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This page catalogues articles with "title screws": strange or creative titles that may be difficult to search for. The idea is to make this page accessible to bots like Crom that can't understand these titles.

URL Current Title Alternate Title The Old Man Larry The Sculpture - The Original Peanut A Hack Job Mr. Hax The Ghoooost Siiiign The Ghost Sign ℞FM Broken Mason ℞FM RFM A Bundle of Stories Slender Man Internet-Savvy Predator Internet Predator ᖃᓪᓗᐱᓪᓗᐃᑦ Qalupalik With Many Voices Something Red Humans Go Home Beauremont The Lunatic Moon Champion www.floatationdevice.███ www . floatation device . com www.floatationdevice.███ www . flotation device . com At the Movies Siskel And Ebert Where The Dragons Went Here Be Dragons Where The Dragons Went Here Were Dragons The Moonlight Theater Moonlight Theater Presents: Hugo Weaving LA U GH IS F UN Laugh Is Fun great ideas that are TOTALY USELESS (lulz) great ideas that are TOTALLY USELESS (lulz) Проект Стебельчатый Глаз Project Eyestalk Foor Th'luv Uv God Doont Yuuz It For The Love Of God Don't Use It SCRAVECROW Rave Scarecrow Not a Planet Pluto 2017_acf_nats_fianls.mp4 2017 ACF Nationals Finals MP4 I Didn't Expect That Mr. Spanish Inquisition I Didn't Expect That Sir Monty Python And The Holy Grail Mountain Folk Nephilim ●●|●●●●●|●●|● Tiberius RTFM Mr. Top Text and Mr. Bottom Text That's Not My Name Mr. Empathy That's Not My Name Mr. Literal Serial Killer 定海神针 如意金箍棒 Ruyi Jingu Bang Добрых мужчин Good men What is it Good For? In My Final Moments Q U A C K - Q U A C K Quack-Quack 《缢王本纪》 "King Wang Ji" てるてるネコちゃん Terel cat As below, so above Anafabula Белки Proteins Белки Squirrels Turtles All the Way Down Organism.R.G.A.N.I.S.M. Constructive Criticism The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican It's A Meme, You Dip Mr. Meme がしゃどくろ Gashadokuro Di Molte Voci out of many voices & Ampersand Ihct͟o̢ga̴m͠a̢t ihctogamaT Ihct͟o̢ga̴m͠a̢t Tamagotchi Choco-Wonder Explosion Marshmallow Bites!™ by Dr. Wondertainment Judy the Tongue Smoke the Reefer, Meet the Reaper Mr. Ominous A Story Concerning Self-Doubt, Slight Disillusionment, and Frustration, As Told By the Lucky Member of a Group Whose Relatable Works Are Loved Internationally Mr. Bernie Sanders The Doxx Ghost Mr. Deadly Sins H A N D M I L K ™ Hand Milk™ H A N D M I L K ™ Handmilk™ Death of the Author, etc. George the Chinchilla This girl's gone bad on a game attack! Heather This girl's gone bad on a game attack! Ms. Mad About Video Games The Escapee 55555 Nitepad™ Notepad™ F*ck off Carl. Fuck off Carl. HEADBONES™!! HEAD BONES™!! добрите стари дни good old days p e r s e v e r a n c e perseverance R35urr3c710n Resurrection A Totleigh unBÄRable existence A totally unBÄRable existence A Totleigh unBÄRable existence A totally unbearable existence A Totleigh unBÄRable existence A Totleigh unbearable existence What-A-Boots Whataboots T(r)opical Cream Topical Cream T(r)opical Cream Tropical Cream "Let Me Redirect You Right Now" Mr. Sex Number God Is Dumb Ashur OK ペインター! OK Painter! High Quality Ripoff SiivaGunner High Quality Ripoff SilvaGunner MIЯЯOЯ BÄR MIRROR BAR STOPRIGHTTHERECRIMINALSCUM!!! Stop Right There, Criminal Scum! The Dolphin Manifesto The Foundation itself, therefore, supplies the dolphins with its own elements of political and general education, in other words, it furnishes the dolphins with weapons for fighting the Foundation. The Holy and Heavenly City of Fabled China The Most Holy and Imperial City of Fabled China Birds of a Feather Flamingo Bureau of Immigration Action Comics #1 Superman or, KTE-6561-Black, or, dolphinslugchugger and scarhaver's GAW-1 proposal, or, 8008132, or, Our Friend Who Lives By The Lake, or, The Lake, or, A Very Important Question, or, The Reason We Did Something New This Time, or, Go Big or Go Home SCP-4239 Avelar Express First Class Prime™! Anomalous Delivery Service Nuestra Señora de la Revolución Popular Ms. Zapatista G A M E R M I L K Gamer Milk G A M E R M I L K Gamermilk 9.8m/s² 9.8m/s2 9.8m/s² Good Airwaves Letter of Resignation Working 9 to 5 The Subject is Aware Botnik Command-Query Separation Crom ㄗitch 卄aven Pitch Haven Hub Iteration F Gay Furry Porn yes no .::Only |n Dreams— Only in Dreams Site-30's Janitor Janitor Worth Kills A Man. ∆K=([ϑK/ ϑx], [ ϑK/ ϑy], [ ϑK/ ϑz]) Or: Episiotometrics Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before
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