Persons of Interest

This is a non-exhaustive list of all Persons of Interest (PoIs) cataloged by the Foundation. Persons who've made multiple appearances, even without their attached PoI designations, should be added to the Recurring Persons sublist along with all designations given and appearances. 1 to 2-sentence descriptions for persons are optional, but helpful!

001 Proposals
Article Designation(s) Name

Article Designation(s) Name

Article Designation(s) Name

Article Designation(s) Name
SCP-2343 POI-5602 and POI-5701 SCP-2343/Ptah and Sekhmet
SCP-2648 PoI-2648 "CJ"
SCP-2739 POI-2739/01 and POI 2739/02 ███ ███████ and █████ ███████
SCP-2457 POI-2457-01 Mr. ████████ ██████

Article Designation(s) Name
SCP-3323 PoI-668 "Christian McMichaels"
SCP-3331 PoI-46532 John Cena
American professional westler, also known as SCP-3331-1-27. Current location is unknown.
SCP-3464 POI-4312 Parachef Ignaas Markus
Dutch demonologist specializing in edibles produced by or from demons. Rising member of the North American anomalous restaurant scene.
SCP-3713 POI-3713 Camila Marquez
SCP-3739 POI-11366 Moosphere, Inc. CEO Maat Mohamed
Egyptian entrepreneur. Founder and eternal overlord of Moosphere operations.
SCP-3842 POI-3842-1 through 4 Hope, Susan, Johnathan, and Robert ███████
SCP-3962 PoI-3962-1 Julian Brooks

Article Designation(s) Name
SCP-4056 POI-4056 Allison Chao
SCP-4111 POI-418 Unnamed male
SCP-4275 POI-13322 and POI-5176 Unnamed salvage diver (deceased) and Medusa
SCP-4197 POI-4197 Unnamed East Asian male
SCP-4466 POI-4466-01 Host of "The Dangers of Misunderstanding Your Steed"
SCP-4475 POI-4475-01 Rancher Timothy Wickman
A Wisconsin-local cattle rancher — the first to become trapped in SCP-4475 udders.
SCP-4696 POI-4696-1 Jamie Miller
SCP-4775 POI-4775 "Angela Turner"/"Olivia Vasina"
SCP-4792 POI-4792 Geta Ipolet
An artificial intelligence inhabiting SCP-4792's mechanical chassis.
SCP-4983 POI-4983 Matoki Negeshi

Article Designation(s) Name
SCP-5984 PoI-8365 Stanley Budiansky
High-ranking member within the Church of Maxwellism's Hedwigian denomination. Interviewed by the Foundation due to his persumed connection to SCP-5984.

Article Designation(s) Name
SCP-030-J PoI-2844 Unnamed Celebrity

Article(s) Designation(s) Name/Title
SCP-002-EX Species of Interest SoI-002 Extrasolar species
SCP-123-EX Person of Interest-1213 & Person of Interest-523 Ottone Trevisan, Julius 'Sawteeth' McGallan
SCP-445-EX PoI-386-Prime-3 Holly Light
SCP-1401-EX PoI-6922 ToasterDoot
SCP-1927-EX PoI (no number given) Philo T. Farnsworth
SCP-1990-EX PoI-1990-01 & PoI-1990-02 David Koresh, ████████ █████
SCP-3000-EX PoI-3000-1 Carl Fraser
SCP-4734-EX PoI-8675 Gregory "Also Greg" Francis
SCP-5297-EX POI-5297 Michael Bell

Article Designation(s) Name

Article Designation(s) Name
Over The Moon PoI-7938 Kenneth and Sirius McGuire
You Can Check Out Any Time You Want... POI "Martha"

GOI Format
Article Designation(s) Name

Author Pages
Article Designation(s) Name

Article Designation(s) Name

Recurring Persons
Designation(s) Name(s) Appearances
PoI-6870 Jude Kriyot ("bluntfiend")
PoI-6877 JJ ("jockjamsvol6")
PoI-6878 Esther ("lesbian_gengar")
PoI-6880 "polaricecraps"
PoI-6881 Dahlia Price ("hetcopogg")
PoI-6882 Andressa Santos ("gaycopmp4")
PoI-6883 bones ("Eli")
PoI-6884 Armand ("harmpit")
PoI-6888 "kkrule"
PoI-6889 "TrainerDP"
PoI-6891 "talman_corvett"
PoI-6892 "opossum"
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