Joey Fucknuts Cacks Hard

The sun scorched relentlessly down on the hard baked ground of Vulture Gulch. Secure in its great blue sky cradle, it watched the desert town of scrap and petrol from on high; a great burning eye.

Awesome, for that is who and what he was, stood as he had for quite some time now, thick neck craned back, locking eyes with the blazing orb. He met its unblinking gaze with one of his own, until steam started sizzling up from his eyes. He finally conceded, turning his eyes back to the ground and marveling at the great bluish-whiteish blur at the center of his vision. His thick, leathery forearm scraped across his forehead, in a motion that he had never quite understood, but very much knew was important to do on a hot day such as this.

"Joey send us anyone else?" Chef asked as he came across his gargantuan friend waving his hand back and forth in front of his face. He rolled his heavy steel drum to a standstill, leaning against it as the thick, oily liquid sloshed around inside.

"Nuh-uh." Awesome reported once he had tilted his head just right to see who was talking to him. "No one since Doc. I've been watching close."

He was, of course, referring to their new town doctor, who had fallen, screaming, from the sky several days beforehand.

"Unless that's from someone new." Awesome admitted after a few moments, pointing towards a crater in the sand big enough to push a car into. "You should ask Joey though, he would know if anyone new showed up. He's a genius."

Chef sighed, looking over at the crater where Doc had dropped into their lives. "Joey isn't here, buddy. Remember? He built his plane, went off on an adventure up in the sky. That's how he sent us Doc, right?"

Awesome wasn't sure he wanted to remember his friend leaving him. He shook his head for a moment, then blew a heavy sigh, thick with diesel fumes. "I… I guess so." Awesome's scarred, decayed face found itself once again host to a deep frown. His eyes went back to scanning the great blue blanket far above.

Chef didn't like seeing his friend like this. He didn't consider himself clever, not by a longshot, but part of him felt like Awesome wasn't searching the skies for new friends Joey was sending them; his constant scanning from horizon to horizon was a desperate search for his best friend, whether he realized it or not.

Chef patted his gargantuan friend on his back. "I brought you some lunch, for when you get hungry." His open palm rung against the steel drum. "I'm gonna go check on Doc." Awesome didn't respond, eyes fixed on the sky, as still and bulky as a nicely upholstered leather sofa.

Doc's shack, which the residents of Vulture's Gulch had kindly made for him from from the remains of a bus, kept the scorching sunlight out, and kept the damp, the dark, and the stench in.

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