A battle of Desires

The cold white walls were the only thing that was ever the same in this cell. The layout was designed to drive one to Insanity, to look similar and to easily cause one to lose track of where they were.

Thump thump thump.
It was as white as the moon, with sharp twists and turns against curved walls, making some ways seem like dead ends
Thump thump thump.
Damn it had he taken a wrong turn? No this was the way, muscle memory told him as much. This way and this turn, that way and that turn. He had memorized the route by heart.
Thump thump thump.
He wanted at the center of this elaborate maze. Noisily he passed Cells, the lights burned uncovered eyes and made the hallways Hell to stare into. It had been made for a human mind to lose itself and to trap the body by befuddling senses.
Thump thump thump.

The heart of this place, which could almost be considered its own hell, even for anomalies, was where he desired to be. He needed a break from the normal day to day things he had to endlessly do.

His feet stopped thumping on the floor as he stopped. The heart of the Maze, it had three cells. The largest of which was at its center. 10” cm thick plexiglass was covered in sharpie, thick black notes were all over the boundaries of the cell.

It took him only a moment before he realized they escape notes and not his usual research notes. The key to this fact was the messy handwriting. His real notes would never be so messy. He went around to the cell’s door.

There behind it, he eyed a human. Short, one could say stunted but was definitively below-average heights especially for someone of his age. His orange hair had become messy and greasy, he needed a bath. His eyes were two different colors, and today he wore his most sadistic smile. The smile that championed loudly a breakthrough or victory. It was terrifying even to him who had seen much more than just a twisted smile of insanity.

Reluctantly he opened the door.his heavy body stepped inside the cell. He made sure he wasn't getting through the door.
The man’s head snapped to him. ” Ahh, your back! Come to rub it in again that I'm stuck in this… This… DAMN YOU!” He huffed childishly. His eyes were bloodshot and his skin had gone pale, he hadn't slept all week, maybe even two. He hadn’t come to see his father in a while.

“ And you haven’t slept!” He retorted.
“ DAMNITILLSLEEPWHENIMFREE! ILLSLEEPWHENIFINIALLYSHATTERTHISREALITYANDESCAPEITANDCHEATDEATH!” He responded so rapidly and snappily. His words had slurred together in his blaze of speech.

With a heavy sigh.
“ Felix- Father. It’s time for you to sleep.”
With a jerk, Felix stepped back his orange hair swaying everywhere.

He shut the door. And locked it. He always felt terrible for doing this to his father. But it was needed. Otherwise, he’d overclock himself and get hurt.

Watching as fear set into Felix’s face. He took a step forward, as the airs went from controlled and superior to cowardly and fearful. He stepped back as well.
“ We can do this the easy way. Just get it over with?”
“ no. No. And No. FUCKING STAY AWAY! I-illillilll illputthisneedlesomeplaceyouwont like!” Felix threatened the larger being. Despite the fact,, he knew it wouldn’t pierce his body.

With the empty threat, he put a heavy booted foot forward and came at the scientist. Felix let out a holler as he tried to roll to the side. Only he failed to roll entirely and kinda slide to the side. He let out a punt squeak as the distance was closed and flailed his arms at the bigger being’s body.

“ STAYTHEFUCKAWAYFROMME!” He hisses like a cornered animal but it was pointless as all the same his heavy arms wrapped around the tiny man and pulled him from the floor into his arms.

His thick and rough suit had seen better days but the needle could do nothing to him with it on. Felix found his face pressed against the soft reptile skin that covered the outside of the thick suit. And he pushed and huffed fiercely.

Alright, he had Felix in his hands. It felt nice holding him. However, now came the hard part. He grabbed the index. He had to erase his father’s notes.

”What do you think you are doing?! YOUBETTERNOTILLFUCKINGKILLYOU! ” He screamed at him as he sprayed the notes that were written down and began to wipe them away.
” YOUSONOFABITCH!” he shook with anger as he spat out the phrase in one quick sentence.

” Sorry, dad I tried to make it easy for you.”
” Damn it Alvnaye! You've ruined my work! MYBLOODYWORK!”
Felix broke down into tears. His creation was destroying his work. It was like some bitter fate had been waiting for this moment. He wanted out of this prison and he had just stopped him.

Alvnaye sighed as he just pulled Felix closer and wiped it all away.
“ Now hush. You’ll probably write out your escape plan again in a few days as you think of something new.”

“ BUT THAT ONE WAS, Perfect!” Felix responded with obvious distress.
Alvnaye growing weary of this conflict pulls out some pills form his bag. He had them in a convenient spot for times like this. He forced the pills,amnestic, into Felix’s mouth who gagged and shook and sputtered trying to spit them back out. He closes his eyes and quickly gave a harsh and strong punch to his stomach. Which had the intended effect. Even if it hurt his father. He swallowed the pills. And a look of fear and hatred mixed into one single glance.

“ What………. have ….:: you done?!? YOUFUCKINGFOOL!!!” He screeched
“ Calm down it’ll be over in a moment.”
He picks up the tiny human again. An begins to choke him, not to kill him but just so he’s black out.

He tears up as he sees the pain rush into his face. He weakly slaps his arms. Trying to get him to stop. However inevitably Felix’s eyes closed and Alvnaye put him on his bed. His breathing did restart, luckily. Then he began to thrash in his sleep.

The reason he never wanted to sleep, and the thrashing were one in the same. He suffered from nightmares and Alvnaye could only wonder what kind of horrors was in the head of such a twisted man.

He walked over to his work table and collect several vials full of liquids. He collected them and opened the cell door taking them to some pneumatic tubes for them to be analyzed.

He went back inside the cell and locked the door. He picked the still struggling Felix and held him tightly. Gently he rested his head on his own shoulder. Alvnaye closes his eyes finding stress and pain melt away.

He dozed off for a few hours, Felix was still asleep and twitching when he got a call on his radio.

“ 682? We have a situation we need you to resolve.”

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