Flops Timeline



  • Establishment of The Monster's Hollow. [1]

10,000,000 BCE

  • At V2380 Ori Alpha, a natural Matrioshka brain forms.
  • At V2380 Ori Beta, an SCP-1795 instance creates terrestrial world V2380 Ori βe.

3,000,000 BCE

  • The Orion Nebula forms.
  • CHNOPS1 and organic molecules form within floes of interstellar milk. [Cosmic Milk or "susse-euk"]
  • Gravitational churning and complex proto-solar reactions produce energy, breathing life into organic formations. [Abiogenesis]

2,988,000 BCE

  • At V2380 Orionis Alpha, demi-deific intelligence Anagaia emerges. It shepherds the surrounding susse-euk, taking form.
  • Converting its Matrioshka brain into a large-scale milk pasteurizer, Anagaia produces many unique lactic species. The different species develop slowly; life requires millions of years to mature, even when powerful demigods shepherd them.
  • On V2380 Ori βe, life forms naturally.

1,000,000 BCE

  • Fifth Church of Hytooth (or Hytooth) harvest susse-euk for Rakmou-leusan as an alternative to blood.
  • Hytooth avoid V2380 Orionis.

298,200 BCE

  • The 5-Star Trapezium Cluster forms.
  • In the center, a black hole with a mass of 100 M forms. Fifthist and pattern screamer anomalies emerge from within.

200,000 BCE

  • Humans are subconsciously drawn to the Orion Nebula for its milk.
  • After prolonged exposure to the Orion Nebula, various humans undergo anomalous lactation, producing Primal Milk, which grants small-scale anomalous abilities.


  • Monsters force passage into the human world, where they roam free.
  • An unknown deity uses powerful thaumaturgy to erect the Black Gate, closing off The Monster's Hollow for 364 days of the solar year.
  • An ancient human power-concept is hit by a prehistoric Lethe Event. With it, we lose the knowledge of Primal Milk alongside countless other artifacts. To us, the Orion Nebula becomes unremarkable.

110,000 BCE

  • Humans experience marked phenomenological development and begin weaving large, complex narratives, forming early religious and eschatological models.
  • Behavioural and narrativistic archetypes are thought to develop by this time, from which the monomyth emerges.

100,000 BCE

  • The Hytooth living at the Trapezium Cluster develop a semantic domain that reaches an anomalous upper echelon. Alongside conventional linguistics, they learn the capacity to take concepts and tie them to a fundamental ideal so that any sentience may tap into and discover it. [Instantiation]
  • They label the instantiated property of "that which goes beyond common understanding" with "anomaly".
  • Species around the Orion Nebula discover "anomaly".
  • Humans discover and apply "anomaly" to our existing conceptual base. We regain a fraction of our past understanding of milk's ancient sacred energies — Primal Milk once more.
  • From this, related concepts such as "mind" and "mindscape", as well as "magick" and "occult", emerge.

75,000 BCE

  • Hathor, goddess of the sky, sails from the Orion Nebula across the stars to watch over countless alien species. She relays music and dance and teaches methods of care to them, incidentally becoming a common representation of fertility and femininity.

Before Common Age

40,000 BCE

  • The Day of Flowers.
  • Humanity wipes out the Yeren.

15,000 BCE

  • After Hathor's departure, bovine entities colonize the Nebula.
  • The Hytooth, fearing the colonizers, continue to harvest in secret. They scatter some of their harvest away from the Nebula, birthing other species across the stars. [Panspermia]
  • Anagaia implants geasa on its homegrown species — now evolved and developed — controlling them.

4,000 BCE

  • Hathor reaches Earth and is deified in various forms. One such form is Bat. Ancient Egyptians worship and learn from her.
  • The Egyptians offer small fragments of Primal Milk knowledge to Hathor. With her divine inspiration, scribes pen new and advanced documents relating to Primal Milk, which are later preserved and buried beneath the Dendera Temple (AKA Temple of Hathor).

Common Age


The Foundation is founded at the merger of 13 normalcy preservation precursor groups.


12 June

  • The First Foundation Civil War begins. [2]
  • In the night, an unspecified number of Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 members secede from the greater Foundation and engage an insurrection.
  • The secessionists locate and recruit researchers with secret anti-Foundation sympathies. The newfound defectors also launch a series of raids on Foundation outposts, blindsiding the upper administration and unsuspecting sites alike. Significant R&D and containment assets are either stolen or destroyed.
  • The group later reveals itself to the Foundation at large as "The Insurgency".


