πŸ“‹ SCP-093 β€” Red Sea Object
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"it came from between the folds of time and space and worlds and light and dark something that is but should not be slipped in and called out to them as their god and IT IS STILL HERE"


Object Class: Euclid

Author: NekoChris

PART 1: Through The Vaguely-Religious Looking Glass

I must confess - up until I wrote this explanation, in my four years of browsing the wiki I had never read SCP-093. Red Sea Object! Heritage Collection! Over a thousand upvotes! Countless art and games made about it! And yet, every time I decided to read it, I took one look at all the logs that were there and just kinda put it off for another day. I know, I'm a terrible fan.

But after reading SCP-093, I can safely say that yes, it absolutely lives up to its reputation. This is a stunning, creepy story of huge scope and craft, and it's managed to be far ahead of its time when compared to its other Series I compatriots.

SCP-093 is a red stone disc with weird circular engravings that can be comfortably held in your hand, and the disc changes colors apparently based on "regrets carried by the holder." (Hey, it's the new iPhone!)

SCP-093 really really likes mirrors:

If SCP-093 is removed from a mirror and not held by a person, it will seek out the nearest mirror-like surface. SCP-093 has been observed to travel in the largest possible circle while rolling, building up phenomenal speed…It will only stop when a mirror-like surface is contacted. Despite tremendous impact velocities, no damage will be dealt to SCP-093 or the mirror.

This behavior, of course, explains the containment procedures, which demand that SCP-093 be kept on a mirror at all times. However, there's a strange additional factor that highlights the Foundation's fear of this thing - apparently, SCP-093 is kept under video surveillance at all times, and any unauthorized tests with it will be dealt with "severely."

This is suspicious.

Let's take a break to look at the Original Documentation! Here's a meta fun fact - this "original documentation" is the original version of SCP-093 as found on the EditThis wiki before it was ported and then drastically rewritten by NekoChris. So in essence, this really is original documentation. SCP-093-OD essentially says much the same things that the description says, but there are also some weird hints as to the bigger story here:

Ties between 194-9834 and SCP-093 remain inconclusive and effects of prolonged exposure to 093 remain unknown except for infrequent reports of periods of calmness and in the case of 242-0049 as periodic waves of depression, loss of balance and thoughts of suicide. These feelings have reportedly not exceeded eleven days in duration. Object seemed to react to the presence of 242-0056 by turning light violet for no more than 2:09, as documented on 12 March 1993. Effects of this reaction remain unknown.

The colors that this thing turns into seem to heavily depend on the mental state and knowledge of the subject. The Red Sea Object is a mood ring. This is crucial.

The next part is the Foundation testing just exactly how SCP-093 interacts with mirrors. Much of it is boring. The last test is not. The last test reveals that if a person places the disk onto the mirror, they move into the mirror.

So here is a brief summary of the exploration protocols:

  • A flashlight that can hold up to 9 hours of battery life
  • 4 water bottles
  • Ready-to-eat meals and granola bars (dab on the chocolate chip joke)
  • A gun with 24 rounds (dab on the safety protocols)
  • A standard knife ("the subject is not to be made aware of this item")
Huh. The Foundation is equipping its personnel for a harsh, dangerous, long-period expedition. Into a mirror. They also want a constant live video feed. They want you to read these test results in order.

With these curious protocols in mind, we jump right into the Blue test.

PART 2: I'm Afraid That I Just Blue Myself

The Conditions: This is a male D-class with a past of murder and attempted suicide. Given his full cooperation with the investigation, we can assume that he is very regretful for his past. As such, the object emits a blue color and the view from the mirror is "heavily tinged in blue."

The D-Class emerges in an empty lowland field with no trees or humans. After traveling forward for a bit, he finds a hole in the ground near a section of barren grass and is instructed to go in. About 100 meters down, only dirt can be found - but there's a light at the bottom!

This is what he sees:

The tunnel turns from bare dirt to a concrete enclosure, subject complains of a stench. The light source is revealed to be ceiling light fixtures, a series of which with less than a quarter broken while the others function. A series of six doors, three to a side, span before the camera view with a seventh door visible at the end of the corridor that has been blocked by what looks like generic metal shelving debris. Debris shows signs of rusting and is typical of retail store units suggesting other human presences.

