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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Special Containment Procedures: All URLs associated with SCP-XXXX have been seized by RAISA and all traffic attempting to connect is to be blackholed. As 'urban legends' regarding SCP-XXXX have propagated beyond Foundation control, it is no longer necessary to record connection attempts or correlate these attempts with known persons of interest.

The web server which contains SCP-XXXX has been isolated from the network and connected to a UPS at Site-19. This server is to be checked daily to confirm functionality; no further testing is permitted until the conclusion of Incident.XXXX.1.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous website that advertises the ability to "cash in on your karma" and reincarnate on demand. Users supply information into a number of fields that cover demographic, cultural, social, and moral background. Once completed, a pricing menu appears offering a variety of reincarnated forms where each item has a base price modified by the previously submitted information.

At the conclusion of 'form selection', payment information is collected and the purchase is confirmed. The subject that confirms the purchase rapidly advances through stages of decomposition until their body putrefies.

Discovery Log:
On 2045-02-14, a number of online media outlets began to run an advertisement for SCP-XXXX which promised to allow eligible customers to free themselves from their current karmic cycle. Foundation web crawlers detected the transmission of multiple memetic agents originating from SCP-XXXX within minutes of the launch of the website, and safety protocols began a directed denial of service attack until the nature of these memetic agents could be determined.

One of these adverts has been captured and transcribed below. The video itself has a runtime of 30 seconds, is narrated by an adult male voice, and features still images of the elderly in contemplative poses. The video does not appear to possess any anomalous qualities.

Are you tired? Isn't it time you moved on and allowed your family to mourn something besides their own immortality? Westhead Media Services is proud to offer an end to your current karmic cycle.

It's time to move on.

Experience life through another set of eyes.

You may not be able to die, but you can live again.

Enter code: 'Bodhisattva' for 10% off at checkout.

WHOIS data led to the designation of Joseph Mora as POI-XXXX and teams were dispatched to all of his known addresses. Upon arrival at the subject's primary workplace, MTF agents discovered the corpse of POI-XXXX at his desk and a purchase confirmation on his monitor. The event that precipitated the discovery of POI-XXXX's corpse has been designated as Incident.XXXX.1.

The text on the screen was captured and transcribed as follows:

Thank you for your purchase!

Your current position in the queue is #2,811,374,105

Due to high demand, your expected wait time is 40,493 days.

Your patience is appreciated.

It is unknown how many purchases were completed before SCP-XXXX was taken down from public view.

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