contraction of an antimemetic effect. their name and branding become redacted on conceptual levels and begin dissipating
or maybe preternatural? memetic targeted advertising for a select group of the population

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