Almost all the doors are locked or blocked in some way - as if to protect or hide against something? - but eventually one is successfully opened. It's bare and empty, but coated in a smelly, sticky substance. Another door is opened, and:

Walls of room are clean as is floor, ceiling is coated in the same strange brown material as the third room. In this room there is a makeshift cot made from aged blankets with a pillow, a wooden crate containing open boxes of what appears to have been food stuffs, language appears on video as squiggles however subject states they simply read 'Cereal'. A second crate in the room contains what appear to be empty water bottles that have dried out. A book lays next to the cot, closed, no title or identifying marks.

So this is some sort of underground bunker, ancient and lost to time, with traces of humans living there a long time ago. And there's something else going on here; something suspicious.

As soon as the D-Class approaches the book, a high-pitched screeching noise "like grinding metal" appears and lasts for a couple of seconds, and the door begins to close on its own.

Careful review of the following ten seconds of tape shows that as the camera pans, a figure is visible at the end of the tunnel where the seventh door is. The door is open only enough for a face to be seen through a crack just before the door silently closes. No details can be seen.

…fuck. There is definitely something going on here.

After some more exploration, the Foundation determines that there is nothing left to find except more crumbly newspapers and food rations, and orders the D-Class to return to base. The smell is getting stronger, apparently. Suddenly, the rope tightens and the D-Class begins ascending the tunnel - something is pulling him up.

As he tries to get back to the mirror, something begins messing with the cable and angling it in weird places. A force keeps on pushing the cable back, and when the D-Class turns around, he sees 37 figures with nondistinct features; strangely, they are not blue, as if they are not truly part of the reality that the D-Class experiences.

And as the man escapes, this is what he shoots at, and what control witnesses:

Control personnel monitoring the mirror state having seen a massive human being, crawling on the ground, easily fifty times the size of a normal person with no facial features and a very short arm reach, pulling itself toward the mirror before it returned to a reflection. Due to proximity fine details could not be made out but at least one observer noted the being appeared to have been shot from the marks in the otherwise smooth featureless face.

Concluding Remarks: Initial explorations into SCP-093 determine the following:

  • A very regretful and remorseful murderer opens a portal to an underground bunker underneath a plain.
  • Inside the bunker there is a horrid substance coating everything, and doors locked, jammed, blocked, etc.
  • People lived in this bunker a long time ago, but they have been gone for so long that even the newspaper is crumbling.
  • Strange figures dominate this landscape, including faceless figures and crawling, faceless giants.
This is but one glimpse of the world within SCP-093. Let's see another. You will find many features that are similar, suggesting clues to the ancient, forgotten, and traumatic history of this world.

PART 3: It's Not Easy Being Green

The Conditions: This is a female who stole a car and killed two kids doing it. Arguably, this is a worse set of crimes than the previous, and the situation might imply a hot-blooded crime, done in the moment. Once again, however, cooperation means repentance and clear guilt, so the place where she ends up is quite similar in many ways to the Blue test (and different in some others).

The mirror opens up to a place that looks to be different from the Blue test. It's a desolate farmland field with a farm house visible. Nothing is growing, and a scarecrow lies on the ground. The woman walks around the farmhouse, and:

Children's bicycles, two, a boy's and girl's, lay against the house near the shelter doors. One of the doors to the shelter lay in the grass, torn from the entrance as evidenced by splintering wood. On the stairs lay clothes arranged in a descending order, shoes to shirt going down them, belonging to a boy. Subject begins screaming at control asking if this is some sort of sick joke. Control assures her they have never seen this environment either and to please calm down. Subject takes several minutes to regain herself before continuing. It is unknown if SCP-093 is linking the subject's past with her landscape.

Interesting. In other words, the mirror seems to have chosen a place that reminds or brings up her past and her previous experiences. The question is, why do this? What would this portal-opening stone disc gain from linking its world to the person that holds it?

As the woman goes down into the cellar of the farmhouse, we can see that there are broken beams and lights and canned foods - human presence, abandoned for many years. Once more, a terrible smell (this scene is similar to the Blue test, isn't it?) Finally, she spots a hatch that the smell seems to emanate from. Opening the hatch reveals a white concrete bunker similar to the one in the Blue test, except seemingly newer and better-maintained.

Inside the bunker:

Several boxes of food similar to those found during Blue marked as 'Cereal' fill a waste container near the hatch bottom. On the beds are two skeletons and on the floor is a third, lying next to which is a simple six shooter revolver containing no ammunition.

