Weekly Discussion Topics

What is the "Weekly Discussion"?

Every week, the SCPDeclassified Discord Server hosts an SCP Foundation/Wanderers' Library-focused discussion. Discussions occur in the #weekly-discussion channel — found under the "Declassified Topics" category — and each Wednesday, a new topic is chosen.

Most topics are selected via user suggestion. Server members submit their suggestions to an anonymous Google Form. Topics are typically vetted by Lt FlopsLt Flops, and have occurred (almost) every week since August 14, 2019.

Discussions Catalogue

This section contains links to the set of key points or novel ideas discussed during specific topics. Think of this as a catalogue, or "Book Club"-type round-up.

This is a community resource.

Each linked page operates under the most basic of collaboration principles:

  • If you engaged in a listed discussion, please feel free to add to the page.
  • If you proposed a new idea, please feel free to mark your name next to it.1
  • If a specific idea is marked as having been created by another user,2 and you want to use that idea, please ask them first.

Compiled for Week 45 of the #weekly-discussion:

Which aspects of the SCP Foundation/Wanderers' Library Universe would you like to see expanded on or further explored?
Which popular aspects of the Universe do you think need reinvigoration? In what ways?

Week 45 - Discussion Link

Compiled for Week 46 of the #weekly-discussion:

Often, a new SCP Foundation Division is written as the premise for a single author's works. Which Branch/Division/Department, etc., do you think is the most underwritten?
Alternatively, is there a branch that doesn't yet exist that you'd like to see?

Week 46 - Discussion Link

Compiled for Week 48 of the #weekly-discussion:

Many people are unaware of the qualities inherent to societies they are not a member of. What are some of your favourite SCP Wiki/Wanderers’ Library works that give a perspective on cultures, religions, or ethnic groups outside your own?

Week 48 - Discussion Link

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