NykaColaQuantum's Free-for-all ideas

This is a list of ideas for SCPs and tales that came to my head that I've decided to let anyone take a crack at. Like to fully realize one of them? Send a PM to NykacolaquantumNykacolaquantum. Updated periodically.

  • A character-driven internet reviewer pastiche is tormented by manifestations of his creations, divided into two camps. One who doesn't want him to cancel his show because it'd mean the cessation of their existence. Another that does, because they see their existence as suffering.
  • All the disgruntled directors using the pseudonym "Alan Smithee" in the late 20th century manifests an actual Alan as a tulpa-or whatever technobabble the Foundation would call it. They try to strike out on their own, and the Foundation works with the Directors' Guild of America and the movie industry to tarnish Alan's "name" to get them to demanifest or reduce their presence.
  • Fictional characters are gone. They're not being erased or given antimemetic effects. The characters are just straight up…leaving their works, with blank nothingness being left where they once were. The worlds of fiction are real, breathing universes, and somehow, they've discovered all the fanfiction written about them. And they're so unnerved and disgusted by all the shit fanfic writers put them through they decide to all collectively say "Fuck this, I'm out" and leave. And the Pataphysics Department has to set things right.
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