Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Meme complex BYGONE HOPE has been deployed to suppress knowledge of SCP-XXXX.

Embedded agents in medical institutions are to transfer patients suspected of SCP-XXXX affliction into Foundation care. Stage 2 and 3 patients are to be provided with meals suited for a horse of proportional size.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a non-infectious illness whereby one's internal organs are transformed into that of a horse. It primarily affects persons from age 18 through 35. The cause of SCP-XXXX is unknown.

SCP-XXXX progresses in three stages:

Stage 1 (0 – 4 weeks): Stage 1 persons begin to spontaneously emit horse-like vocalizations during speech. To hide this condition, 76% of cases will retreat from in-person social gatherings, preferring to interact through social media platforms – such as Instagram or TikTok – instead.

Stage 2 (4 weeks – 6 months): Affected persons will experience nausea after consuming food poisonous to horses, including: any animal products, potatoes, and avocados. Many adapt by taking on a "ketogenic" (13%), "low-fat" (4%), or "vegan" (80%) diet. They will often lose weight at this time, though this is considered a consequence of their restricted diet rather than SCP-XXXX itself.

Stage 3 (6 months –): Transformation is complete. Vocalizations by Stage 3 persons are indistinguishable from that of a horse. Anxiety and depression, caused by poor nutrition and lack of meaningful social contact, are common. At this stage, consumption of foods poisonous to horses is lethal.

Discovery: The first known case of SCP-XXXX was observed on 2019-05-12 in Sydney, Australia, when 27-year-old social media influencer Jessica O'Neill died while seated in a cafe. Cause of death was deemed to be blood loss from lesions in the face and neck. According to witness testimony, O'Neill had been served a cappuccino and 15 plates of avocado toast.

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