10 October

  • The First Foundation Civil War ends.



  • A fragment of Hathor communes with Maat Mohamed. [3]


  • Maat, seduced by Hathor's ways, founds Moosphere, Inc. to attempt to gain her favor. Between the 50s and the present day, Maat does many things in his pursuit of lactic anomalies.
  • Maat learns how to achieve near negligible senescence with the power of Primal Milk.
  • Maat creates and perfects Mind-Milk and its processes, which he later trademarks in partnership with Oneiroi. The Foundation comes to classify it as SCP-3739.

Age of Containment


  • The Age of Containment begins.


  • The National Indian Foundation of Brazil (FUNAI) discovers the Emparelhada tribe. They note that the tribe is territorial, imposing their beliefs on outsiders, and ritually impaling undesirable individuals.


  • The Emparelhada discovers 'Eljor. 'Eljor carries them into an alternate universe — one that consists of ideas, of primal forms. They live there for the next twelve years and shape it to their liking.


  • Parascientists Tobias Lovell and Myles Huron invent the Lovell-Huron containment vat for long-term cryogenic storage and preservation.


  • For the next seven years, the Veil is increasingly threatened, but normalcy remains intact.


  • Moosphere, Inc. reveals itself.


April 12

  • The SCP Foundation tracks a weather-based anomaly that threatens an XK-Class End-of-the-World Scenario.
  • The Foundation alerts the United Nations and works to avert the scenario, but due to interference from the UN, the Korean Peninsula is threatened. The anomaly destroys North Korea. Multiple Foundation database leaks occur across the Internet and in the mass media. To ensure public relations, the Foundation enacts a "Lifted Veil", exposing themselves. The existence of the Global Occult Coalition and Horizon Initiative is also revealed. [4]


  • The Foundation battles Moosphere, Inc.
  • The Foundation subconsciously happens upon pataphysical markers stemming from Primal Milk. As a result, their various project names associated with SCP-3739 are milk-themed.



  • A small number of humans — among them, a large number of Foundation personnel — forget about the Orion Nebula.


  • Moosphere, Inc. is afflicted by Lethe events and weakens. They remain implanted within dreams and use some of that power to travel away from Earth, with metaphysical bovine and oneiric entities alike.



  • In pursuit of becoming a deity, Maat Mohamed seeks to control the Orion Nebula and directs his forces there.
  • Moosphere, Inc. tries to locate Rakmou-leusan, wanting to milk them of their power to bolster Maat.



  • The Foundation rediscovers the Orion Nebula and sends AIC to investigate.


  • The Foundation plans to send multiple teams to V2380 Ori βe to scout, build a Foundation Orbital Research Compound (Orion FORC-2380), then man it.
  • The process of abiogenesis is classified as SCP-4648, and later Thaumiel, for its importance.
  • As personnel draw closer to Anagaia's Matrioshka brain, more cerebrospinal fluid turns into milk.


March 11

  • SCPS Wayfarer and the final science team arrive at V2380 Ori βe. They find it abandoned. Eventually, Anagaia attacks them and fabricates clones.

March 12

  • Sanders awakens, alone. Simurgh.aic detects a duplicate of his biological signature separate from his person, slowly approaching.

Age of Rot


September 18

  • The Serpent is beheaded. The Age of Rot begins.


October 31

  • A surviving, baseline human enters The Monster's Hollow. [1]

November 1

  • The Black Gate to The Monster's Hollow closes, trapping her inside for the next year.

Articles Referenced
3. SCP-3739: Mind-Milk™ by Moosphere, Inc.

Things yet to slot into the timeline

  • The Day of Flowers 40,000 BCE
  • How the Hytooth used the concepts that led to OEL's ingrainment in reality, and applied that to other concepts
  • When "the Fifth Church of Hytooth" entered the Fifth World
  • Extraterrestrial Ortothans, Daevic Empire, Ancient Ortothans, Ancient Sarkics vs Mekhanites, Bronze Age Collapse, Sharkics (alt-Universe), descensus, nobilis, ignotus, Fae, etc.
  • AAPA events that fit into other canons, which includes other species such as Priorihominus, SOI-002(?), and SOI-006(?)

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