At The Bottom Of Everything
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Item #: SCP-0000 Level-6/0000
Object Class: Thaumiel Classified


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0000 is self-containing. The structure and its surrounding geography do not exist in relation to any non-relevant personnel.

Deep-sea excursions into SCP-0000 are permitted.

Description: SCP-0000 is an underwater structure located on the seabed of the Canada Deep, an abyssal plain within the Arctic Ocean. It consists of a concrete amphitheater — 120 meters in diameter — with seating tiers encircling a central area. Three pylons are positioned equidistantly around its circumference, each producing a long chain that extends towards the surface. A borehole lies in the center of the structure, extending downwards to an indeterminate depth.

The sole means of accessing the structure is through Point Tehom, a sea platform 400 km off the shore of the Arctic Archipelago.

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