A new discovery - the first real evidence of humans! Skeletons next to a revolver, living in a bunker. Obviously these people were hiding from something on the surface - maybe the faceless creatures? Now that I think about it, where did those faceless things come from? Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

Also in the bunker are some trash bags, a newspaper article, 1950's toys (huh), and an ethernet jack coated in amber fluid (huh?). As the woman ascends back to the farmhouse, control sees another humanoid figure looking down at the D-Class, but she doesn't see anything. When the woman gets to the top, she begins hearing a horrifying noise - that control doesn't hear. In the distance, there are two more crawling faceless giants. They have variable arm lengths, and because their body ends at the torso they just push themselves across the landscape.

A heavy layer of dust coats all items in the kitchen. The refrigerator is left open, all food is spoiled. Adjacent the kitchen is a living area that subject enters slowly. There is a recliner, a couch, and a television all of 1950s style design. In the recliner is a laptop whose case also resembles 1950s decor and is coated in heavy dust. Opening the laptop reveals the last moments of its operating system, "Faithful OS" leaving a standby mode and immediately shutting off. Laptop has no external power source and will not power back on.

The rest of the exploration is uneventful, but the Foundation finds out that some distance away is an actual city in this world. Also, surrounding the farmhouse are 300 faceless humanoids staring upwards that the woman doesn't see.

Concluding Remarks: The Green Test of SCP-093 determines the following:

  • SCP-093 chooses locations that link to the explorer's own personal history - in this case, into a farmhouse that also had a bunker of its own.
  • Nearly everyone lived in bunkers at some point, possibly to hide from the creatures that prowl the landscape. There are many similarities to the Blue test including the strange stinky brown liquid.
  • The world here has 21st century technology yet a 1950s aesthetic. Also, "Faithful OS" seems to indicate some more to this story.
  • This world also has a city, and probably all the features of our Earth.

Things get weirder with the Violet test.

PART 4: Roses Are Red, Violets Are [EXPUNGED]

The Conditions: This man killed a police officer during a drug bust in a brutal and violent way. This person is absolutely uncooperative during most stages of testing, possibly indicating that this person has psychopathic tendencies and no regrets. SCP-093 turns purple, and he ends up in a large metropolis.

In this city, the cars on the streets all seem incredibly streamlined, futuristic, and advanced, and they all have a - in the words of the explorer - "rank ass stank." Peering inside, most of the cars are filled to the brim with brown fluid, except for one, which the subject gets into. The dashboard is void of any steering, controls, or interfaces, except a GPS screen. My god, it's a self-driving car! We're in the future! Or the 1950's?

Once more, a humanoid figure with a blank face peers into the car, but the actual guy in the mirror can't see it - only control. With an escort team joining in, the whole crew enters a building titled "XEA Research Partners." Interestingly, there's a normal-looking corporate lobby with an empty receptionist's desk. Also:

A PC terminal is at the desk as well. Team approaches the desk and the camera bearer is instructed to examine the PC. The unit does appear to have power and "Faithful OS" appears on the screen requesting a login and password. A keyboard is present but is remarkably slim with touch sensitive keys rather than press down keys.

Hey, it's Faithful OS! As the party continues to explore, it can be seen that a lot of the technology is remarkably sleek and futuristic, as if it were a couple decades in our future. The crew takes the elevator to the top, and while floors 13 and 113 are missing from the options pad, they seem to still have been built.

At the top, the city is silent and devoid of signs of any life whatsoever. Once more, gelatinous brown fluid is seen splashed against the buildings and seeping out of windows. God, where is it coming from? Why is it everywhere? And worse, crawling on an expressway is another faceless torso giant. (As an aside, "Faceless Torso Giant" would be a great name for a band.) They return to the elevator and find that the button for Floor 74 is already active.

On the 74th floor the doors open and reveal a waiting area to what appears to be a doctor's office. At the reception desk there is a sign in sheet with a series of names and dates. The dates on the sign in sheet all carry the year 1953. A PC at the receptionist area is on and functioning at a user desktop. The background for the PC is a large set of praying hands with the word "Faithful OS" under them.

