📋 SCP-2678 — The Vorehole
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"The Hole is more than just a hole, Corporal. It is the end of our suffering and it is the greatest pleasure you will ever feel—"

SCP-2678 by djkaktusdjkaktus and CyantreuseCyantreuse (posted March 3, 2017)

Object Class: Keter

Vorarephilia (often shortened to vore) is a paraphilia characterized by the erotic desire to be consumed by, or sometimes to personally consume, another person or creature, or an erotic attraction to the process of eating in general.

You're driving down the highway on a summer's day in the Deep South. It's humid out, you're bored and barely paying attention to the long stretch of arid grassland, deciduous trees, and run-down southern small towns that pass by in the horizon of the long, soulless hours.

Then, suddenly, you see a billboard. It advertises an exotic locale, a scenic view, a vacation destination. You're not sure why, but you feel compelled to stop your car, get out, and begin walking into the wilderness beside the road. As if you already know where you're going, you walk with purpose and direction through miles of ravines and wild nature, until you reach a building of some sort, most likely small, dilapidated, and abandoned.

You enter.

It is a massive, ruined cathedral. Crumbling stone mixes with weird religious glyphs. The scale of the space is mind-boggling. Everything is shrouded in red fog. And, in the center, the hole. A pit in the floor, allowing entry into the gullet of a massive fleshy entity - a red, writhing, warm, constricting tube coated in flagella.

Against your better judgement, you do the unthinkable. You jump in.

Welcome to the Vorehole.

As far as the Foundation can tell, SCP-2678 compels various people to pull over, go towards a spatial portal to the anomalous cathedral, and enter it. The billboards exert an incredibly powerful cognitohazardous effect (that can be overcome by high memetic tolerances) which lead you to some place that contains a spatial portal to the extradimensional space.

There's a hole in the wall in the bottom of the floor whoops wrong SCP in the cathedral floor, that serves as the mouth to the fleshy orifice of a giant digestive tract. Through some reason or another, people are drawn into the mouth, "where they are swallowed whole."

Once inside the tract, swallowed people are mentally affected, their personalities, motivations, and emotional balance changing. They become less visually acute and aware of their surroundings, and more light-sensitive and lethargic. However, their sense of touch becomes ultra-amplified, as is their, uh, sexual desires. Their body temperature also goes way up.

In essence, being in the Vorehole makes your senses and sensations more primal. (Hey, at least it's not Iteration F.)

But what exactly happens to someone when they enter the Vorehole? Where does it end? And why are they there? That's what we're going to answer today.

Let's talk about Fifthism.

The Fifth Church (also known as The Fifthists) is a strange, Scientology-like cult which believes in a God-like Cosmic Starfish. The cult has many common themes, generally including themes of ascension and submission, astronomical bodies (mainly stars), smoke, and most importantly, the number five. The religion is primarily focused on reshaping consensus reality, mainly through mergance of our world and the fifth world.

I can hear you now. "Wait - The Vorehole is Fifthist?" Hell yeah it is. Ascension and submission? Reshaping reality? Eldritch insanity? The "fifthist" tag at the bottom? SCP-2678, is, in a few words, a way of becoming whole with the cosmic starfish. Mmm. Tasty.

In 1993, the Foundation discovered the anomalous effects of SCP-2678, and posted regular patrols along Southern highways. In one of these patrols, a woman in the passenger's seat flagged them down and told them that the driver had suddenly stopped the car and walked into a ravine. Upon agents following his path, they were suddenly attacked by a woman with a knife.

She was taken in for questioning.

Maria Baker tells the Foundation that the man was going "to become whole." He was guided by "beacons," and his soul is yearning to be stripped of Earthly misery. She says that they all wish to feel the "ecstasy of the sight of the universe," and so they shed their bodies and become as one. An interesting clue: the Fifthists didn't create the beacons - they allowed it to reach into the world.

The cathedral - the space and the pit, and the creature - somehow, it will allow you to become one with the universe.

