prometheus promotions sandbox 2 (because the last one shit itself!


  • Temporary Section Head of Collab Log Pruning
    • Running an initiative to update the Character and Personnel Dossier, both the dossier itself and the instructions for adding new entries
    • Backup maintainer for the Comprehensive List of Esoteric Classes
    • Assisting with the pruning of the Log of Anomalous Items Vol. III
  • Tagging
    • Helped to clear out the backlog of untagged articles from the high traffic of JamCon
    • Helping to process the 6kon tag backlog
    • Enforcement of tagging policy and responding to incomplete/invalid tagging jobs
  • Tabulation of votes for town hall on Harmony's works
  • Attribution updating of Harmony's works
    • Reattributed all Harmony SCPs with existing license boxes to Anonymous
  • Ongoing work for Wikiwalk 4.0
    • Assisted with summaries of articles to be crosslinked
  • Minor assorted MAST work
    • Notably, I feel like I'm best at responding to immediate calls for manpower, and have noticed that I'm more efficient in these cases than I am with longer-term projects; I need to be sure not to stretch myself too thin with long-term projects


  • Team Captain and primary proposal sponsor of the Recap Team
    • As of this writing, the August 2021 recap is nearly ready for release


  • Have experience in the policy creation process, and have proposed one major policy and provided feedback on others
  • Highly active on Discord, including select SCP spaces (primarily SCPD) and responsive to communication there
  • Actively comment on policy and ideas
    • Commented on policy regarding town halls, dealing with Harmony's works, and on other minor topics in Discord
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