We have confirmed the last active date to be 1953, and yet computers are everywhere. You know what else is everywhere? This goddamn Faithful OS what is its purpose help it's freaking me out

The doctor appears to be ingrained in theocracy - he is given a title of "purificationist" and it is accompanied by a crucifix symbol. Creepy. We find a containment area filled with coma-induced humans. Two of them are broken, amber fluid leaking out. Is this where it comes from?

Most interestingly of all, the supposed "symptoms" of these sick patients are mostly personality flaws.

Control asks for a zoom of one of the patient pages on the chart. After focusing, it reads 'Citizen Jennifer McZirka did suffer a lapse of the heart that did lead her to lay with her neighbor twice upon nights of her husband’s departure from their home. Patient did submit herself into the Lord's and our hands for cleansing of mind and body.

Oh god. This is religion gone horribly wrong. The doctors are treating patients for sinning. And what is "the Lord's tears"? Could it be the mysterious fluid? Another record shows references to a High Father and accusations that the Lord's tears make people "unright in mind and heart."

Suddenly, the D-Class begins panicking, and he sees the familiar humanoid entities all surrounding him. The escort team doesn't see a thing. When a member of the team goes over to the D-Class and begins picking him up, the entities quietly make a path for him, doing nothing, but staring at the subject the whole time.

One of the faceless torso giants spots the crew, bellows loudly, and everybody makes a frantic escape back into their own world - except for one member of the escort team, who doesn't manage to escape. A few minutes later, when the Foundation reopens the portal, there is a horrific smell. The crew member's possessions are recovered, but not his body. The camera shows the faceless torso giant dripping brown liquid, and his gunshot wounds spraying more brown liquid. The face of the creature falls on the guy. We are left with this charming statement:

β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ believed to have been 'absorbed' by the creature and perhaps digested.

Concluding Remarks: We learn a lot more clues about SCP-093's world here:

  • Big cities exist in this world, all with very advanced technology and a modern lifestyle. Faithful OS is everywhere.
  • The date of this world is 1953.
  • Doctors use this brown liquid, called "The Lord's Tears," to cleanse people of supposed sins. This society is incredibly Christian throughout all levels of civilization, from computers to hospitals.
  • This brown liquid is harvested from the faceless torso giants, which leak the fluid and eat people.

With the Yellow test, we have something a bit shorter and sweeter.

PART 5: And It Was All Yellow…

The Conditions: After the events of the previous test, the Foundation shifts their focus to gathering as much historical data about the world as possible. As such, instead of sending a D-Class in, a doctor volunteers to be the explorer. He has no criminal behavior or psychological behavior. In response to this stable mental state, SCP-093 becomes yellow, and the doctor emerges in a cubicle office, possibly reminiscent of his work at the Foundation.

Investigating the office of the senior manager, the doctor finds that a few of the folders, rather than being yellow, are blue with praying hands. There's a PC on the desk that is powered on, yet it's not plugged in. Faithful OS is logged in on the computer; every click is accompanied by angelic hymns playing and bells.

The elevator for the office is weird - floors go from -115 to 115. After making a few safety and insurance arrangements with the control team, the doctor bravely presses the button for floor -115. Going down, the trip takes almost a quarter hour - halfway through, there is a brief moment where control can see humanoid entities surrounding the doctor, before it disappears.

At floor -108, a stench (of the Lord's Tears?) starts emanating, and at floor -110, the doctor exits early. He finds himself on an enclosed observation desk with lots of PCs. He turns one on and sees Faithful OS, as usual.

On the screen is the Faithful OS logo and a video feed toggling between four different views. The first view is a room of tubes similar to those found in test Violet which number in the thousands. The second view is a closer up view of these tubes as a camera glides in front of each to monitor the contents. All tubes the camera passes by are broken. The third view is facing the opposite direction as a camera glides vertically checking each observation station. A total of 10 can be counted and Dr. β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ is visible as the camera passes by his own station. Looking up, a hovering camera unit with no visible means of propulsion glides up past him. The fourth view shows the ground floor below the observation deck where a single astonishingly large torso being is crawling in circles, bumping into walls and changing directions. From the camera feed the creature's estimated size is six stories.

We have confirmed that there are thousands of these sinners bathing in this "cleansing" liquid, perhaps even millions throughout the world. This is a huge-scale operation. And another faceless torso giant, seemingly trapped inside a building. How did it even get inside? Perhaps it was created there.

