Proper Site List (from MM)

Okay wait hold on I need table layout let's start with like a couple I guess

SCP-030 SCP-073 SCP-196
SCP-208 SCP-239 SCP-343
SCP-408 SCP-1005 SCP-1203
SCP-1500 SCP-1539 SCP-1915
SCP-1978 SCP-2158 SCP-2471
SCP-2785 SCP-3111 SCP-3636
SCP-4518 SCP-4726 SCP-4770
Site-19: Foundation Facility known as the largest Foundation facilities housing hundreds of SCP objects
Anomalies: SCP-049, SCP-055, SCP-133, SCP-173, SCP-721 SCP-914, SCP-1360
Associated Anomalies:
Appears in:
Site-118: Foundation Facility, description (I think they're known for housing Keter anomalies?? I'll have to double check that)
Anomalies: SCP-1758, SCP-1842, SCP-2006, SCP-2050, SCP-2201, SCP-2588, SCP-2599, SCP-3999
Associated Anomalies SCP-2854 (Anomaly is 3 KM from Site-118), Site does research into SCP-3200, Site houses samples of SCP-3227
Appears in:
Site-120: Foundation Facility, description
Anomalies: SCP-3001
Uncontained: Anomalies that are currently uncontained
Anomalies: SCP-1000
Uncontainable: Anomalies that are unable to be contained
Anomalies: ●●|●●●●●|●●|●, SCP-4444, SCP-4999
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