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SCP-2316 That is not your son nor your granddaughter
That is not your friend, Kim. No, it’s not her
2316? Lies.
You do not recognize
Those bodies right there in the water
SCP-701 701 is a play
That just goes off the rails—all the way
The Hanged King’s a drag
On his head, is a bag?
May be Keter or may be XK
SCP-3568 Pinned to a sinusoidal node
A shape from a Virgo abode
3568 holds you
Expands or it folds you
And then you feel your head a splode
SCP-1962 Well, SCP-1962
Esoteric class, there’s quite a few
This one’s not a party, Mack
Got body parts, cardiac
Well met! You’ve got reading to do
SCP-694 You just know that they’re up to no good
When they call themselves Jake and Elwood
Lang has spun up a loop
At each end, all go “vwoop
To escape, 694, wish they could.
SCP-650 Believe me, I’ve seen all of it
These things do not scare me one whit
This thing is quite shifty?
It’s silly. 650?
SCP-092 There was a band with a LaRue,
Townson, Davis, and a McCoo
Don’t forget McLemore
And then quite a bunch more
Yeah, that’s great but don’t run 092
SCP-093 There’s a whole world beyond 093
There was passionate idolatry
But the things that live there
Will give you a scare
Grab the cinnabar disk and go see
SCP-3984 There are tales that are in Canon Hub
That ref’rence ΩK, bub
There’s plenty and more
Start with 3984
It’s “End of Death.” Come join the club
SCP-106 You’ve chosen to go? You dumb pricks
And now realize “in a fix” ?
In the dark, have a seat
You’ll soon be dead meat
Welcome him, when you see 106
SCP-001 The Fac’try, or the Foundation?
The Prototype? Could be a ton…
It’s there in the lists
Maybe lost in the mists
Go scour them all. 001
SCP-513 There’s no way that you can avoid he
Who can be where you just cannot see
Try to sleep and you’ll find
He will mess with your mind
Rang the bell? SCP-513
SCP-1967 There’s a yard, and you can’t just ignore it!
Psi-7, Home Improvement! Secure it!
Until twelve or eleven
Down the SCP rabbit hole? Explore it
SCP-504 It’ll gitcha, son, sooner or laters
Of puns and corny jokes, they are haters
Drops you on the floor
Attack of the killer tomaters!
SCP-3540 With pumpkins and bats, the yard’s quite full
You’d think with the scythes they’d be frightful
But Maurice and Lance?
Just give them a chance!
SCP-3540 ‘s delightful
SCP-330 Your hands don’t burn, fry, nor freeze
There’s no cameras, so please don’t say cheese
The cut’s clean, not dirty
Heed well, skip 330
“Take no more than two, please”
SCP-2718 Every bite, every break, all decay
All the wind and the rain, come what may
When life does not end
Not e’en death is a friend
2718 means you stay
SCP-2719 Inside is skip 2719.
Tales of woe, do the test log, define.
Things (as rule of thumb)
either go or become.
An abstract concept, by design.
SCP-610 In Russia, a town procreates
If exposed then, well, life just abates
Go near to 610
Then go nowhere again
You’ll, too, become the flesh that hates
SCP-938 There was a man they tried to hide
From a storm who could hold and abide
Filled with hate, it can wait
Sprog’s obit? “and Timmy fucking died”
SCP-1472 There once were some sweet, kawaii raptors
On this show, you could write weird chapters
A lesson for you
In 1472 ,
“There’s no touching!” says your could-be captors.
SCP-3922 No matter if live or cartoon
The scene’s violent? They’re here soon!
Put 3922
Near a movie or two
Get popcorn and wait! ☽☽☽
SCP-049 “The Scourge! The Pestilence! They must be made pure!”
“You think you’re a doctor? For really? For sure?”
“Though keeping me’s fine,
And you call 049 ,
I cannot rest ‘cause I’m the CURE!”
SCP-999 There once was a blob who was fine, fine, fine
Some researchers, naughty, thought “mine, mine, mine”
But testing’s provided
Opinions divided
That good little goo known as 999
SCP-035 Known as 035 , it’s of a kind
It’s quite sharp and who knows who’d designed
You threw’t on, for a laff
But now you’re naught but chaff
To corrosion and it’s evil mind
SCP-3999 3999 isn’t strongest.
(That torture though? Maybe the wrongest…)
It jacked up the entry
but HE was the sentry!
James Talloran, outlived it—longest.
SCP-3999 The facts leave behind lots of doubt.
After everything, there was some bout.
3999 ‘s reality
screwed with our mortality
James Talloran figured it out
SCP-001 There’s angels and demons and goo
There’s more than an option or two
Is oh so much fun
Just READ them, you’ll know what they do
SCP-439 You thought that you’d cough and you’d moan
But this feeling won’t leave you alone
It reproduced fine
And now all of you’s made out of bone
SCP-4420 4420 had influence, creeping
But with gods it’s “containing” and “keeping”
Secure and protect,
We do work to perfect
How to break them and leave them a-weeping
SCP-2521 🌻🌙🌞
SCP-963 “What the heck, Bright! STOP! It’s me!”
