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Item#: XXXX
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D-18712, after being exposed to SCP-XXXX, calling for medication.

Special Containment Procedures: Radio stations in Dare County are to be continually monitored for SCP-XXXX presence. If these radio stations broadcast instances of SCP-XXXX, they are to be temporarily hijacked with relevant non-anomalous media, and Class-A amnestics are to be administered to relatives of listeners in the case of an uncontained SCP-XXXX instance.

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to 12 instances of anomalous radio broadcasts affecting all FM stations in Dare County, Virginia. All SCP-XXXX instances involve individuals alive in the 16th century, despite lack of recording equipment during this time period. Each SCP-XXXX instance retains the same audiohazardous capabilities. Upon listening to an instance of SCP-XXXX, subjects will undergo a variety of structural and morphological changes. These include the following:

  • Firstly, subjects will develop excess amounts of keratin on the lower extremities, as toes become avian talons.
  • Second, subjects will shed all hair present on their bodies, with excess amounts of keratin, calcium, and iron forming on their upper lip, encompassing their entire nasal passageway to create a bird.
  • Third, subjects will develop a mass of black, otherwise non anomalous feathers across their entire body, except for anywhere below the tibia.
  • Finally, subjects morphologically, dimensionally, and neurologically regress to a Corvus brachyrhynchos1, developing kleptomania and other personality traits exhibited by Corvus brachyrhynchos.

Below are the 12 instances to date of SCP-XXXX. Audio files are attached, with audio quality altered to remove hazardous effects.

Instance 1


(Audio begins in the middle of a monologue. Gulls and sea can be heard as a man, presumably Jonathan Ardogac, a member of the Roanoke colony speaks to himself.)

Jonathan: There it is. The island. Sir White had best pay me well, for the arduous journey here has been fraught with many worries. With this, hopefully, it is possible that I may find a new home. That amongst nature, amongst the birds, amongst the trees. It will be most beautiful. I can hear the cries of the black birds already, as I grow nearer to the coast, with endless waves bearing onto the wooden hull of our ship. It is a kind distraction, though my thoughts are clear enough to recognize this simple fact: the fact that I have been on the sea for so long, to pursue this moment. I have been dreaming of this for so, so long. A home. A family. This is Jonathan's dream.

(Creaking can be heard, with caws in the background as well. Shouting from multiple voices drowns out the speaker, as the audio ends.)


Instance 2


(Crackling can be heard. The speaker from Instance 1 is conversing with another person, eating.)

Ardogac: The food here is plentiful. Berries, meat, many birds. We feast beautifully.

Unknown: Indeed. Nature's bounty, at our fingertips. We feast like kings!

Ardogac: Our stockpiles are plentiful. We have enough food to last us years, even to ensure that the great colony shall remain prosperous for years on end. No resources for any others, of course.

Unknown: The Spanish shall be crying to their mothers tonight! What a beautiful cry that would be!

Ardogac: Only the sounds of the firelight, and that of nature, her rivers, birds, and vegetation exist. The muses themselves inhabit my ears.


Instance 3


(The log begins, with Ardogac and an unknown speaker, referred to in this document as Junior, talking. Sounds of chopping wood can be heard.)

Junior: That's what I told him, Father. I said not to sling the animals, to let only our fathers hunt, but he just ignored me. Ended up killing more than a few birds, almost downed a boar.

Ardogac: Then next time Junior, you go up to Big Henry, whoever he is, and you tell him that I'll have a talk with his father, who'll sure have a talk with him. He will know what that means. If you don't learn to stick up for yourself, you'll be the laughingstock of the whole town. I surely wouldn't wish for that.

Junior: Yes, Father.

Ardogac: We came here to make a life for ourselves. Not to be the village idiots once more.

(Junior can be heard muttering, presumably out of earshot of Ardogac Senior.)

Junior: Big Henry. Guess I'll need… punch myself…times, perhaps…berry juice…bloody. Fowl tastes good…Must return tomorrow.