Baker: The Hole. (Baker shivers violently, and pauses) The answered prayer of the prisoner. We prostrated ourselves before the universe and begged for release. The divine starfish heard our pleas, and pulled back the curtain of the material so we could gaze upon it. Within the Hole, we are as one. Within the Hole, we are unity. We taught it to light beacons — the billboards — in this world so as to guide others into its deep within. When the chosen have been taken, it will be our turn. We go last, and then the Hole will remake our world.

Oh, those silly Fifthists. Always begging the divine starfish for pleasure and release. And what of the cathedral itself, and the creature? It is "pulling back the curtain of the material" - a glimpse into the Fifth World. This consumption; this becoming a part of the Fifth World and becoming a mass of thought and primal feeling - this is ultimate transcendence for the Fifthists.

Baker says humanity is meant to feel true release from mortal bodies and mortal thought. Pleasure and pain are to be concentrated into a writhing mass of humanity. And the hole allows you to join in the fun.

Let's jump in, literally and metaphorically.

Meet D-38412. You're gonna get to know him really, really well.

D-38412 enters the church and notes the presence of red stone, fog, and a low, strange moaning noise permeating the room. Suddenly, he starts complaining of the heat. It's so hot. Horribly hot. Unbelievably hot. He really wants to take off his suit. After being advised not to, D-38412 approaches the hole. He looks down. The hole has teeth. "Pink and fleshy, calm colors." He really wants to go in. Mission control allows him to take the plunge.

Once he's inside the orifice, D-38412 starts demanding to take his suit off. Then, he starts acting a bit…exhilarated. He starts acting completely bizarrely, talking about letting fluids into him, release, that sort of thing. The kind of thing the fifthist lady talked about - release.

D-38412: Oh, I can hear you, your- voice in my ear. Can you- can you- stop talking f-for a second or two? I don't really want to listen to you while I- (laughter, distorted) -I mean, not here for you, here for it. Them, us. I want to- I'm going to-

(Distortion, heavy background noise, unintelligible vocalizations, 23-second pause)

Okay, who switched out the SCP for vore erotica?

Clearly, there are some mental effects at work here. And maybe Crazy Fifthist Lady isn't so crazy after all. Some quality about the hole truly makes people believe they are meant to be there, and that there's an underlying meaning to being devoured. Is it compulsion? Or do they realize something beyond normal human comprehension? Is the true meaning of existence to be devoured by SCP-2678?

What the fuck is it, anyway?

Next up is our friend the drone, who probably can't be seduced with erotic consumption by All Powerful Hole of Ascendance and Also Uh Vore.

We see that, upon closer inspection, SCP-2678 is made of a red, pulsating fleshy substance covered in a transparent liquid. About 6 meters down, the gullet changes - it's now a matted network of tendrils caked in blood and viscera. Welp. Here's where the people that went in got consumed, I guess. The environment is slowly getting more acidic. The probe hits a bone that juts out into the tract, seemingly causing the creature to bleed, and then it begins being pushed purely through peristalsis as the motors fail. Suddenly, the probe falls rapidly and hits a stopping point - as if it had broken free of the tract and fallen into the end.

It quickly becomes clear that the drone has fallen into the creature's stomach. It gets worse. There's a low droning noise surrounding the walls of the stomach - hundreds of human voices. This is where they all go: eaten, absorbed, digested, and all that's left are voices and souls - singing in blissful, agonizing ignorance. The drone sees fluid-covered writhing figures that then fall further on into a pit of darkness.

Now we know what the hole does to people, I guess. When we talk about release from the world's cares and becoming one with the universe and one with emotion, we mean getting digested into a screaming mass of writhing, undead corpses that then fall into darkness.

With these new conclusions, the Foundation prepares to send 1 more D-Class in.

D-58391: On my way here, there was this feeling like, I don't know. Like I was about to feel something incredible. I could feel it in my fucking bones, man. But that's gone. There's something else in there now.

Agent Van Pelt: Noted. Can you describe your surroundings?

D-58391: (Pauses) Isn't there supposed to be a church or something in here?

There is supposed to be a church there. And the compulsion effect (or natural effect, depending on your interpretation) of the hole should make you feel ecstatic and driven towards it. But why not now? What happened?

