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Author: CryogenChaosCryogenChaos

Today, we're not talking about an SCP article, we're talking about a tale. This is my first declassification on a tale, and I'm excited to get into it.

Our story begins with a bunch of junk data vaguely resembling an SCP article. This is apparently what pops up when you view the 000 slot in the Foundation database. Right after that we're shown a note by one Technical Researcher Rosen, who says that the system keeps sending out repair tickets for that slot in the database, and that he's sick of it so he's suppressing them all until future notice. Take note of this, it'll be important later on.

Now, it looks like the article ends here, but it doesn't. There's a bunch of white text underneath the note, and highlighting it gives us more story.

In this story, a first-person narrator describes being tethered to a single spot in a blank, infinite, lifeless plane. They can go as far as they want, but if they stop moving they get pulled back to the spot they're tethered to. Despite this, they have explored the plane, and have seen flashes of horrible abominations, one of which said the word "Foundation" to them. They have spent a long time thinking about what that word could mean.

The abomination saying the word "Foundation" to the narrator also revealed to them that they possessed a mouth, and that they could make noises with it. After learning this, they proceeded to do the sensible thing and shout nonsense at the sky. As they did so, they created ripples in the air, which they could control with the weight and volume of their voice. This led them to believe that they could shape the world around them with their voice, however they soon discovered, much to their dismay, that no matter how loud they shouted and for how long, there were no permanent effects. There would be a great ripple, and then everything would return to the way it was. After despairing over this for a while, they decided that, since they didn't seem to have any other options, they would simply scream until something happened. The tale ends with this vow:

â€ĶI will not stop screaming until I am free.

Now that we've gone over the contents of the tale, we can begin to figure out what it means. Let's see if the tale's tags can give us any clues.


Aha! The narrator is a Pattern Screamer!

For those of you who don't know what Pattern Screamers are, I'll briefly summarize them for you. Pattern Screamers are consciousnesses inhabiting the fabric of reality itself, the little gaps of nothingness in-between reality. If our narrator is a Pattern Screamer, that explains the plane of nothing they're trapped in, and why they cannot leave. But where is this plane? It's in the SCP-000 slot. Remember, SCP-000 doesn't exist. The Foundation started with 001 and went up. This made it the perfect place for the Pattern Screamer to inhabit. Once you realize this, everything else makes sense as well. The little flashes of abominations the narrator sees are things cataloged in the Foundation database. That pile of junk data that was causing the system to send out a bunch of error tickets? That's caused by the Pattern Screamer screaming. Those are the ripples.

This leaves us with one question: will the Pattern Screamer ever escape its prison? The answer is no. Pattern Screamers' powers are based on perception. The more people you have observing a Pattern Screamer, the more dangerous it becomes. In their day-to-day activities, Foundation personnel don't look at the 000 slot, since it will never be assigned an anomaly, and Rosen suppressed all the support tickets the system was sending out, so now the technical guys aren't going to see it either. The Pattern Screamer can scream, and scream, and scream, but nothing will ever come of it.

That brings us to the end of SCP-000, a tragic story about an entity condemned to an isolated existence forever. Thank you for reading.

Link: SCP-000

Written By: UncannyClown276 does not match any existing user name, u/UncannyClown276

Date Published: March 20, 2019

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