lambda fairy, the technical tūrehu, builder of gods and breaker of hearts

Hi friend! I'm Lambda Fairy, and this is my author page.

I like to write about technology and its role in society. I often use absurdity and humor to reveal a deeper truth.

SCP-4882: Coordinated Universal Time

… the end result of SCP-4882 is the physical manifestation of Mekhane, the Broken God, on Earth.

As a computer person, one thing that many outside the industry don't realize is how political technology can be. Thought-leaders like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk project this image of tech as objective meritocratic perfection, omitting the mountains of historical mistakes and dirty deals and ethical violations hiding underneath. With its muddy history and social significance, computer timekeeping was the perfect way to explore this idea.

Lore-wise, this article is an antithesis to TwistedGears-Kaktus' proposal. In TG-Kaktus, the Broken God is built deliberately out of magical artifacts; when it all goes wrong, it is destroyed by physical force. In SCP-4882, the Broken God is an emergent property of mundane electronics; it is kept at bay by diplomacy. To put it another way: if SCP-882 is the heart of MEKHANE, SCP-4882 is the heart of WAN.

I'd like to call out Pedantique for their excellent critique. On reading my initial draft, they (rightfully) pointed out that the piece lacked tension. I added the incident logs in response, which ended up being my favorite part of the article.

SCP-5777: Irrational Exuberance

Hope. That's what we have now.

In a bubble, businesses don't care about revenue, customers, or even if they have a product to sell. They thrive solely on hope—and when that hope runs out… it all comes crashing down.

This was my first character-driven work, and I had way too much fun writing it. Henzoid was the one who pushed me toward stronger characterization—because of him, I realized that making the reader invested in the fairies' wellbeing was key to communicating the idea.

Some details you might miss on a first read:

  • Kauri introduces the others before himself—a clue that he's not as arrogant as he appears.
  • The fairies are nocturnal. If they hadn't lit the fire, it would have been too dark to work except during a full moon.
  • "Spending all night in bed"
  • Fairies are repulsed by fire, and have little experience with it as a result. That's why they keep getting burned.
  • The third interview—the turning point of the story—coincides with the peak of the dot-com bubble.
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