The doctor collects a lot of information for the recovered materials - which we'll get to in a moment - and finds a printout that tells him to go to floor 54 and find a safe, where he collects more information. In fact, someone put a virus on the entire network so that anyone accessing the computers would find it.

Concluding Remarks: The Yellow test hands us the following important notes:

  • The same symbol of praying hands and other Christian iconography is present everywhere. PCs, folders, buildings, everywhere.
  • There are thousands of containment chambers just in this office building alone. All the tubes are broken, as if something had escaped from it.
  • In general, this office building is just plain weird. Negative floors? A stench? Why?
  • Even through all of this, there is evidence of a resistance movement; someone is trying to call out for help.

We end our journey with the climactic Red test.

PART 6: Too Long, Didn't Red

The Conditions: After being handed around, a service technician was able to produce a brilliant red color, much brighter than anything ever produced before. The environment it leads to cannot be determined, and instead of the entire view being tinged, the view is normal except the building has red stonework. This seems to be different in a lot of ways from previous tests. No details on the technician's criminal record are given.

Video flickers to life and Technician β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ, known hereafter as Subject, is viewing a large cylindrical pillar that is rotating on its own. Object is of unknown height and appears to be 1.8 m (6 ft) in width. Holes are distributed throughout the object at seemingly random intervals. On occasion a beam of white light is emitted from these holes. Turning of the camera finds that the beams are connected to a multitude of objects similar to SCP-093 that are part of the room's wall. The room turns out to also be cylindrical in shape with countless copies of SCP-093.

This is the center of it all. A room with a rotating pillar, beams of light shining upon copies of SCP-093 everywhere - copies of this portal system between this dead, mysterious world and other worlds. And the entry point is a section of wall missing its copy of SCP-093 - the one that the Foundation has, the one that ended up in the Red Sea. Other sections of wall also have missing copies. The service technician goes down a ladder he finds.

The ladder exits into a large clean room full of computer equipment that appears antiquated compared to previously encountered equipment. Large computers running on reel-to-reels are clicking and spinning at various locations, a light bulb of unknown meaning turns on for ten seconds then turns off. A large CRT monitor is displaying single words in 8 colors at roughly 5 second intervals. While observed the words 'Clean' 'Unclean' 'Clean' 'Clean' 'Lost' 'Unclean' flash on the screen.

What is this, a monitoring system? Are they watching other worlds? Other people? We find ourselves now on an observation deck with containment tubes that are not filled with brown amber liquid, but clean blue liquid, electrical current dancing through them. He finds a keyboard near the tubes, with a whole bunch of options, and it doesn't have Faithful OS running on it.

Suddenly, the mirror view cuts itself off, and then 2 minutes later reestablishes itself.

During immediate debriefing Subject underwent sudden convulsions and medical staff was alerted. While attempting to subdue Subject he displayed enhanced strength and used β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ-β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ to shoot one of the debriefing staff, killing them. Guards shot Subject once with a sidearm in the heart and once in the chest but Subject did not fall. All staff evacuated room and a second shot was fired by Subject which missed. A more heavily armed team entered debriefing room and used automatic weapons to dispatch Subject. Reports confirm that Subject did not bleed when shot but instead leaked a green/brown substance that seemed to be a mix of solution observed in some containment tubes and the material recovered during Test 3.

In those 2 minutes, what the hell happened? The technician turned into a superhuman and went crazy? He now bleeds the Lord's Tears?

Concluding Remarks: The Red Test doesn't say a lot, but it gives us tantalizing hints:

  • In this world is a central array filled with copies upon copies of SCP-093 portals, and it monitors them, attaching labels - "Clean", "Unclean," "Lost," etc.
  • This area is not a part of the frightening grand theocracy - instead, it seems to be something behind the curtain.
  • Somehow, something interfered with the camera. When the technician came back, he became superhuman and hostile to all Foundation personnel. A drug, perhaps?

The only way to find out is the Recovered Materials.

PART 7: The End of History

Blue Test: Items recovered were one newspaper article: "Most Holy Father Announces Progress, Unclean Being Cleansed!"

A rare public address directly from the Most Holy Father of The United Lands of the Son has declared that the Blessed Militia has driven back many of the Unclean who are skulking our lands now. New Rome, our capital, has been purged of the Unclean and citizens are encouraged to come back to their homes. Citizens who live in the surrounding countryside should not return to their farms, as the Unclean still roam the fields and plains around our glorious city and continue to grow in size.

