Articles With No Item Number

The following is a list of SCP Articles which don't have an official Item Number or that cannot be referred to by that number, either because of the object's properties, its containment procedures, or because it has not received one.

🗿 URA-9611

URA-9611, formerly SCP-2235, is a potent material infohazard affecting data about numerous historical figures.

😶 ●●|●●●●●|●●|●

scp%20logo%20mini.png-#: ●●|●●●●●|●●|

👩 Allison Eckhart

Allison Eckhart #: Allison Eckhart

☠️ What Happens After

Item #: SCP-numerals.gif

⚠️ An Honest Buck

Item #: SCP-61231

🎭 Di Molte Voci

How about "Di Molte Voci"? Italian for "out of many voices".- Grimes

😕 A Severe Case of Soulnesia

Item #: SCP-████

Alternate Designation: Non-Standard Designation "TYRFING"



🌲 Taboo

Item #: Restricted per protocol 4000-Eshu.

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