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This article was written for the first day of the 72 Hour Jam Contest. In the contest, participants were given a theme, and had 24 hours to write and publish an article based on that theme. The theme for the first day was "Murder Mystery." Keep that in mind as we go through the article.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3154 may be kept in any standard storage locker, preferably wrapped in some disposable material (such as paper) to enable safe handling. Care must be taken not to cut oneself or others on SCP-3154's edges; use of gloves is recommended for handling of SCP-3154.

This tells us that the object has edges, that cutting yourself on those edges isn't good, and that the object is small enough to be wrapped in disposable material.

Testing of SCP-3154 should take place in a room with robust drainage systems. Sanitation procedures for anomalies which produce human blood apply.

This tells us that the object produces a fair amount of human blood, since testing rooms need good drainage systems on top of the standard procedures for dealing with anomalies that produce human blood.

Description: SCP-3154 is a triangular piece of plate glass 16.2cm long, 8.0cm wide, and 0.7cm thick. Traces of blood from multiple human subjects are present on and around the 'tip'. SCP-3154 has sharp edges, necessitating precautionary measures to prevent injury.

The object is a shard of glass, which explains why there are procedures in place to avoid being cut by it, and why the Foundation needs to be prepared to deal with blood when testing with it.

When used to inflict damage on a human, SCP-3154 is capable of inducing a unique state in the subject, hereby designated a Sigma State. The amount of damage necessary to instigate a Sigma State varies between subjects, and appears to be correlated to the location the damage is inflicted, the depth of any cuts made with SCP-3154, and the overall health of the subject prior to use of SCP-3154. A Sigma State can be most efficiently instigated by slicing open large blood vessels located near the skin; the proximal cause of a Sigma State appears to be exsanguination.

This is where it gets interesting. We're told that the object is capable of causing something referred to as a Sigma State. It does this when it is used to inflict damage on someone, with the amount of damage required varying based on where the damage is inflicted, the depth of cuts made, and the health of the person the object is being used on. The most efficient way to induce a Sigma State is to cut open large blood vessels, as the central cause is exsanguination, or severe loss of blood.

The next section tells us that subjects in a Sigma State exhibit several strange properties. Subjects in a Sigma State don't breathe, don't have a heartbeat, are non-responsive to external stimuli, have discolored skin due to the settling of blood, have low body temperature, have stiff limbs, have an inactive immune system, and slowly decompose over time. After telling us the strange properties exhibited by subjects in a Sigma State, the article goes on to say that the Foundation has not yet found a way to reverse a Sigma State, that D-Class personnel in a Sigma State are not suitable for other purposes, and that the Ethics Committee has suspended testing with the object to discuss the ethical ramifications of inducing a Sigma State in people and how to properly handle people in a Sigma State, and then it ends.

Now, you're probably thinking that the Sigma State sounds a lot like death. Well, remember when I said that the theme this article was written around was "Murder Mystery?" Well, as the author said on the article's discussion page:

The element that's a given in your standard murder mystery is that someone has, at a minimum, died. So what happens if you make that element mysterious?

The mystery in this article is why the Foundation has given a glass shard that can be used to kill people SCP classification, and why they're spending so much time describing the Sigma State as if it's a unique state that can only be induced by the object, when it is identical to death in every way. The answer to the mystery is this: the object's anomalous property is that it is impossible to identify deaths caused by it as being deaths. Anyone who finds a person who was killed by the object does not see them as being dead, but as being in some sort of special state. The Foundation called death by the object a Sigma State and described its properties because it is impossible for them to perceive it as death. The murder mystery in this article is not someone's murder, but murder itself. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed.

Link: SCP-3154 - Terminal State Inducer

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Date Published: March 2, 2019

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