Close your eyes—


  1. Rosie: Whoa hey it's SCP-682!!
  2. SCP-682: … DISGUSTING …
  3. Rosie: What a character!
  4. SCP-682 / Hates everyone / Especially you


  1. Rosie: Hey Isabelle! That knob behind your ear's looking great today!
  2. Isabelle: what


is Rosie's dad


Rosie falls into the well

Rosie meets the fairy; loses her name

  1. A breeze blows across the fairy's blank face
  2. The fairy now has Rosie's face

The fairy comes home; Rachelle pulls Isabelle into the bedroom

Rachelle explains

  1. Isabelle: Oh yeah, what was your doctorate in anyway?
  2. Rachelle: That's classified.

Isabelle and Rachelle escape through the window (??)

Rosie gets lost; meets the former Dr Japers

Dr Japers tries to convince Rosie that her new life is good; Rosie rejects him

Rosie rediscovers who she is through love and song; the well suddenly appears

  2. Dr Japers: You did it.

Isabelle and Rachelle find Rosie

  1. Isabelle: Rosie! Rosie, where are you!?
  2. (punches a wall) Isabelle: Fuck!!!
  3. Rosie: Whoa, language!
  4. (POV shot from Isabelle/Rachelle showing Rosie, triumphant)

Rosie faces the fairy

Rosie challenges it to a dance-off

Cool awesome dance routine; fairy concedes defeat and returns Rosie's name

  1. Fairy bows; hands Rosie back her name in big bold letters
  2. Rosie: bows Thank you.
  3. Fairy turns to leave Rosie: Wait! Fairy!
  4. In background, Isabelle moves to intercept Rosie, but is reassured by Rachelle Rosie: Do you have a name?

Dr Japers denouement

  1. The trio wave goodbye while the fairy floats away
  2. Cut to Japers' empty face
  3. A photograph showing Japers' and Rosie together
  4. Japers sheds a single tear
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