Onemeat 1


The following file contains information regarding a
potentially ongoing Atelis-Class "Reorigination" Event.

command@aida01:~# find /opt/projects/O5private -type f -name 'SCP-001'

Athena.aic: Telepresences detected: O5-1, O5-2, O5-4, O5-7, O5-9, O5-13

O5-4: A decryption vote right now? It's almost o-three-hundred. Couldn't this wait until morning?

O5-9: Sorry to do this now, Four. I wish I didn't have to. I'll wait until everyone else is on so I don't have to repeat the material.

O5-4: Is it really that bad?

O5-9: I was supposed to be leaving for Phuket at 0600. Do you think we'd be here if it weren't?

Athena.aic: Additional telepresences detected and biometrics confirmed. All voting members are now present. General Council security protocols are now in effect.

O5-1: Thank you, Athena. Please encrypt this log at level 6 and then disable command recognition until the vote concludes.

Athena.aic: Acknowledged.

O5-1: Short leash, Nine. Why am I being asked to decrypt 001 at this hour?

O5-9: I know this is unorthodox but circumstances force our hand. I'll lay the problem out as simply as I can. Sometime between 0100 and 0200, SCP-055 disappeared from its containment cell. You know what my responsibilities are and you know what the consequences of this vote are. Given that, I need you to unlock SCP-001 immediately so I can find out what we're facing.

O5-10: Disappeared? That seems like a loaded statement regarding that object.

O5-9: I realize that, but it is no longer in our possession. Not in its cell. Normally, we are able to verify its presence by recording information about it and then noting the absence of recorded information. This occurred during the 0100 checks as we would expect. However, during the 0200 checks, there was nothing to record. It's gone. The chamber is empty.

Approximately thirty seconds pass without further comment.

O5-9: Am I to interpret your silence for mutual concern?

O5-4: Do you have any leads? Any organizations taking responsibility for this?

O5-9: As you can imagine, no. We have no contingencies for the recontainment of SCP-055 since we don't even know how we acquired it in the first place. We aren't aware of any groups of interest that even know of its existence, if such an awareness is even possible.

O5-10: So why Secure Area-00 then?

O5-9: We have to find out if SCP-001 subsumed it. If it has, we may already be in the beginning stages of a Reorgination event.

O5-3: And you understand that this is effectively your resignation, even if you're wrong? If we vote yes and you go in there, there's no coming back.

O5-9: I am prepared for that, yes. My affairs are in order and—

O5-1: There's no way we can let you go in there. No one with your level of classification has ever been submitted to SCP-001 because the risk would be too great. We can't lose what you know and there's no time to effect a transfer of duties and knowledge. I won't support an action that leaves us unprepared to deal with you being wrong.

O5-9: Then what do you propose? This cannot go unanswered but you're cuffing me with problems I can't solve without permission to do this.

O5-3: A technical mind. Random. Let Athena designate someone from a pool of non-essential personnel and Nine can accompany them. Work through them.

O5-1: That'll have to do. Unless there are other objections? Let's vote.

Voter Yes No
O5-1 X
O5-2 X
O5-3 X
O5-4 X
O5-5 X
O5-6 X
O5-7 X
O5-8 X
O5-9 X
O5-10 X
O5-11 X
O5-12 X
O5-13 X

Athena.aic: Decryption vote has passed; 13 in favor 0 against. Cipher import complete. This meeting is adjourned.

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