SCP-2433: This definitely does not help Bernie Sanders

Addendum 2433-A: The origins of SCP-2433 were unclear until a raid on the headquarters of GoI-5869 on 11/16/16. No persons of interest have been found.

kkrule: anyone wanna talk politics
TrainerDP: no
talman_corvett: no
opossum: no
harmpit: no
kkrule: :(
kkrule: anyone like bernie
talman_corvett: no
lesbian_gengar: yes
DonDeLillo: I like him
tiedyeduck: he's ok I guess
bones: Who are we talking about?
opossum: not a fan of him
opossum: I have great contempt for anti-establishment candidates no matter their political leanings and Sanders does not seem to have run any of his plans past anyone who got a passing grade in a high school economics class
tiedyeduck: shut up opossum
DonDeLillo: I like him
DonDeLillo: I know @hetcopogg does too
kkrule: I was at a rally yesterday and i want him to win
hetcopogg: I do like him but I'm not going to go crazy for him
kkrule: even got to shake his hand and take a pic with him
DonDeLillo: I'm really quite impressed at how far he has gone
DonDeLillo: kkrule: pics
kkrule: it's on my facebook

kkrule: guys
kkrule: I have an idea how to help bernie get more supprot
kkrule: *support
kkrule: guys I made this
kkrule: what do you guys think
harmpit: lol
lesbian_gengar: lol
opossum: it's just a photoshop and not even a good one
opossum: what's so funny
opossum: I hate memes so much
kkrule: :(
TrainerDP: kek
DonDeLillo: kkrule: was it you that posted that on /r/██████ earlier today
kkrule: yeah why
kkrule: I think that's the funniest bernie thing I've made
kkrule: trying to get him to win
DonDeLillo: Do you know what it means to force a meme kkrule
tiedyeduck: ehh
lesbian_gengar: it's pretty funny but it's not that amazing
opossum: it would be way funnier if you didn't come in and post some """"""funny"""""" bernie picture EVERY SINGLE DAY
kkrule: :(
kkrule: DonDeLillo: no what does that mean
DonDeLillo: Have you seen that picture of Steve Buscemi holding two skateboards?
DonDeLillo: You're him right now
polaricecraps: reddit likes shitty jokes? not surprised tbh
talman_corvett: he's not gonna win
kkrule: why do you say that talman
talman_corvett: politics is money and he isn't going to beat wall street donations
talman_corvett: he has no advantage anywhere
tiedyeduck: talman_corvett: he is winning in memes
talman_corvett: yeah like that's gonna help

kkrule: guys can you reblog this please
kkrule: http://███████████████████/kkrulezzz-kkrulezzz-kkrulezzz-bernie-sanders-masterpost-funny
opossum: no fuck off
lesbian_gengar: can you stop
kkrule: :(
TrainerDP: I like them
polaricecraps: ew tumblr
lesbian_gengar: it stopped being funny a long time ago
lesbian_gengar: and you're really bad at making these
kkrule: I didn't make those btw
polaricecraps: ew pol
DonDeLillo: kkrule: it's been weeks, why are you so obsessed with these
DonDeLillo: it's not even that funny
DonDeLillo: Do you even think it's doing anything meaningful to him?
DonDeLillo: what the fuck does a fucking QUARTER do to help him?????
DonDeLillo: someone fucking died last week in michigan because one appeared in his lungs you dumbass
DonDeLillo: why are you even in here? who the fuck are you seriously
DonDeLillo: fuck you
kkrule: :(
kkrule: i just want to help bernie win

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