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Item #: ???
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-??? has limited control of their body, and is under immense amounts of stress, SCP-??? is considered self-containing. Despite this, remote monitoring is carried out within SCP-???'s residence.
Description: SCP-??? is a human woman, born Charlotte Novell. SCP-???-A is a heavily modified MacBook Pro capable of quantum computing. SCP-???-A is attached to SCP-??? by four cables stemming from a generic USB hub. The cables enter SCP-??? in four places: her temple, her left wrist, her right ear, and her sternum.
SCP-??? shows severe signs of malnourishment and insomnia, impairing her physical health.
finish the above bit with a psychological profile or something idk
SCP-???-A is unable to turn off, via loss of power or physical attempts to remove its power source. Recovered journal entries written by SCP-??? indicate that SCP-???-A has four teraflops, allowing it to perform roughly four trillion floating point operations per second, far beyond what a MacBook Pro would be physically capable of. SCP-???-A is connected to a single monitor, an LG 27MP33HQ. This monitor displaying roughly two-hundred words per minute through a window similar to the default macOS ZSH shell.
Due to the difficulty of transcribing output from SCP-???-A, Alexander.aic has been utilized to catalog transmissions from before 6/15/2020, which is estimated to finish on 9/20/2021. Outputs received after this date have been uploaded to Foundation servers via a hardware-based tracker installed onto SCP-???-A.

Addendum ???.1 (6/20/2020)
Excerpts of SCP-???-A's output have been catalogued on this document by Alexander.aic, for ease of psychoanalysis.

[…] running i'm running i cant get away the wolf's got his jaw on my thigh and it won't let go and i can't get out of the path either the path is filled with rocks that prick my toe every time i move but i can't move because i'm stuck in this room alone like i always have been since i can remember which i don't even think is true my mind races and i can't explain it […]

Addendum ???.2 (9/21/2021)
As of 9/20/2021, all of SCP-???-A's transmissions have been catalogued by Alexander.aic. The first two minutes-worth of messages printed by SCP-???-A are as follows:

oh i'm in already? i thought it would take a lot longer. alice's description was right i guess
so i can warp where i am right
uhhh… gmod construct
oh. it worked. i'm in gmod construct
can i give myself a gravity gun?
i can't grab it, but i can see it
she did say i can't really interact with the environment

stuck here? forever?
shit. shit. i can't abandon her. we had plans. if i can't get to her i don't even know what i'd do
this is kind of like lucid dreaming right? can i pinch myself awake..? no.
wonder if alice will be able to get to my house
my… house. i'm in there. alone.
don't cry charlotte

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