It is revealed that they have not arrived at the strange red-misted cathedral, but somewhere else. A dark, slick, damp stone room. It smells god-awful, at least according to the D-Class. All his 2678-induced emotional hallucinations are gone. It just smells terrible and he wants to get out. The floor is covered in a white fluid - the same white fluid that covered the people in the stomach. Not only that, there is a channel of brackish tar-like fluid running down the tunnel.

We are obviously in a place connected to the main cathedral/hole, but in a much different context. We're still in the hole. We're at the end of the Vorehole. We're in the place where the drone met its end. This cathedral - this complex - was built for the sole purpose of baiting victims, feeding and supporting this monstrous creature, nursing and keeeping it alive, and something more. Because why would you go to all that trouble to feed someone? Who's gaining something from this?

The Cosmic Starfish is the one on the other end of the deal.

Back to the log. The D-Class, ignoring his protests, proceeds down the channel until it reaches a basin. But the meaning of the basin is even worse:

D-58391: Up… up above me, it's through the ceiling, like it broke through… it's a huge, fleshy, uh… I don't know, but it's… stuff is coming out of it… the stuff in the canal, it's like waste— I feel, dizzy, I can't, hang on-

Agent Van Pelt: Are you alright?

D-58391: There's so much of this stuff coming out of it, it's like a waterfall of shit and… fluids, it's… oh god, I feel sick, I—

Remember when the drone couldn't see past the stomach emptying into oblivion? This is where it goes. The waste products of digestion. The end of the line from being consumed. The floor begins to tilt, and our poor D-Class is emptied into the basin as he haplessly drowns in a river of dissolved humans and body parts.

It's still alive.

D-58391: It's- (distorted) hanging, hanging on the edge, it's right beneath me and my hand is going to slip- (unintelligible) God, God, they're all screaming, every single face is looking up at me and (distorted) -all staring, their fucking- eyes (distorted) Please, please, come pull me up, come pull me up- (unintelligible) and blood and white- thick- the hands and arms, they're falling apart and they're trying to climb up and (distorted) Please come get me, please come for me, please come (unintelligible)

Screaming. Staring. In pain or pleasure? Is there a difference?

Let's chew over some things here.

One of the grandest and most basic ideals of Fifthism is to become one with the universe. But we're not talking about some ho-hum ascendance here - Fifthism describes a merging with the eldritch Fifth World, and ultimately, with their god/supreme entity. Bodies are nothing - in the ideal Fifthist existence, humanity is emotion is stardust is rainwater is every little pattern and signal in the universe and beyond until we are pure thought (but a twisted and strange thought indeed).

This is also, in a sense, a two-way street. Just as Fifthists want to take their energy and spread it across the universe, the cosmic starfish wants to exert more power across our universe - doing so by taking more mental control over its cultists.

SCP-2678 is just a very direct way of enabling that two-way communication. The interviewed woman spelled everything out: the hole is a beacon for all intelligences to gather and release their bodies and take their spirit to a higher level of feeling and sensation. That is exactly what the hole does, albeit with some unfortunate strings attached.

Think of it this way: SCP-2678 is a vacuum tube for souls. It uses memetics to lure people with brains in, heightens their senses, especially their primal ones and sexual ones, and then absorbs them into itself for the Almighty Cosmic Starfish to collect and feed on. Meanwhile, the bodies are kept as horrific shells that are eventually digested, dissolved, and expelled out at the bottom of the church.

To the starfish, it doesn't matter whether those maybe-alive things stuck in the Vorehole are screaming in pain or singing in ecstasy. All that matters is that they have been consumed, their light and thought has been subsumed, their souls fed. The curtain of the material has been pulled back, and we gaze upon an arm of the ever-present archon, seeking to increase its influence. They encourage people to cast themselves into the darkness, in desperation, seeking anything but the prisons of their lives.

We are meant to be one. We are meant to feel and to exist as a collective. Only when all emotion, all feeling, all pleasure and pain alike is concentrated into one mass, one existence, can we truly experience solace. We — you and I, here at this table — we are fragments. Fragments of a mosaic that could be so much more.

TL;DR: 2678, summarized.

Link: SCP-2678: The Vorehole

Written By: ModulumModulum, u/modulum83

Date Published: April 20, 2018

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