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Pattern Screamer Guide

Pattern Screamers are a very confusing piece of lore. As such, I will be explaining what they are, their properties, their background, and their purpose in this declassified. Do note though, that because of some, unfortunate incidents (See Comments Section of reddit post), this declassified will be shorter than usual. That being said, let’s begin.


Right off the bat, what is a Pattern Screamer? Well, in short, Pattern Screamers are consciousness's which exist within the very fabric of reality itself. They come from a different universe, prior to the formation of ours, in which the laws of physics are incredibly different. This prior universe is known as The First Hytoth, but for now, we will call it Multiverse α.

Pattern Screamers come in many different forms, depending on their choice of manifestation. Such examples include the plant-based Pattern Screamers (Such as SCP-2528), void-like/thought-summoning Pattern Screamers (Such as SCP-3930), and technology-based Pattern Screamers (Such as SCP-000). These forms don't affect the Pattern Screamers themselves so much, but do affect their point of manifestation and conditions of appearance.

Pattern Screamers' powers are based on perception. The more people who observe Pattern Screamers, the stronger they get. When a multi-planet/star civilization becomes too large, lots of people begin to observe Pattern Screamers, and they "rupture", causing them to kill the people who viewed them. This, almost always, leaves the civilization in ruins and reduces them to a handful of people. This has happened at least twice, once to an alien race (See SCP-1980) and once to humans themselves (See SCP-1795).

Multiverse Structure

While it might be odd to talk about multiverse structure now, it will be very important later on.

The multiverse prior and post reconstruction shares similar structure. Each universe is like a "blanket", layered on top of one another. On both sides of the finite numbers of blankets there is a void in which nothing exists. Prior to reconstruction, it was possible to "jump" from a lower universe to a higher one using energy. It was common for less-advanced civilizations to exist on lower levels, and higher ones on higher levels. In the post universe, however, everything exists as we see it now- and there is no "jumping".

Anyways, onto the history.


Our story begins roughly 90 trillion years ago in Multiverse α with SCP-2682. SCP-2682's home star is born, but that's about as much information we get at the time being. This, however, is occurring on the very top universal plane. Meanwhile, on lower planes, other smaller civilizations begin to climb and attack one another, like some kind of universal game of king-of-the-hill. Eventually, SCP-2682's civilization begins thriving. They discover god and kill him. However, after they know everything, there's something they can't quite figure out- the gaps in creation which scream.

And then, somewhere on the very bottom plane, four individuals (one of them being SCP-073) open a certain lock with SCP-005 in the tale Paradigm Shift, which releases a CK-Class Restructuring event. This restructuring event kills anything it touches, so creatures begin to panic and attempt to climb the universal staircase. Eventually, they figure out they can project their minds into the restructured universes, and exist within the very fabric of reality. They become Pattern Screamers.

Meanwhile, SCP-2682 is created from the consciousnesses of every being in the top universe. SCP-2682 is specifically designed to transport their consciousnesses through every single universe in the pursuit of knowledge. They didn't quite take into account how long of a journey it would take, and the fact that the pattern screamers would be disrupting them. This is also around the same time SCP-3930 formed.

Meanwhile, seven creatures escape the destruction somehow and make their way into the new universe. They form the Koru-teusa, or holy seven, which protect the world from Voruteut, an extra-universal entity which supposedly destroyed the first universe (this could either be SCP-001-QNT, or a being summoned by it). The catch, however, is that their bodies are eternally bleeding, and they need blood sacrifices in order to continue protecting. This works out for a while, however, after a long time, only one protector is left- Rakmou-leusan, who guards a hole in reality. He is keeping Voruteut out.

Surprisingly, it wasn't humanity which formed a religion around this- it was an alien civilization. They came to ancient Earth and provided the religion to early humans, which eventually built a kingdom out of it. They were eventually almost wiped out by the Daevites. However, after a long time, they regained their foothold, and become The Church of the Second Hytoth.

Somewhere along the way, Humanity became a massive, galactic civilization. However, because they did not understand Pattern Screamers, when they were discovered, hundreds of millions, maybe billions, of people began to become aware of and observed Patterns Screamers. This turned them hostile, and they were almost entirely destroyed, save for a handful on Earth. From this point on, Humanity had to jumpstart itself.

However, humanity had left a mark on the universe- SCP-1795 was created prior to their destruction. SCP-1795 went around creating planets for their masters, humanity, knowing what happened to them. This eventually began the SCP Foundation's research into Pattern Screamers, once SCP-1795 mentioned them.

The SCP Foundation's research leads them to both SCP-2528 and SCP-2682. Both give a significant chunk of Pattern Screamer lore to the Foundation, including origin, nature, and behavior. The Foundation also stumbles upon SCP-000 and SCP-S. The real reason the Foundation begins attempting to combat Pattern Screamers is because of the incidents in SCP-2173, where the Pattern Screamers begin to threaten the Foundation. SCP-3930 is also reclaimed from Soviet Scientists around this time.

And that's where the story stands.

Questions and Answers

  • Is there a single canon for Pattern Screamers?
    • Nope! All of this is just a bunch of separate canons stitched together, which surprisingly work together fairly well.
  • Is the Class of '76 a Pattern Screamer?
  • What is classified as a Pattern Screamer?
    • Something which exists as a consciousness embedded in the fabric of the universe, and previously was a creature from Multiverse α. These are the only two criteria.
  • Why are they called Pattern Screamers?
    • Pattern Screamers got their name from the fact that they "scream" out from the pattern of the universe. However, in reality, the reason is that the original author who first wrote about them decided it was a cool name.
  • How does SCP-3930 play into all this?
    • SCP-3930 itself is not a Pattern Screamer- rather, it is a void. The void amplifies the Pattern Screamer's abilities by allowing direct observation of them (see SCP-3930's mindfuckery for more info on that), and thus, they are a hundredfold times more aggressive.
  • How does SCP-2821 play into all this?
    • SCP-2821 was tricky, but after some conversation with 9Volt, we generally agreed on a final conclusion: SCP-2821 is a Pattern Screamer which managed to regain physical form, and is now reconstructing the physics around it because so.
  • Are there symptoms of being affected by a Pattern Screamer?
    • Yes! Increased anxiety and suicidal thoughts are symptoms of being affected from Pattern Screamers. This is the primary methods in which Pattern Screamers kill. These symptoms are also mentioned in SCP-1678.
  • Can I kiss one?
    • No.


  • Pattern Screamers are consciousnesses present within the very fabric of reality that come from a previous, destroyed multiverse with drastically different physics.
  • Pattern Screamers are able to kill off large civilizations when millions of people observe them. This has happened at least twice, once to aliens and once to humans.
  • A CK-Class Restructuring Scenario caused by SCP-073 and SCP-001-QNT destroyed the first Multiverse, however, the beings living in that universe projected their minds into another, creating Pattern Screamers.
  • Seven beings survived from the old multiverse and became guardians of the new universe to prevent it from happening again. Six are dead and one is still alive. This is the basis of the Church of the Second Hytoth.
  • The SCP Foundation caught wind of the Pattern Screamers, and began efforts to destroy/contain them. They still continue to this day.

in other words

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