An assortment of links to SCP games. Feel free to add to this list or edit existing entries. Add to bottom of list. Do not remove games. Keep comments short.

Name/Link Genre Comment
SCP - Isolation FPS Development abandoned.
SCP 173 - Five Night's at Area 51 FNAF Android. Paid.
SCP: Covert Ops FPS
Escape from Site 19 Board
SCP: Ascention FPS
Foundation Command Management
JOSIE Puzzle Isometric.
End of the Line Horror
SCP: Blackout Horror VR support.
SCP: Containment Breach - Unity Horror
SCP:Sedition Narrative
SCP2D Horror Sidescroller.
SCP-3008 Crafting
Game Show of Death & The Young Man FPS
Betrayal at the SCP Foundation Board
SCP: Fragmented Minds FPS
Site 17 Horror Appears abandoned.
Singularity: Tactics Arena Tactics Only slightly SCP inspired.
Event XK Horror
Operation: Prometheus Action Hotline Miami style.
SCP: Recontainment FPS
SCP: M.I.A Open World FPS
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