Instance 4


(Ardogac can be heard talking with his wife Sarah Ardogac, nee Jameson, who sounds frantic. Fire crackling and cawing can be heard in the background.)

Ardogac: Sarah. Sarah. Sarah. Calm down, please. Perhaps he's simply gone out foraging.

Jameson: Look at this! Look at his bed. His clothes, his shoes. All there.

Ardogac: I wouldn't put it past that boy to simply forget it. Numbskull. He gets it from you, you know.

Jameson: Oh, shut up.


Instance 5


(Soft cawing can be heard in the background as Ardogac mutters to himself. Crunches can be heard underfoot as he walks.)

Ardogac: Bloody idiot. Idiot. Takes no sling. Does he not know I could tell?

(Ardogac huffs.)

Ardogac: Leaves nothing but feathers. No shoes. No clothes. How can he be this thick headed?

(Soft cawing can be heard.)

Ardogac: I'm ashamed to call him my child, quite frankly.

(Ardogac walks for approximately 2 minutes. He gasps.)

Ardogac: Junior. Junior! Get back here. You idiot. Playing with bird blood, making witchcraft. Terrible, terrible.

Junior: But Papa, the birds. Look at the birds.

Ardogac: The crows?

Junior: Crows. Dead. I killed them. What have I done?

Ardogac: Yes, they are dead crows indeed. But that aside, they're just crows. Color me quite impressed, boy. You killed a lot of them. Look to the ground!

Junior: Pretty.

Ardogac: They are not pretty, you idiot. They are dead.

Junior: They're dead. They're de-

Ardogac: Yes, yes. Dead.

(Both remain silent, as Ardogac can be heard tapping the wood of nearby trees. The sound of chopping wood can then be heard, along with many distressed caws.)

Junior: Oh no. You've done it now. The Dark, feathered as he is, is coming for us. Run. He knows all methods of escape. He knows all. Hiding will be nothing, Father. Run.

Ardogac: Run?


Instance 6


(Ardogac can be heard talking with Sarah again, over the fire.)

Ardogac: Thank you for the meal.

Jameson: It is not much toil, cooking for you. You'll eat anything. Even a falcon.

Ardogac: Hmm.

Jameson: Are you still pondering about the hovel?

Ardogac: It was as if I were drawn to it, you see. The cries of the crows, I heard them. The trees, splattered with their blood, as if someone had killed them. I felt a great disturbance, as if something had leapt upon me, clawed me, then left as quick as it had arrived.

Jameson: Tell me more.

Ardogac: There isn't much more to say. I… I could not find Junior. I turned back. Only feathers remained. He was gone. Only those bloodied trees remained.

Jameson: The trees?

Ardogac: Upon them was just… 'CREE' and 'CAW' written over and over. Like an endless spiral, written in the crow's blood. That idiot boy probably thought he was performing witchcraft.

(Light tapping can be heard, presumably Junior's steps.)

Junior: Father? There is a crow outside my window.

Ardogac: Go back to sleep.

(Slurping and a light tapping on wood, presumably the door, can be heard.)


Instance 7


(A loud tapping can be heard in the background of this entire audio.)

Ardogac: It was the crow. I knew it. Something was wrong since that day. I could tell.

Jameson: What do you think caused this?

(A soft cawing can be heard, with the sound of crashing wood in the background.)

Ardogac: The house! It's falling! A greying hulking mass. It's rotting.

Junior: The Hand! I can see the Hand! It rends the world asunder.

Jameson: I can hear the cries of the black birds!

Ardogac: Something is not right. It was the birds. The damn birds.

Junior: (unintelligible screaming)

Ardogac: Junior, are you alright? Do tell me, please.

Junior: Father, I do not feel so well.

Ardogac: All of us have lately, what with the starving in the colony.

Jameson: Junior, dear, you look like a carcass the birds would drag in.


Instance 8

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