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This is a non-official collaborative collection intended as an adjunct to the Russian Branch's Internal Departments page. It's your guide to the many Departments and Divisions referenced on the SCP Wiki.

You may edit this page to include any SCP Foundation Departments or Divisions referenced across the site or in your own works. Due to the fact that there is no canon, multiple unique bureaucratic subdivisions with similar names may be included. Common internal departments — like the O5 Council and Ethics Committee, respectively — are linked to one or more relevant in-universe articles that explain their general purpose or show their work in action.

If you want to add to this, there are, of course, rules for inclusion:

  • Departments must be added in alphabetical order.
  • Departments must be labelled with their most common designation in-universe.
    • Example: "the Department of Abnormalities" is labelled almost exclusively as such, as opposed to "the Abnormalities Department".
  • Added departments must be featured in at least one article.


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Department Title Pages used Function
Department of Abnormalities SCP-3790, SCP-3220, SCP-4099, To Never Again See The Light Of Day, SCP-4220, SCP-4309 An early department, secretive even to the majority of the Foundation; their purpose is unknown.
Amnestics Department Captain Kirby's Proposal, SCP-4833, Grin and Bear It Managing amnestic administration.
Cognitohazard Department WJS Proposal, SCP-3484, SCP-3966 Reviewing memetic hazards for cognitohazardous effects.
Department of Miscommunications (DoMc) SCP-4467 Researching and containing anomalies that violate or negate conventional linguistics.
Surrealistics Department SCP-4923 Warriors specializing in untruth.


Division Title Pages used Function
Antimemetics Division Antimemetics Division Hub Researching and containing antimemetic anomalies.
Artificial Intelligence Applications Division (AIAD) AIAD Homescreen Developing, studying, and using Artificial Intelligence for research and operations.
Avian Division Team Bird Hub Employed and organized solely by SCP-3095-1 instances; fulfilling the Foundation's goals from an alternative perspective.
Extrasolar Activities Division SCP-3417, SCP-3230, Faster-Than-Light Prelude, The First Sailors, Directive A-42, Let the Winds Send You Onwards…, Autonomy, Part IV, Like a Rock Monitoring and researching anomalies beyond the solar system.

Other Administrative Areas

Title Pages used Function
Classification Committee SCP-3812, SCP-4935, SCP-1900-EX Proposing modifications to object classification.
Containment Committee TwistedGears-Kaktus Proposal, SCP-049, SCP-2464, SCP-3355, SCP-4444, SCP-4704 Proposing modifications to containment procedures.
Ethics Committee Ethics Committee Orientation An independent board responsible for weighing the moral costs of the Foundation's containment.
O5 Council/Overwatch Command O5 Command Dossier A group of 13 high-ranking officials with ultimate control over the Foundation.
The Recordkeeping and Information Security Administration (RAISA) SCP-076, SCUTTLE Maintaining the security and safety of all internal Foundation data.
Site Directors' Executive Committee of the Whole (SDECotW) Kate McTiriss's Proposal A collective of every Site Director, voting on administrative proposals en masse.
Office of Tactical Theology spikebrennan's proposal, SCP-3310 Investigating and studying religious anomalies.

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