This seems to hint that the USA has become the United Lands of the Son, under a Catholic theocracy of New Rome. By this point in time, civilization was still thriving, but the Unclean existed even then, as the army tries their best to keep them back. The Unclean are the faceless torso giants, then.

In the interests of space and time, I'll briefly skim over the Green and Violet test materials:

  • We can see that some sort of cataclysmic disaster occurred, as more and more backcountry (called Unfertile Lands) lose communication, the religious leaders going silent, and the Unclean in the form of faceless torso giants consume anyone and everyone. This event is what leads to the evacuation to shelters.
  • We learn of the story of the farmer with two kids from the Green test. A nice religious leader, not a brainwashed one, came to them and told them everything was going down the tubes, so they better go to their bunker. There are clues that the Unclean don't smell dead - they smell like something rejected from death. What does that mean?
  • The Unclean and the Unfertile Zones are described as being created of ultimate sin - evil distilled and absorbed into them. While there's some truth to this, it's not the whole story, as we'll find out soon.
  • We also learn of a doctor responsible for mixing together solutions of His Lord's Tears and other materials for sinners and the wounded to bathe in. He seems to be pretty sinful himself, but that only underscores that twisted, theocratic corruption of this society.
Now onto the next big item: the Yellow Test. Who is this rebel that wants us to find out what happened here? Well, this man watches over the bathing capsules and makes sure that the composition is correct. But now, he must speak the truth that he has seen. He saw how the Unclean are generated. He saw them destroy the containment tubes in their fury.

I have dispatched the Eyes to the Unclean and they have touched it, bringing me back a sample of it. The Unclean are not sinners, they are not products of our disobedience. I suspect they are us. The Eyes have dated the sample, it is older than myself, older than my elders. It is over 200 cycles in ages. 200!

The Unclean appear to want to feed. They want to absorb as many people as possible; more than that, they want to absorb as many sinners as possible. Like the "die for your sins" ideal of Christianity, the Unclean may actually be chosen ones - prophets of whatever god interfered in this world's history.

PART 8: The Answers

Everything is in the Red test. Everything.

Facility Fire Plan: Facilities? Clearance 3 and 4? Overwatchers? Is the area of the Red Test a propaganda version of the Foundation? (Think 2998.)

Reports: Unfertile Zones are expanding in the countryside. The Unclean have been breaching the Holy Chambers.

Situation X-549/Situation X-550: Things are getting worse. Cities are falling. The 093 Foundation is trying to contain the Unfertile Zones while reminding everyone of the grace of God.

Clear-10 staff have issued the order to evacuate via the Gateway and for all Holy Union authorized persons to proceed to the nearest Sky Platform for evacuation to Star Eye Eden to continue monitoring status. Gateway Keys are being ejected to prevent spread from this center to other space/time vectors. Resurrecting Staff are being awakened to monitor and continue reports here as we evacuate. May His Blessings Forgive Our Greatest Sin.

Gateway Keys appear to be SCP-093 instances, which are being ejected to prevent whatever happened here from getting out. The people of this world have finally realized that they were played for fools - they are closing off their world, trying to get everyone to escape to parallel universes.

Evacuation Log: As the shuttles launch away, we are suddenly interrupted by "help us" "release us" "WHY WHY WHY WHY" "what did we do". Something happened. Something stopped the shuttle launch. There is a system purge, an electrostatic shock, and then everyone presumably dies.

Now is a pretty good time to start pondering where the faceless black screen spirits start coming into the picture.

Bullshit: Now we enter the Age of Death, when 093 is barren save for the Unclean. On another Earth, a teenage girl finds it and acts really stupid, and presumably dies.

Agent Report: Oh, boy. This is a doozy. Prepare for exposition.

Approximately 350 years ago or so this world experienced a technological boom ours did not. The source of this seems to have been the arrival of He, a god-like being of unknown origin. He declared the world Unclean and full of Sin, and the only way to purge itself of this Sin was to purge the Sinners. A war, whoever was left alive, was Clean. Amazing advances in science were bestowed to all cultures for a period of ten years to prepare them for this war and during that time, He disappeared. The war happened anyway, the instigator, The Holy Union of Land, apparently the landmass that for us would become the United States.

Self-explanatory. He arrives, uplifts the Earth, and says that a great holy war must be fought to determine who is clean. Advances in science were distributed, but the shock of His appearance caused a deeply Catholic society to form around the being.

