Excerpts taken from Site-147's Bulletin Board





Stop. We didn't install yet another bulletin board for you to fill it with meaningless scribbles again, not after what happened last time.
Try not to deplete our funds too fast.

- Melanie

speaking of
we're running low on mnestics again
not too urgent, but a bit annoying

-Feather Two

Unfortunately, our parapharmaceutical stocks are limited right now. Until we can get some in-house production going, we'll just have to bear it.


Just to remind you all, we're welcoming a few new residents here - make sure to give them a warm welcome, and don't freak them out too much
(looking at you, Molotov)

- Songbird

i didn't think the gal was so skittish
not my fault she obliterated the wall - molotov

You know the rules, and so do I.
- Feather One


Good news, Dreamer - we managed to acquire a subspecies of Carassius auratus that excretes waste with mnestic properties. That should help our shortage problem.

In other news, Foundation security on WWS has definitely been increased.

- Feather One

Definitely not where I imagined we'd be getting raw materials, but I'm not complaining. Let's pray it doesn't end up giving us the memory of a goldfish.
- Dreamer

you do know thats a myth, right
-Feather Two

What do I look like, a parazoologist?
- Dreamer


- Feather Two

James you son of a bitch i could kiss you - molotov

Proper codename procedures, please.
Standard reports on the Division's excursion has been received. With that said:

Officially, improper conduct during missions can, and will impact your efficacy, Feather Two. This will be discussed at a later date.

Unofficially, I'll be by the cafeteria if anyone needs me.



The cafeteria is closed for cleanup and the box will be reserved for special occasions ONLY.
If I catch anyone sneaking into the backroom, the only thing you'll be tasting is my frying pan to your face. Capiche?

- Ovenproof

was fun while it lasted - molotov

You weren't the one on cleanup duty, so shut.
- Feather One


It's Kelly's birthday tomorrow, so I'm intending to get him a gift - Pitch in if you want.
- Songbird

i've been thinking
we should make getting our residents a small birthday gift or meal a standard thing, y'know? let them know we care.
- Feather Two


After some consideration, your suggestion has been implemented, Feather Two. A little funding has been set aside for residents with registered birthdays.

Don't go overboard, with the gifts, alright?

- Melanie


The biyearly conference has concluded - full summary and topic points can be found in the library.
Further discussions can be forwarded to head office, as deemed necessary.

- Melanie Alvarez & DIRECTOR

If anyone needs me, I'll be pulling overtime down in the lab.
Our current antimemetic covers' effectiveness is starting to cut very close, so I can't afford to slack off now.

- Dreamer

I'll be in contact with some of our acquaintances, plan more escape routes, work out battle plans with Feather Two and the rest, etc.
Try not to disturb us unless it's an emergency.
- Feather One

The aquaponics are up and running but our greenhouses has been suffering some power outage issues. Someone get an electrician.

Most of our residents are fine for now, but I think lil' John needs more psychiatric care.
- Songbird


someone turn down the light
- Feather Two


i forgot to renew the pathway connections, sorry - molotov


Alright, I'm putting my foot down. Almost none of you have left your workplace for over two weeks now and it's becoming concerning.
Molotov almost rerouted our thaumaturgic gates directly to the middle of UIU office, twice! The bags under their eyes are big enough to use as a purse.

I'll force feed each of you if I have to - and go get some sleep for goodness' sake.


I finally got enough psychiatrists on board for at least adequate care - and our greenhouse is fully operational now.

On another note, Ovenproof asked me to deliver dinner to all of your offices. Better finish them all, or he's going to, and I quote, 'shove it down y'all workaholics' throats even if it's the last thing I do.'
- Songbird




It has come to my attention

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