The last words of O5-3
They won’t try to take it
He’ll never forsake it
The amulet, skip 963
SCP-096 096 is a quiet sad boy
Not showing his face, he’s so coy
If you get a glance?
Then there’s no second chance
Looking at him is not the right ploy
SCP-682 An experiment, god, or kaiju,
or dragon, or maybe a Grue?
Wyrm or a wyvern?
Invention of Qyburn?
That damnéd lizard 682
SCP-1660 A no-eyed cat! Wut’n tarnation!?
A reptilebeast wild combination?
1660 -2
Is this some kinda zoo?
Are we gods? Nah, we’re just the Foundation
SCP-000 Thank god for this database hero
There simply is no 000
Could be glitches or hacks
That have screwed the syntax
No skip should be living in here… oh
Re: The Statue There’s reason to keep looking at you
You’re contained and who knows who begat you
173 loves to fight
Now, _hear hear_, from Jack Bright
“We've had a lot of clever ideas re: The Statue
SCP-3544 SCP-3544
Wants your heart and then quite a bit more
The lady doth protest
They’ll scrape out the rest
Go ahead. Try to open the door
SCP-3241 There’s benders and twisters and bankers
There’s killers and biters and shankers
3241 ‘s borne
On the back of DeVorn
And his Scranton Reality Anchors
SCP-2557 Pray all that you want to the mystics
Use multidimensional statistics
With 2557
It’s investments heaven
A Holding of Envelope Logistics®
SCP-294 There once was a lore so immersive
But, oh, aren’t you so subversive
Physics ain’t yours to bend
Liquid’s all it can vend
SCP-294 ‘s not recursive
SCP-2396 Her milkshakes bring all the -B’s to the yard
And from her proximity all dudes are barred
When she’s gotten her fix
Makes candies and -B bois get kinda hard
SCP-2785 2785, I would bet
is a Euclid of minimal threat
He wants to impress
so he’ll question and stress.
This skip asks “Have you been amazed yet?”
SCP-2935 In that place there is nothing alive.
No one there now to dip, dodge, or dive.
Just listen! Behave!
And go seal up that cave!
SCP-1432 With SCP-1432,
there’s just one sure thing you can do.
You don’t have to hide;
show them all what’s inside.
We are all playthings, toys. Even you.
SCP-2719 SCP-2719,
tells you, either, just what a thing’s been
or just where it went—
depends, if it’s sent
or it IS. Now, you know what I mean?
SCP-106 There’s simply no canon that’s true.
So compose a new skip tale or two!
Until Death, The Young Man
But be sure of this, man,
106 tales all have the black goo.
Until Death There’s simply no canon that’s true.
So compose a new skip tale or two!
Until Death, The Young Man
But be sure of this, man,
106 tales all have the black goo.
The Young Man There’s simply no canon that’s true.
So compose a new skip tale or two!
Until Death, The Young Man
But be sure of this, man,
106 tales all have the black goo.
SCP-111 It’s a snail! It’s a dragon! They’re fun!
They amaze. They breathe fire! They stun!
our lawsuit’s not viable;
we can’t be held liable!
Oh wow! SCP-111
Video Killed The Radio Star There was a skip 1548
It was a pulsar filled with hate
That skip’s no longer there
Now it’s a solar flare
Here’s the tale that is referenced, mate
SCP-2774 It could be that it’s made of cloth
Resist and you’ll incur its wroth
For two minutes or three
Your will is set free
2774. That damn sloth
The Young Man Was 106 once a young man?
You can search far and wide! Yes, you can,
In the trench, in the hole
Dark and dread, black as coal,
You won’t find Lawrence now. Understand?
SCP-093 093 brings you all kinds of places
So hike up your pants, tie your laces
You are going to find
Naught left of humankind
‘Cept for things that don’t have any faces
SCP-303 It’s smile is too far and too wide
Can’t be sure because it likes to hide
Full of dread, fear the wheeze,
Thinking “Holy! What!? Please,
303 is on the other side!”
SCP-093 093, to the watcher and peerer,
Won’t make it’s true purpose seem clearer.
In the world through the door—
Monsters or office floor?
Best to leave it right there on the mirror
SCP-4444 With the spike, you’d be sure his head has a dent
Upon each side you’ll find there is a vent
But this odd skip and Al
Now call each other “pal”
Garber screwed up and chose the Vice President
SCP-1730 Skip 1730 ‘s a Site
A thaumatological delight
MTF Tau-5
Are sort of alive
Munru, Onru and Nanku make right
SCP-500 No matter what causes you ill
Via pure thaumaturgy or will
Or infection or meme
500 does seem
To cure everything with just a small pill
SCP-3078 Laugh now, it’s not bad as they deem
There’s no cure, there’s no balm, there’s no cream
Was thought to be great
“oh no” read the worst imgur meme
SCP-3127 What the heck is that containment log?