The primary weapon used was the liquid, His Holy Tears. They purge sin from the Unclean and make them love him. Then the Holy Chosen walk the lands of the Unsinful and "took their sin." What does this mean? The Unclean aren't weapons, they're weapon byproducts. They took sin, and became holy warriors of Him.

These creatures are the result of exposure to a very pure form of His Tears resulting in a genetic apocalypse occurring within the exposed. There are terms in here, something about Quantum Restructuring, I don't understand any of this but it means they were once humans like everyone else, that couldn't be controlled. But they COULD be contained. They seem to be attracted to His Tears and a central point was established in various regions where a person with the purest form of His Tears stays, keeping the Unclean in that area known as an Unfertile Land.

This is what I mean. With enough tears, superhumans become more than human. They ascend above human nature, becoming giant and faceless. They lose everything below the torso - everything that is the center of sin. They become shapeshifters, able to liquefy themselves into brown Holy Tears at will. The Unfertile Lands were established to contain these monsters, these people that overdosed on Tears, areas where nothing could grow because that was where the Unclean wandered.

They lose all capacity for sin - which in this case, actually means that they unconditionally serve Him and the state in general. Anything that is a threat to the entrenched society, they kill. But these ascended Unclean, they do more than that. They absorb them and become even bigger and more powerful. When society crumbled, these prophets-gone-wrong remained.

I think someone is in this facility, or someones, I keep hearing voices and requests coming from areas under the floor. I want to leave this before I explore the facility any further. I have sent SCP-093 back through the entry mirror to seal that gate. These things can't be let into our world nor should we have anything to do with this one, we're simply not smart enough to understand it all I feel.

Who are the Unclean? Who are the faceless black entities, curiously polite, only shown on electronics and screens? What about those Unclean? After sealing our Earth away from 093-world, he decides to find out. Who is in the building with the agent? The Unclean, of course. It couldn't be anyone else. And when the Unclean exist, He is there.

The Unclean have two sides to them: the Sin, the body, monsters that prowl around, consuming people's bodies. And the Soul, the mind, the faceless ghosts that just want to know why - why did this happen to their Earth? This is where the agent goes a little crazy. He "touches" the Unclean - and they tell him what happened. Every person they touch - that the faceless torso giants touch - doesn't die, but becomes the black ghost. To them, everything becomes eternal. They want to find Him. They want to kill Him, to end their suffering.

there was no war it was him him him him him IT. IT. it came from between the folds of time and space and worlds and light and dark something that is but should not be slipped in and called out to them as their god and they believed it and they tasted it and touched it and layed with it and became its property and did its will and IT IS STILL HERE the scp-093 it brought with it pulled forcefully with it built it i don't know they don't know but it belongs to him it lets him move between places between worlds so i BROKE IT ha ha ha i threw pieces of it away and through holes so those doors are closed just like ours is closed and i can't go home so what else can i do

There was no war. There was never a fight for holiness or cleanliness. One day, He came. He saw. And He conquered. And history was never the same. The people of this Earth ate up His lies, became His property, this eldritch being became the master of a world and caused its downfall through genetic apocalypse.

But there is one thing that this agent did against Him, and it is what allows us to ultimately win. He travels through the rocks, the SCP-093s, to find different worlds. But if you hide the rocks throughout the worlds, break the array, He cannot move from this world. And while He will be eternal here, he is locked in a perpetual prison.

SCP-093 is a story about the power of the past. A parallel world like ours was visited by a god-like entity that preyed on the foolishness of its people, and what remains of this broken, dead world is its legacy. Traveling from universe to universe along the red discs, He arrives at another world and slowly destroys it. Like a predator, He preys on our humanity and our beliefs, perverting them against us. And when the world is dead, He moves on. SCP-093 is one of these worlds.

But those that remember our history will not be doomed to repeat it. The knowledge that our Foundation gained from listening to His victims, the Unclean trapped in a dual hell, allowed us to seal Him away inside SCP-093's world, keep it in stasis as a reminder of our imperfection, our weaknesses, and what it can do to us when a false god comes and tries to take it away from us.

TL;DR Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most sinful of them all?

Link: SCP-093: Red Sea Object

Written By: ModulumModulum, u/modulum83

Date Published: March 29, 2018

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