Introduction to the A.D. 1998 Canon (for INT branches)


"A.D. 1998" is an collaborative project focused on a certain strange world.

In 1998, a cult that worshipped Chopin as their deity tried to summon him. But what actually appeared was… a giant cicada monster with Chopin's face. The monstrous deity marched for the sacred place of Żelazowa Wola, destroying towns in its path with tens of thousands of small human-faced cicadas.

The Foundation and GOC set up the Special Headquarters for Poland Divine Affairs, and then jointly attempted to eliminate the deity, but failed. Finally, a decisive battle was fought in Proszowice, a town north of Krakow.


Important Events

Poland Divine Attack (1998)


Important Groups and People

  • Nisso
  • Yakushi

Important Locations

Tokyo, Japan

In December 2017, the largest reality collapse in the planet suddenly occurred in Tokyo, later known as the Tokyo Disaster. From then to 2043, Tokyo had been continuously experiencing uncontrolled reality alterations, therefore the former capital had became uninhabitable for humans.

This event resulted in a huge number of casualties and had a profound impact on political, economical, cultural scenes of Japan. The capital of Japan was moved to Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture, and the "New Central Capital City" project was launched. The Foundation supported Japan's reconstruction, which had given the Foundation a great influence in Japan, resulting in a national-scale paramedical containment project in 2040s.

Old Tokyo is a danger zone, but also a valuable pararesource producing area. Investigations conducted after the disaster revealed that a vast number of known and unknown paranormal resources have been appeared in Tokyo. Private companies and explorers

Numerous private companies and explorers have conducted research and excavation of paranormal assets in the former Tokyo, leading to a significant development of the ODSE industry in Japan.

Important Words

  • AFC
  • Anomalous Carrer
  • Kitei disease
  • DISF

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