In that nightmare, she is but a cog
Skip 3127 ‘s
Going to Moccus soon. Heavens!
Screaming Jess can’t stop being a hog
SCP-3125 SCP-3125
Antimemetics is all bunk and jive
There’s naught to confess
(Five five five five five, press!)
[REDACTED] will keep you all alive
SCP-2764 SCP-2764
It’s, like, three-hundred meters or more
Well… it shrinks and it grows
So really, who knows?
If you measured, there’d just be one more
SCP-3008 This place is impossibly big
When I saw other folk? Did a jig!
In 3008
Don’t you dare stay out late
Or you’ll sleep on high stacks of LURVIG
SCP-822 This peyote gives such a big dose
of neurotoxin, you’ll feel gross
822 will explode
and shoot a shrapnel load
you can look but just don’t get too close
SCP-1277 There once was a cactus and skelly
Who wanted a drink in his belly
1277 ‘s too spooky
Doot doot it’s too kooky
mr skeltal needs rain, no umbrelly
SCP-2800 There once was a dude named Dan
Doesn’t quite know how it all began
2800 saves folks
With his punches and pokes
Uncontained, he’d be called Cactusman!
SCP-2107 There was a pop called Diet Ghost
With a sip you might feel weird, at most
Just don’t drink the whole can
Cause the specters will getcha, you’re toast
SCP-3000 In the Bay of Bengal, there’s an eel
Trade D-class for amnestic’s the deal
To get Y-909
From 3000 is fine
Spend too long and you won’t know what’s real
SCP-993 Hey kids! It’s me, Bobble! Tee hee!
You’ll hear some jerks say 993
Let’s all have some fun
Today, stabbing someone
Or some other great activity
SCP-2614 After Tony would finish his scene
To watch more, you go into the screen
But too far with this modus
And those there start to notice
With SCP-2614
SCP-370 It looks just like a brass key
Its effects, easy as -a -b -c
370 ‘s light
Infectious on sight
And don’t say what it looks like to me
S. D. Locke's Proposal one day, my love, we'd be as one
with two entwined. A set course, begun
that frenetic, wild, lustrous haze;
(Logan, emerge from this maze)
azure skies host the radiant sun
SCP-2776 2776 is now free
from the GOI called MCD
He can’t tell a lie
And just might make you die
All to keep it so freedom stays free
SCP-2764 In this frozen Antarctic snow
There’s some tracks, which way do they go?
But 2764
Is farther than before
There are voices; they’re all saying “no!”
SCP-087 How deep does it go, this staircase?
Down a flight, is that just a face?
Is that cry from a child?
087 ‘s a bit wild
Now start climbing. And pick up the pace
S. D. Locke's Proposal What kind of wet stuff is that puddle?
Underground for too long, mind’s a muddle
I will not abide it
001, I can’t fight it
They’re outside and want me to cuddle
SCP-008 A hungry man is called unfed
And a single man is called unwed
In Russia, detected
008 has infected
And those dudes are fucking undead
SCP-184 184 is not tall and not wide
It gets a bit easy to hide
When placed inside walls
You start getting more halls
And it gets much, much bigger inside
SCP-111 A Wondertainment Dragon-Snail!
A kids toy that sure not to fail
You’re sure to have fun
With skip 111
Just watch for the fiery hail
SCP-3494 Thank you call dado, ok?
If you block, dado show you the way
3494, what mean?
Superlax! Butt will clean!
Now you problem will always go ‘way
SCP-2328 To be made up of trash is his fate
To dispose of it all, he would hate
Nobody’s inside
In his mess, he’ll abide
Did you mean 2328 ?
SCP-003 A paradise for you and me
The goal of 003
She’s such a big star
If allowed, she’ll go far
At what cost? We’ll just have to see…
SCP-3001 Five years, nine months, three days
You can say it in all kinds of ways
But 3001
Is not so much fun
When everything is a red haze
SCP-1936 Daleport is an odd kind of town
Strange things are all wanderin’ round
Out in the sticks
Is 1936
Those we lost can never be found
SCP-1471 No ads! No IAP! none!
MalO just in sight is, uhhh, fun!
It will give a few frights
9point8 megabytes
With 1471
S. D. Locke's Proposal The beacon, it flashes off/on
What happened, outside, to the sun?
Did you hear a sound?
What’s moving around?
When day breaks, it’s 001
SCP-1678 The Bobbies like staying out late
Down a kilometer, straight
A replica found
Under the ground
Skip 1678
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