Top Bush
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Item#: XXXX
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SCP-XXXX. Right side image was taken with an ultraviolet camera.

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is to be stored within a chamber located in Site-██. The chamber must be optically sealed and equipped with an optical airlock. A method of providing food, water, and other necessities to SCP-XXXX is to be provided that does not risk Foundation personnel to optical exposure. Otherwise, SCP-XXXX's chamber is to be furnished as standard for humanoid containment. SCP-XXXX's chamber is to look internally similar to the Oval Office in the White House, circa 2001-2008.

SCP-XXXX's chamber is not to be entered by Foundation personnel. The only exception to this is Dr. Thomas Cruise Mapother IV. Dr. Cruise is to carry his specific set of Ray-Ban Model 3025 sunglasses on him at all times while he is working within Site-██. Dr. Cruise is to wear these sunglasses at all times whenever he is interacting with or otherwise exposed to SCP-XXXX.


Dr. Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

SCP-XXXX is a temporal clone of former President of the United States George W. Bush. SCP-XXXX is affected by an anomalous phenomenon that causes it to radiate light of immense brightness. The color of this glow is visibly yellow, but the brightest component of the radiated light is within the ultraviolet spectrum. The exact luminosity of the anomaly has not been accurately measured, as most luminosity devices exposed to SCP-XXXX have failed catastrophically, causing several injuries.

Viewing of SCP-XXXX without eye protection may result in permanent damage to the subject's retinas. A subject may be temporarily protected1 if they are wearing Ray-Ban Model 30252 sunglasses. The only known individual who has not suffered ill effects with repeated exposure to SCP-XXXX is actor and active Foundation researcher Dr. Thomas Cruise Mapother IV. Dr. Cruise has worn the same pair of Ray-Ban Model 3025 sunglasses he wore in the 1986 action drama film Top Gun in all periods of exposure so far.

Following Interview-XXXX-6, it is believed that the events of the movie Top Gun occurred within SCP-XXXX's timeline.

On 21/1/2009, SCP-XXXX manifested within the Oval Office of the White House. According to testimony from a White House contact, a staffer had noticed an immensely bright light seeping from under one of the entrances to the Oval Office. The staffer was immediately blinded upon opening the door, and quickly closed the door. The staffer profusely claimed afterwards: "I fucking saw George Bush in there. He is in there, and he looked like a god damned radioactive banana."

3 different staffers all opened the door to the Oval Office to similar effects. All claimed they saw "George Bush" and expressed some sort of relationship between SCP-XXXX and bananas. SCP-XXXX seemed incredulous to the fact it was glowing, stating: "Folks, I gotta keep presidentin' in here. Remember what I told y'all about messin' with Texas?"

A UIU agent partially contained the situation by locking the doors to the Oval Office. SCP-XXXX complained about this and attempted to leave several times. SCP-XXXX apparently stated "Do not misunderestimate me, I'm still me." during one attempt to leave the office.

The Foundation was informed by the UIU director within two hours of the manifestation of SCP-XXXX. MTF Eta-10 ("See No Evil") was dispatched to contain SCP-XXXX. Containment took approximately 2 additional hours, and amnestics were administered to individuals that were aware of the incident. MTF Eta-10's team lead reported that SCP-XXXX stated "You Foundation fellas again? I'll show you what we folks down in Texas call the -" before it was sealed into a mobile containment vessel. The team lead also reported that SCP-XXXX smelled vaguely like "old men and bananas".

President George W. Bush was not surprised when he learned of SCP-XXXX, stating "I'd always knew something like this was gonna happen." It's not clear what President Bush meant by this statement.

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