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Lambda, the Ultimate

Fairies and computers have much in common:

  • They are subject to arcane rules that few understand;
  • They have dominion over names, symbols, connections;
  • They exist outside of physical reality yet have indescribable influence over it.

How can we explore this commonality?

What if Maxwellism was a fairy's interpretation of the Broken God?

The Fair Folk don't take well to iron, but they work with silicon just fine.

Title is a reference to a series of influential computer science papers.

It can also be considered as a very elaborate self-insert. (Consider who is writing this.)

Just for Pun

A MacGuffin that grants reality bending powers to the person who wields it.

The only way to stop the wielder is to challenge them to a pun battle, which is like a rap battle but with puns. The "Spirit of Wordplay" sets a topic, and the two competitors duke it out until one of them runs out of ideas. The winner gets the item and the loser… let's say they won't get to battle again.

There is an MTF dedicated to protecting the item. They run mock pun battle championships monthly, both as practice and for recruitment.

The article culminates in an incident log describing a Chaos Insurgency raid. A junior researcher gets caught in the crossfire and inadvertently initiates a pun battle with the escaping CI agent. The topic is LGBT puns; the CI agent focuses on insults/slurs whereas the junior researcher draws from her own experience as a trans lesbian. Cue super convoluted pun on Spyro the Dragon and spironolactone.

Post this on Pride Month for nerd cred.


A tale about junior researcher Daphne Fourier's first day on the job. The twist is that she's naturally mnestic.

Start with SCP-4144. Contrast the shock of seeing everyone in the cafeteria get replaced by Styrofoam puppets with Daphne's nonchalance toward said replacement. I feel like I can milk (excuse the pun) the absurdity of this situation a bit.

Let's reference SCP-2828 and SCP-2438 as well while we're at it.

Good Girl

It looks like a Wilson's Wildlife Services critter profile… but it's corrupted?

You pick out some facts from what's left of the page. There's a dog; it can't bark but can connect to the internet; it craves attention. It was found outside a café, abandoned by its owner and posting nonstop through the free WiFi.

The document ends on an email from the head of IT, complaining about how the systems have been corrupted yet again. Faeowynn replies: while the dog can be annoying at times, she's still a "good girl". The last two words are framed with hearts.

TL;DR: WWS format screw

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